Something Wrong With The World Today (not just the words to an Aerosmith song!)


My alarm actually went off this morning at 7, and up I woke.  D was wonderful to set the coffee pot before we went to bed, so between my alarm and that wonderful smell of hot coffee, getting up wasn’t difficult.

I knew I had a workout ahead of me, and wanted a good and hearty breakfast.  I decided oatmeal was in order!  I cooked a serving (1/2 cup oats, 1 1/2 cups water) in the microwave, then sliced up an overripe banana into it, sprinkled some cinnamon, mashed it and yum!

Post workout I reheated another bowl of the tofu spicy soup and ate that.  And a spicy Bloody Mary 🙂

I spent some of the afternoon catching up on blog reading and flipping through cookbooks and decided a nice BBQ tempeh burger would be great for dinner.  Of course that meant making vegan slaw too.  And then I wanted to make green tea sushi rice, so my dinner plans were born!  Normally I wouldn’t do rice as a side with a burger, but it’s what sounded good and I rolled with it.  The entire meal was amazing and was exactly what I was craving.

Tempeh Burger

Inspired By 1000 Vegan Recipes

*I took a package of tempeh and cut it into rectangles
*Bring a saucepan of water to a low boil, pop the tempeh in there, and simmer for a half hour
*Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium heat, and cook the tempeh 5 minutes on each side until brown
*cover with whatever BBQ sauce you love
*put a lid on the pan, and simmer for 15 minutes

I served it on a pita with some guacamole, sliced onions, and a vegan slaw (just chopped cabbage and leftover slaw dressing from Love, Veggies, and Yoga.

fresh from the package – this is a grain based tempeh

simmering away…not necessary per se, but gives it a different texture

SLAW (good on just about anything!)

browning the tempeh

Green Tea Rice

*I made 3 cups of jasmine green tea
*put it in the rice cooker with 1.5 cups rinsed sushi rice
*turned it on the Sushi Setting

I had green tea rice for the first time in DC a few weeks ago at Java Green.  I’ve been a little obsessed with it since and thought I’d try to make it.  It was good – more powerful green tea taste than the restaurant had (maybe because I used jasmine tea), but it was really good!


I spent some time packing my “tri bag” last night. I was worried about the weather so I threw in a long sleeve technical shirt and a jacket just in case. And a towel, and 2 pairs of socks, and baby powder, and a wash cloth (to wipe the mud off my feet). Then I packed another bag of swim stuff, warm and dry clothes, tons of layers, and towels so I could thaw in the Y showers. I guess it was more than I needed, but I had no idea what to expect today!
I guess it was a blessing that I didn’t get up for the Fat Frogs ride yesterday, and guilt drove me to do all 3 workouts.  Today the weather was very ugly, so we had our swim as scheduled, but the two other workouts (the bike and run that was supposed to be after the swim, and the brick we were going to do this afternoon) were both canceled.  W decided that getting us sick a week before the race was probably not in our best interest (and the possibility of falling in the rain on slick roads in Smithfield).

We all started gathering at the Y at about 830 this morning.  We did an in depth clinic on race day tips and transitions and rules again, and then lined up to mimic the swim as it will be on race day.  We lined up by 100yd time, one person told us when to get into the pool lane, and another timed us in 15 second intervals to start.

As expected, there was some crowding at the wall and some passing, but everyone did great. We got a good sense of what race day will look like. Both the AM and the PM Y teams were there, so it was nice to meet people I hadn’t gotten to before, and the cheering and camaraderie were amazing. 

As for the swim itself, I struggled with regulating my breathing the entire time.  I’m not sure if it was nerves (afraid of holding up the person behind me) or what, but I never really hit that groove where I feel I could swim for hours.  I hope I can work that out before next weekend!

I was chatting on Facebook with my cousin today, and it turns out she’s going back home for a Tri this year with her husband!  That’s so cool, and I wish I could be there at the same time to cheer her on (my younger cousin – her sister – may do it too).  I’ll have to make sure everyone else takes lots of pictures.  My plan is still to do one next summer back home. 

D and I were talking about this today, and he said “I still think we should go to San Fran and do the one there” (he was just in SF visiting his brother last month and learned about it – I guess it’s the oldest Tri in the country).  I got excited and said “WE”??  Like he’s going to do it with me!  Ah….no.  He meant “we” as in we’d all go…but he and the kids would just watch and cheer.  Jerk.  Got my hopes up and everything…

Tomorrow is supposed to be ugly weather too, but we’re still scheduled to do a brick.  Should be interesting!


