Magical Vacation So Far!


Tuesday evening before heading back to our condo and settling in, R and I went to a local Walgreen’s to pick up essentials – coffee filters, bottled water, and cereal (she picked cookie crisp!).  So breakfast on Wednesday morning on the deck was coffee and a banana for me, and cookie crisp for R.

Lunch was enjoyed at Sea World.  There frankly wasn’t diddly there for me to eat.  I ended up having an ear of corn and some watermelon.  I had a whole foods energy bar in my bag, so that probably saved me from being hungry all day.

We left Sea World around 6pm, went back to the rooms, and relaxed for a bit.  We then went out to a local Super Target to get some MORE essentials (fruit, frozen boca chik’n nuggets, ice cream, veggies and hummus, and wine).  We decided to dine in at the room, and I have to say – the fake chik’n nuggets were exactly what I needed!  Mega tofu protein and I felt pretty normal again.

Thursday breakfast was coffee and nuggets again.  And a banana.  R had cereal, milk, and a banana.  For lunch, we went to Olive Garden, and enjoyed some pasta before heading to Disney World.

I have to say, there is a distinct difference in offerings between theme parks, that’s for certain!  Sea World is still very much pizza, popcorn, chicken, and beer.  I don’t think they understand or cater to at all someone with different eating habits.  R was happy, but I was mostly just disappointed.  

Disney World was a far cry different.  I had read that they were doing quite a bit to cater to people with different dietary habits, be them self imposed like me (no one MADE me be vegan), to medically necessary like R (she certainly didn’t choose to have severe nut allergies).  I certainly saw it for myself yesterday.  One of the first things R really wanted when we got there around  130pm was an ice cream sandwich in the shape of Mickey’s head.  We went to the cart, and I asked to see the ingredients.  I was expecting a funny look, and then have the man behind the cart pick one out of the freezer for me to read.  Instead he pulled out a laminated binder, and before I could even look at anything, he informed me that one of the products contains nuts, but they were all processed in facilities that handle’s nuts.  Most people who don’t live with or around a nut allergy don’t understand how important that last part is as well, so I has extremely impressed and pleased with their knowledge of the products and the potential impact it could have.  R was upset, but knew that I had a small container of vanilla ice cream in the freezer back at the resort just for her.

As for me, when we went to get dinner, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a vegan hummus, veggie, and black bean flat bread on the menu.  This wasn’t one of the sit down restaurants either, where I would expect more options.  This was a food cart in Frontierland that only had 3 meal options – one being veggie.  So I got to have a good meal that felt balanced.  Yeah Disney!  My only complaint – not a single place to buy a beer.  I mean – I know that it’s family friendly and all….but I’m used to Sea World/Busch Gardens where there’s a beer cart every 50 ft!  Alas.

We got back to the hotel room around 10pm, R had some ice cream, and I had some wine!!! 


The past two mornings I have opted for yoga rather than the workout videos I brought with me.  It seems to balance me better.  After spending several hours a day swimming with R and then many more hours walking around theme parks, yoga just felt right.  I found some great lessons online, and did about 30 minutes yesterday morning and 20 today.  Top that off with some abdominal work, and I feel pretty darned good!

At Super Target the other night, we also picked up some pool toys.  We got inner tubes, dive sticks, and a football.  Thursday morning we were one of the first at the big pool, and played for nearly 2 hrs the different games R made up.  They usually involved me having to close my eyes and find things hidden on the bottom of the pool.


Our vacation so far has been a lot of fun.  Wednesday was Sea World.  We have the Platinum passes for Busch Gardens since we live so close to one, and that lets us get in free to any of the Busch parks – which Sea World is, so whenever we come to FL, we always go there!  It’s been a year and a half since R went last, so we were both looking forward to it.  She’s a bit older now (7 1/2) and I think more likely to remember this trip.

We arrived around 1030 am and stayed until 6. 

We posed for our picture with Shamu (D wanted to be sure at least a couple of pictures had me in them too).  I don’t think R could hug him any harder!

We went all over the park, but I think her favorite thing was the Journey to Atlantis ride.  It’s a water ride/roller coaster, and she made me go on it all day!  I was soaked.  It was mostly a good thing because it was hot out and getting wet helped cool us off.  She also did bungee/trampoline jumping, paddle boats, and pretty much all of the attractions.

R isn’t too compatible with long term heat exposure, so by 6, she was a wilted little flower, and we decided to head out. 

Thursday I think we played things much smarter.  Rather than go to Disney World early, we went later and stayed later.  We arrived around 130pm and stayed until 930.  While we did have some pretty hot weather for a few hours, it really subsided by 5ish, and the late afternoon and evening was very comfortable.  We spent the morning swimming and relaxing before hitting the park.

The park wasn’t nearly as crowded as I was anticipating, and we didn’t wait more than 20 minutes for any ride.  She got to go on her first “real” roller coaster (which she’s been anxious to do since she was 3).  She’s a little dare devil, with no fear of anything.  We did about 20 other attractions, picked up some toys and gifts, and basically just had an amazing day together.  Her only complaint was It’s a Small World ride.  She said it was boring and WAY too baby-ish.  Obviously the little speed demon in her would not tolerate such a sedate attraction.

We got back to the rooms, got into jammies, and relaxed.  When we went into the bedroom, we found that the housekeeper had arranged all her stuffed animals in a ledge over the bed.  R was tickled over it.  While R settled into bed, I worked on uploading pictures to Picassa and Facebook, and doing a couple loads of wash.  All told, it was a lovely and magical day.

Today we’re going to do things similarly.  It’s almost 9am and she’s still asleep, but once she gets up, we’ll eat, go swimming, relax for a bit, and then head to Epcot in the later part of the afternoon.  I have to say – this is the one I’m looking forward to the most.  Epcot is my very favorite theme park, and I think R will absolutely love it too.

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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