Travel, Bad Wine, and Bob

This post is yet another “catch up post” that will not follow my regularly scheduled format.  I’m too stressed out for that much advanced planning 🙂  Instead, this will be a sort of free-flowing thought type of post, hope you don’t mind!

I pulled the pictures off my phone of taking Sammie to and from her spa day on Saturday.  I couldn’t get her to look at me on the way there – it was nice and the window was open.  It was funny having my 75lb dog in the bug though.  She took up more space than I did!  We used the van for the ride back home.

The past several days have been a blur.  I went up to the DC area Sunday for several days for work.  I left Sunday afternoon around 1230, but not until I made an awesome salad with my leftover tempeh taco stuff, spinach, avocado, pickled radish and onion, and some other veggies I had lying around.  It was huge and took me 2 hrs to eat.  That’s okay though because it kept me full all day…which was a good thing because a usual 3 hr drive took a little over 5.  Stupid traffic.

super salad

I finally checked into the hotel, and discovered my dinner plans were shot because my friend was stuck an hour behind in the same traffic I had been.  I decided to go to Wegman’s (one of the coolest grocery stores ever) and had myself a little adventure.

First I wanted to eat.  I was understandably hungry by this time and maybe just a wee cranky.  I went to their buffet and picked up something.

Then I wandered around looking (and picking up) quite a few things.  I have a good friend with a slight cheese obsession.  This grocery has about 6 aisles of cheese, so I texted her about it – she asked me to take pictures of the Brie section and send them.  So I’m walking around with my iPhone taking pictures in the grocery store of the olive and hummus bar (yes I know…amazing.  Two of my favorite things in a self service BAR), the fresh mozz aisle, and the brie aisle.  As I’m doing so, some cheese nazi comes up to me to tell me I am not allowed to take pictures of the food.  Really??  It’s not like I was at the Opera or something….strange cheese lady.  Alas, it was too late and I sent S the pictures.

brie.  this is where the crazy cheese lady jumped out at me

hummus and olive bar.  so.  cool.


I picked up some avocado hummus, some chips that are actually MADE out of hummus, a few vegan/nut free/gluten free chocolate bars, and a bottle of wine.  I was all proud I remembered my wine key…but the bottle I bought was a screw top!  It was the free sample wine, so I thought my initial thimble sized sample was good.  I was SO wrong.  It was gross….

unneccesary wine key, bad wine, and classy hotel cup

Anyway, went back to my hotel room, turned on ABC Family which was playing Harry Potter, caught up on some emails, ironed my clothes, and felll asleep reading.  For the first time in several weeks, I slept really, really well.

The next morning I woke up early, took my time puttering around, and hit the road for a 715am meeting.  After a long afternoon of meetings, my two team members that were up with me and I went to Wegman’s for lunch!

 I did get some playtime in too with a couple team mates when we took the train to Chinatown Monday evening to hit up Fado’s Irish Pub.  It was a great time, and a much needed decompression from the stresses of late.  We started with some bloody mary’s, beer, a jaeger bomb (for my friend), and a couple bottles of wine.  We drank, talked, and overall had a really good time.  We were there pretty early into happy hour, when I noticed a little old man come in.  He sat in the corner by himself, ate, and had a drink.  He was wearing what looked like an American Legion or Knights of Columbus hat with pins and blazer.   I very much wanted to meet him and hear his story, so we bought him a drink.  He came over and sat with us, and I think I had one of the most fun conversations that I’ve had in a long time!  He was visiting from Minnesota and was there with a group to meet with the legislature to discuss Veteran’s benefits.  We talked about wars, growing up in the Midwest, his kids and grand kids, being part of the American Legion, and his thoughts on what’s happening in my home state of Wisconsin politically.  We debated and disagreed and overall, had a wonderful time.  The girls and I eventually hit the train back to where we were staying. 

thought it was cool that the Starbucks sign was also in Chinese

no, this wasn’t all mine….just one of the bloody mary’s was

The next couple days were more meetings, squeezing in workouts when I could, and then travelling back home for more work and meetings and overall craziness.  Next week, it’s travel time again, this time to the bottom of North Carolina for 3 days.  Should be interesting – I have to give three presentations (with my CIO, the VP of strategy, the Physician VP of IT…and me) to their Board of Directors, Hospital Leadership Group, and the entire Medical Staff.  I am slightly prepared…but have a ton more to do. 

Finally being in my own home today, I made a few things this morning food-wise.  The biggest thing that gets to me when I have to travel is the food.  I hate eating out for so many days in a row.  My stomach doesn’t like it when my food isn’t very fresh, and I don’t like having to always be so picky and demanding when I’m out!  Thankfully DC has no shortage of vegan food options, but still.  Breakfast was a smoothie with a scoop of Chocolate Vega.  I don’t add supplements to my food very often – I feel I get plenty with the way I eat.  But after traveling that many days and eating out or on the run, my body felt like it needed it.

I threw together a rice cooker dish as soon as I woke up so it would be ready before I left for work.  Brown rice, mixed veggies, coconut milk, lentils, and red Thai Curry powder from my dad’s spice kit.  I have to order some more of that soon…

I also threw together a quick salad to take with me too that was so yummy.  I forgot to take a picture because I ate it before I realized I didn’t take one!  It was kale sprayed with olive oil, lemon juice, pickled radish and onion, spinach, and a big spoonful of the avocado hummus.  Holy.  Cow.  In fact…I think that’s what I’m going to have for dinner tonight too!  I’m totally craving veggies – probably because other than salads, I’ve been lacking them the past couple days.

I have a little over a week until my Triathlon and I’m totally scared.  I’m pretty convinced I’m going to die or something tragic, and that I am in no way ready.  While I think I’m getting in all my workouts, I’ve had to miss many of the group ones due to work or other obligations that have popped up.  I’m going to do my best, finish it (if it kills me), and figure out how to get really good at them so I can do another one.

So I’m going to make a salad and maybe read until I go to bed.  Here’s hoping I keep sleeping well again!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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