Sleepy Glasses


This has been a fun food week.  I’ve really enjoyed all the juices and salads, and it really helps me feel wonderful!  On Tuesday evening, I made a wild rice and radish salad inspired by a recipe at The Chocolate Fig’s blog.  I didn’t add parsley (I don’t like it), carrots, nor chickpeas.  I don’t like raw carrots, and I wanted it really light, so I omitted the chickpeas.  The biggest reason I was excited about this recipe is because of my fear of radishes.  I remember my dad eating them when I was a kid, and I always thought they tasted yucky.  But just like my blueberry issue, I figure it’s more of a problem of preparation than with the food itself.  I will admit, rather than thinly slice the radishes, I diced them pretty small to mix into the salad.  Baby steps.  Once it was finished, I decided to use that in place of salad dressing on a spinach salad, and made this!

spinach, heirloom tomatoes, onion, and the wild rice salad.  Very yummy, and a nice accompaniment to American Idol (which is what we were watching)

 Wednesday morning I made several fresh juices – one for D, one for A, and one for me.  The only difference is that A and I both had spinach in ours.  D is afraid of green veggies in his juice still, so it was strictly fruit.

D’s juice of green apple, orange, carrots, and strawberries

 Lunch was the same as dinner on Tuesday, but I added more stuff to the salad.  I added diced bell peppers, arugula, cucumber, and onion.  Still very awesome and filling.

 I did some big grocery shopping this week.  I used the Coupon Mom website, and put together a big list for Kroger (where I got $40 worth of free food), and also went to Trader Joe’s and picked up some great items – including pineapple, mango, arugula, avocados, and bananas, and coffee.  All things I really needed!

Thursday’s juice (in my favorite Tervis cup with the Cherry Blossoms).  Strawberry, spinach, pineapple, orange, carrot, apple.  By far my favorite so far (but pineapples are a favorite fruit for me)

About an hour after my juice, I made this breakfast sandwich to eat in the car on the way to work.  Two slices toasted Ezekiel bread, nayonaise, 2 vegan sausage patties (the Yves brand), and some sliced avocado.  I wasn’t hungry for HOURS.

 Lunch was not what I had planned.  I was supposed to have time to stop at home, so I was going to make one of the salads mentioned above.  Instead, I stayed later in the office, and only had time to stop home and change out of my skirt into some jeans (afternoon off, but lots of appts), and grabbed a banana, some grapes, and (sad to admit), a handful of Pringles!

By the time I got home again, it was after 530, so I had a quick piece of Ezekiel toast with sunflower seed butter before going to the gym.

Dinner was half a wrap with spicy sauce and mixed veggies and rice, and some french fries from Wild Wing Cafe.  And 1 1/2 Corona Light beer (it’s the beer of the month, only $2.25!)

Friday morning I felt more like a whole juice than a juicer juice.  So I whipped this up: orange, spinach, mango, strawberry, frozen banana, and flax seed. 

I’m surprised it wasn’t green – must not have added enough spinach!  Regardless, it was fabulous, and I’m so going to make this one again.

It’s a darned good thing that my breakfast was so filling.  It was the last meal I had before 3pm!  I was anticipating having the ability to grab a wrap around noon, but that was thwarted.  I ended up going to Azar’s in Ghent for a tofu/falafel wrap with some hummus.  I also got their rolled oat “cookie”.  It looks more like the top part of a muffin, and is packed with oats, seeds, and dried fruit.  It was just the type of pre-workout energy I was looking for.  And it tasted really yummy too!

Dinner was a dish of brown rice pasta, green beans, corn, and a little earth balance mixed in, topped with tons of ground pepper.  I was planning a salad originally, but I have a big workout in the morning and need some carb-y dinner tonight.

Now I’m having a spicy bloody mary…with L’s pepper vodka.  It’s SO spicy now, that I have to use normal V8 and have a glass of water with me.  Sip the drink, sip the water to put out the flames in my mouth.  Keeps me hydrated.  It’s all good.


Wow, what a week.  A good week – happy to be active again and relatively pain-free (sore…which I expected…but no jarring pain).

My back was a little sore from my swim on Sunday, so I took Monday off.  Tuesday was a simple Warm & Light yoga class, which felt REALLY good.  It was slow going between the poses, she gave great instruction, and the room was only slightly warmed to enhance the muscle stretch.  It was absolutely perfect!

Wednesday was back with the team (as my coach yells “STRANGER DANGER” when I walk into the gym!).  It was group run, with 50 minutes at race-pace.  I did almost exactly 5 miles.  I’m still officially the slowest of the group (I was lapped by a few people!), but that’s okay.  Most of the run felt good.  I had a little knee pain (been compensating for the back I think), but nothing earth shattering.

