Yes, Someone Truly Can Function on Almost No Sleep for 4 Days. Just Not Well…


The past few days have been so hectic, I haven’t really cooked since the tempeh tacos the other night.  Thursday morning was some leftover butternut squash pasta.  I’m glad I made 8 servings of that on Monday, because I’ve been living on it most of the week.  I went and grabbed a double shot iced soy latte at one point too because I couldn’t think anymore (very little sleep the past week).

Of course, Thursday was Saint Patrick’s Day, so I definitely had to celebrate with some black and tans with friends and colleagues.  Probably not the brightest idea considering how tired I was, but it was an also much needed break from crazy work hours.  I also had a half of a portabella wrap for lunch, and some tofu for dinner. 

Friday I had Chinese food for breakfast.  Hey, I didn’t sleep the night before, and really….I’d have eaten it for breakfast anyway!  I got to meet D for lunch, and it was such a beautiful day (85 degrees!), that we ate outside.  We went to Bravo’s Italian.  Italian is usually a good bet, but there really wasn’t much for me there.  I ordered a salad, and it came covered in cheese (even though it wasn’t listed on the menu as having cheese).  D’s fries also came with cheese sprinkled all over them – again – no indication on the menu.  I have to say, I’m annoyed.  It’s not that people don’t have free will and the right to eat cheese.  Quite the contrary – I really don’t care what other people do.  But when it comes to food, full disclosure people!  I have what I would consider self-imposed dietary “restrictions”.  I suppose I “could” eat cheese, I just “choose” not to.  But what if I were allergic?  Considering that lactose allergies are pretty common place, doesn’t a restaurant owe it to their customers to fully disclose things like that?  I think of my daughter and her nut allergy.  What if some restaurant decided not to mention it had peanuts and she stopped breathing because she ate it not knowing better?  Yep…Bravo’s is getting a letter from me!

my sweetie

By Friday evening I was pretty deliriously tired.  I took M and R to dinner because we were on one side of town, and D took A somewhere else, because they were on a different side of town!  I picked Italian again – almost always a hit.  This time, it was a place that we’ve been before called La Bella’s.  Most people dress fairly nicely when dining there, though I’ve seen people in t-shirts and running gear too.  They also have an Italian grocery attached, and I often pick up canoli there for D and the kids. 

I realize that I get overly sensitive when I’m exhausted.  I’m sure that’s totally normal, but I swear, I wasn’t over reacting this time!  The food was great; it always is.  The service was horrible this time!  Our waiter was snooty as all get out, and treated me very shabbily.  Granted, I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and was dining with just me and two of my kids, but he truly treated me like garbage.  He brought me a glass of water, but never asked if I wanted anything else.  He talked down to me and the kids, wouldn’t make eye contact, and was just nasty when he did decide to grace us with his presence.  If you remember the movie Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts gets snubbed at a Rodeo Drive store because she didn’t “look” like she could shop there, and she tells them what a “huge” mistake they made as she’s walking out the door flashing Richard Gere’s American Express gold card….it was a little like that. 

I was texting with D, and he was asking how dinner was and I told him.  He called the restaurant, spoke to the manager (I had no idea until I had left he did that), and she promised to make it right.  Well…she didn’t.  Never saw her and our bill was $75.  For me and two kids.  Anyway, I only left a 10% tip…which was generous all things considered (I spent several years as a waitress…I know what good service should be).  I did buy canoli on the way out though!

vegan gnocchi.  fabulous

Breakfast this morning was two toasted slices of gluten free bread with sunflower seed butter.  And coffee.  I didn’t make a pot of coffee, and I didn’t want straight espresso, so I made an iced mocha of sorts.  I usually make a cup of espresso and put steamed vanilla soy milk in it.  Well…I’ve been out of vanilla soy milk for several days, but I had chocolate!  I decided to try that and it wasn’t bad.

Lunch was a black bean burger with avocado slices, mustard, lettuce, and red onion.  Dinner hasn’t happened yet, and it may not.  I may go to bed shortly just because I can!


The past few days I’ve either been at work or sleeping (or trying to sleep).  I missed the team swim last night because of both work and exhaustion, which made me sad because I love swimming.  Alas….I’m doing that in the morning.  I need to get my 300m and 800m times and send them to coach.

I did get do go on a 21 mile bike ride this morning with Fat Frogs.  This isn’t the Tri Club, but the bike shop’s weekly ride.  Several of the Tri Club goes, but it’s a much bigger “everyone welcome” ride.  We got rained on the first 5 miles, and L and I joked that we were biking just past my subdivision and should just go to my house and have coffee.  It was tempting!  But after the first 5 miles, the rain stopped, we dried out, and kept going.  Unfortunately, it was super windy.  It was up to 25 mph winds, and some of the legs were either head on, or trying not to get blown over from the sides.  J, L, and I rode together at C pace, and some of it was quite the balancing act just trying to stay upright in the winds.  The average pace was 15mph, but there were moments in the head wind where 10mph was barely happening.

Tomorrow morning will be a run and then probably a swim.  I want to go see the Shamrock marathon and half-marathon runners at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront too if time and parking permit.


Well, life has been full of long work hours and lack of sleep for the most part.  It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before things stable out completely, but it is what it is.  I’m lucky to work with a strong group of people who can fully handle what’s going on!

Thursday I had to go up to Hampton for a meeting.  I never know what tunnel traffic is going to be like, so I left earlier than I probably needed to.  I got up there in plenty of time, and swung by a Target to pick up kitty litter (and coffee…they all have Starbuck’s inside now).  I tend to park out in the sticks because I have depth perception and parking issues (I drive a mini-van).  Anyway, I am parked quite far from the entrance, and I come out to my vehicle and see this!

I talked in a post last week about people not returning their shopping carts being a huge pet peeve of mine.  Well…he’s one of the reasons why!  I’m sure the jerk didn’t intend to scratch my car…but he/she did.  Really…if you use a cart…PUT IT BACK.  Or don’t use a cart.

My oldest daughter wore a pretty green Asian style dress on Thursday.  She even tried smiling for the picture 🙂

I have a thing for antenna balls.  I have them for every holiday.  Saint Patty’s is NO exception!!!

Not much else has been going on to be truthful.  Most of the past 96 hrs have been spent working.  I have to go to DC tomorrow afternoon for 2 days.  I don’t mind going, but the timing is pretty bad.  I have 2 weeks until the Tri, am scared to death, and am going to miss a team ride on Monday.  I’m thinking of taking my bike to DC, but looking at the weather, it’s supposed to rain.  I may just be using the hotel’s treadmill for a couple days.  Ick.  I guess we’ll see!

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