If I thought about it too hard (and I sometimes do), I get shocked by all the things I find “wrong” in the world.  One of them really hit me today though, and it really got me thinking.  First I was sad, and then almost angry, and then guilty.  There’s this perception out there that to eat healthily, one must spend a fortune.  I was at the store picking up some essentials (dog food, bread, avocados…), and had a long time to spend in line waiting for my turn.  Of course I’m looking around (aka…nosey), and start seeing what’s in people’s carts.  Don’t get me wrong – I buy junk food too.  Everyone loves cookies, or chips, or fried food on occasion.  I could never imagine those being the only things in my grocery cart though, so when I see that – especially when there are kids in tow – it breaks my heart.  I know there’s a growing movement to educate the public on healthy food options and petitions to get healthy meals at schools (they subscribe to this belief too – fried chicken “nuggets”, burgers, and fries are cheaper than smarter choices), but I worry that it’s just not enough.  A bag of beans and a bag of rice – both of which can create tasty, filling, and balanced meals – can feed a family for days for pennies.  But we still hit the Dollar Menu at the drive-thru when times are tough.

I felt sad because our children only learn from the example we set – and it’s hard to “unlearn” a lifetime of bad habits.  Then I felt angry, like we’ve become lazy as a society, and no longer spend the time preparing balanced meals.  I know that when I eat junk food too much, I feel awful…and to think we have children in our country who don’t know what it’s like to feel truly good because this is how they eat all the time.   And then guilt – really…who the heck am I to sit in judgement of what other people do or don’t do?  Maybe they think they’re giving healthy and balanced meals – I certainly know people who eat things that they feel is healthy for them, but I don’t.  I’m not a dietitian or nutritionist.  And then I realized – that most people aren’t!  And most people are trying to work, raise families, AND do all the cooking, cleaning, errand running, etc.  Most days, I’m lucky if I have 15 minutes to sit still.  Sometimes quick is the only option, and most healthy food (other than a salad) isn’t “quick”.  I usually get around that by spending my free time on weekends cooking mass quantities to sustain me throughout my hectic week.  Then again – cooking is relaxing and enjoyable to me – and it’s torture for others.  So again – the guilt of the initial judgement I felt this afternoon at the store made me feel ashamed of myself.  We all try to do our best, but many are making their best decisions based on bad information.

So what do we need to do to 1-raise awareness and 2-encourage the demand for junk food to go down and healthy food to go up, so we can balance out the cost of groceries.  I don’t know that I have a good answer – but I’m certainly going to start doing some research on that.  There are a lot of good movements out there.  It just has to be important to get the recognition it needs.  Well….I admit I’d rather lose sleep thinking about this than work!

Whew…that was probably as exhausting to read as it was to write.  On a totally different note….

I’m contemplating taking my Vita Mix on vacation with me in 2 weeks.  Probably strange to most people, but R and I are staying in a 1 bedroom condo with a full kitchen….I’m thinking it’s not necessarily a BAD idea!  Oh, and she has started “packing”.  Meaning….piling things she wants to take in the corner of her room.  When she’s not looking, I take things out of the pile and put them away.  Like 20 books, her Lego’s, 15 outfits (we’ll be gone 5 days), all her stuffed animals, etc.  It’s cute how excited she’s getting though.

D decided he was going to be Mr. Fix-It today.  The kid’s bathroom has 2 sections.  1 is the shower, cabinet, and toilet, and 1 is the sink, cabinets, and mirror.  The lights in the section with the sink and mirror haven’t worked in a while now (not TOO big a deal because the light from the toilet/shower area illuminates just fine when all the doors are open.  Still…D got a wild hair to fix it today, and he did!  I think he was going a bit stir crazy, but I’m certainly not complaining.  Neither are the kids who now have light! 

A few months ago, D started watching Dr. Who with the kids.  It’s become their “father and kid” activity, and they all get really excited about it.  D used to watch the old ones with his dad growing up, so it’s special for him too.  Since they’re in the living room watching an episode, I’m going to sneak upstairs and spend some quiet time with my Kindle!  Hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend!

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