My good friend S has been a workout fiend the past 6-8 weeks.  I’m VERY proud of her, so when she asked me to go to a Zumba class with her, I definitely said yes!  So Thursday at 640, we met at the gym to dance out collective butts off.  She’s been doing it for a few weeks, even sent me a video link about it – but I had NO clue what I was getting myself into.  The class was packed – a good 35-40 people in it, and our instructor was nuts.  It was fast, high paced dancing for 50 minutes.  Some of the dancing was Latin based – which I actually can do – but a lot of it was flat out club hip-hop dancing, butt shaking (think Shakira meets Beyonce), and at one point, I thought I was auditioning for the Lion King!  The only thing I didn’t like is there was very little instruction on the moves, so I was often lost for the first few steps.  Otherwise it was one heck of a workout (I was beet red and sweaty), and fun.  I laughed quite a bit, so that has to mean something, right?  Besides, if S wants me to go, and it’s not a Tri day, I’m there for her.

Today was Tri club swim night.  I got there about 10 minutes early to start warming up.  So did most of the crew though, so while I thought I was all cool and early, I wasn’t!  When we’re all there, there are 24 or 25 of us, and we have the use of 3 lanes, so sometimes it gets really crowded.  Nothing we can do about it except stay organized, which W does a good job at (if we’re dry, he’s yelling).  All told, it was about 1400 yds (I added it up quickly from the workout board before I left so I could figure out how far I went).  It went something like this:

*100 yd warm up
*200 yd drill – this is where we ALL mimicked the Smithfield swim – go up and down one lane, swim under the floating divider to the next lane over, swim up and back, go to the next lane, etc.  We did this for 100 yds, ran out of pool, got out, back in line, to do it again.  Controlled chaos.
*2 x 200 yds fast swim
*50 yds easy
*2 x 100 yds fast swim
*2 x 100 yds tempo
*200 yds cool down

I think I did an extra lap at the end, but not sure.  So 1400 yds-ish.  It was tough, but good.  W is always watching us and giving us direction.  I apparently kick like a runner!  Not a good thing when swimming.  I bend my knee too much and it causes my legs and feet to create a lot of drag – so I’m expending more energy than I could be.  I have to work on kicking from my hips more and keeping my knee only slightly bent.  So while I’m swimming, I have to pay attention to: my bilateral breathing, my arm motion, the placement of my hips, keeping my head straight down and not tilted up like I want to do, and how much bend I have in my knees.  It’s quite overwhelming to focus on SO many things.  I have no ability to zone out while swimming.  Sometimes that bums me out, especially in the beginning of the swim, but by the end I welcome it.  If I’m focused on all that, I can’t focus on how exhausted I am!

Tomorrow morning, I’m going on my first ever group bike ride!  I’m totally excited, but nervous.  This isn’t just the tri club, it’s the Fat Frogs weekend ride, which they do every weekend.  Lots of these guys are hard core, so it should at least be amusing.  Oh, and I also finally got a trainer!  I’m so excited – now I can ride my bike in the house (for those who don’t know – because I didn’t until recently – a trainer basically turns your road bike into a stationary bike!).


This was another hectic week, but not quite as bad.  Monday I had some pretty big meetings and presentations to do, so I was out the door early and back home pretty late.  D stayed home with R who was still running intermittent fevers.  M woke up Tuesday morning not feeling well, so I stayed home with R and M and worked all day.  I have to say, working from home is awesome, but I work more when I do.  Since I don’t have to do my hair or makeup or iron clothes or anything, I start working as soon as I pour my coffee – around 630am.  I tend to not stop until it’s time to make dinner.  Around 630 pm!  So while it’s a great bonus for my job that I can do most of what I do as long as I have a computer and a phone – I think I’m actually much more productive and get more done, so it’s kind of a bonus for my employer too.  Yeah, Win-Win!

Tuesday evening was a lot of cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, and overall house stuff.  All the kids were back in school by Wednesday, so that was good.  Every other day at work, while busy and a few tense meetings, was nothing I can really complain about.

So, every night, D and I snuggle and fall asleep watching TV.  Usually I fall asleep first, and he turns the TV off and the fan on.  It’s our nightly thing, and we both really enjoy the quite time alone.  Anyway, I wear glasses.  Most days I wear contacts, but of course once those come out at night, I wear my specs.  I have two pair – one fairly new (end of last year), and one pretty old (about 5-6 years old).  Since getting my new glasses, my old ones have become my “sleepy glasses”.  I’m so worried about mangling my new ones, that as soon as I start getting ready for bed, I switch out either my contacts or my nice glasses for my sleepy glasses, so when we’re snuggling and I’m falling asleep, I’m not mashing them.  D things I’m totally ridiculous, and has been picking on me all week for having these (and more likely, because they have a name of sorts).  I think he just can’t comprehend how cool it is that I even HAVE sleepy glasses because he has perfect vision (the jerk). 

So it’s time for me to start heading to bed.  I have an early Saturday morning ride.  It’s 930 now, and it’ll likely be 1030 by the time I’m actually IN bed!  But first things first.  Take out the contacts.  Put on the sleepy glasses!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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  1. Sounds like a busy week! I am glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't care for raw carrots. I've yet to try zumba – afraid I'll look like a total fool LOL. But, I suppose if I went in and just laughed and rolled with it, it would probably be loads of fun.

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