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I’m thinking I’m going to have a lot of fun with food this weekend!  Tomorrow I’m attempting to be 100% raw in my diet.  Just for the day to see how it goes and how I feel. To that end, I picked up a new book, which I’ve been reading since yesterday.  I’m really excited, but also nervous.  I’m going to have to plan well what I want to make, and hit the grocery this afternoon to make sure I have everything I need.

Friday was a good day.  No freakishly early or late meetings, so that was nice.  For breakfast, I made a fresh juice (apple, orange, carrot, ginger) and an Ezekiel bread toasty sandwich with sunflower seed butter and sliced banana.  I love that it’s so portable.  I made a soy milk latte too.  Drip coffee seemed like too much of a hassle.

Since I was out in VA Beach yesterday afternoon around lunch time, I stopped for some Thai food.  I had a steam spring roll with tofu and, of course, tofu green curry.  I read my book while eating, and it was nice.

I snacked on some Raw Food crackers I had picked up at Heritage a few months back and forgot I had in my cabinet.  Between that and the tons of water I was drinking, I ended up not getting hungry the rest of the day, so that was it on the food front.

Before bed, I decided I was going to make a raw foods breakfast for Saturday.  Sort of a trial run I guess, and inspired by the book.  Right before going to sleep, I started soaking 1/2 cup of buckwheat groats to make a porridge in the morning.

This morning I made drip coffee (gasp) because I wasn’t in the mood for espresso.  I was up at least an hour before everyone else, so I drank a cup while flipping through my raw book and watched Law and Order.

Then, I made my first pre-thought out raw foods breakfast!  Now don’t get me wrong – most of my smoothies are technically raw as are the fruit breakfasts, etc.  But this felt like my first foray into raw “cooking”.  Here’s what I made….

I drained and rinsed the buckwheat and put it into my Vitamix.  I added a small amount of water – maybe1/4 cup at most – and blended until it was the consistency of porridge.  Then I added a date and a chopped apple, blended some more, then added cinnamon to taste.  It was REALLY good.  I think the only thing I’ll do differently next time is to peel the apple first. 

My raw buckwheat porridge breakfast

Mid morning snack was a banana before my workout.  Lunch was a small salad and a butternut squash and apple soup I made in my vitamix.  It’s very similar to the recipe that comes with the blender, but I made some small variations….

3 cups chunked butternut squash – steamed
1 cored apple – steamed
1/4 large onion – chopped
1 garlic clove – chopped
1 cup coconut milk (lite, canned)
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup whole wheat flour

stir fry the onion and garlic until soft.  Put the coconut milk, water, and flour into the Vitamix.  Blend on high for 5 minutes.  Add the remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth, about 30 seconds. 

I couldn’t decide what seasonings I wanted, so I didn’t use any.  I ate it plain, and it was very good.  A tried it, and thought I needed to decide if it should be sweet (cinnamon and nutmeg), or savory (rosemary or Thai spices).  I was feeling fickle, so I had it as is.  I put the leftovers in the fridge, and if I decide later, I’ll have more and pick some seasoning!

Late afternoon/early evening, I made a fresh juice of apple, orange, lemon, carrot, and ginger.  It was really good an filling.  I haven’t eaten dinner yet (it’s only 715pm) because I’m not hungry.  I imagine I’ll make a salad or reheat the quinoa if I get hungry later.


I finally picked up a pair of women’s padded cycling shorts!!!!  Here’s hoping they really make a difference on Monday!

I missed the swim time trials last night.  They started at 630, and A’s bus had to make an extra stop on the way home, so she wasn’t back to her home high school until nearly 620.  There was no way I’d make it.  I was bummed because I was really looking forward to swimming with the team and hoping to see that I’d improved since January.

I went swimming today instead, and it was good.  R had swim lessons at 1030, so I hopped in the pool when she did, swam laps while she had lessons (which went about 10 minutes over), so I got in a 40 minute swim workout.  I forgot my watch though, so I didn’t time myself the way I intended (I was going to time my swim and send coach my times – mimic what the team did last night).

Today would have been a bike day, but I didn’t want to go on an hour long outdoor ride with D out of town.  That hour ride would have turned into 2 between driving to where the trail and getting home.  It was just too long.  We’ll see about tomorrow.  Either a run or another swim.  Or both!


Friday was a nice day.  I had a lot of work to do and was running around like crazy to different hospitals, but I can’t complain.  It was sunny and beautiful out, and by lunch, I was just wearing my sweater with my scarf and left my coat in the car.  I also had time for a good meal and a quick stop at the mall for the book and shorts. 

I was bummed about missing the swim, but at the same time, it was nice to be home.  M had a school dance, R was playing, and A and I watched 3 episodes of CSI that were still on the DVR.  I went to bed pretty early – about 10pm (for a Friday, that’s early!), and all told, had a really good day.

I’m FINALLY doing the Fun Facts Friday.  I know it’s not Friday.  I just couldn’t finish my blog post last night.  Especially since I didn’t swim and didn’t want the Fitness section to be blank!  So here it is.  I was tagged by H’s Blog last month (I know..SORRY…I’m a slacker).

Fun Facts Friday – Four Things

Four TV Shows I Watch: (I have WAY more than four…be that’s a totally different post entirely)

*White Collar

Four Things I’m Passionate About:

*Eating and cooking healthy
*Spending time with my family
*My focus on my career and future
*Spending time doing things that make ME happy (exercise, yoga, reading, movies, etc)

Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much:

*Fully (as in…was that pizza good, “Yeah, Fully!)
*Not Even Remotely (as in….was that pizza good, “Uh, not even remotely)  – see, they’re opposites!
*Stupid Cow!!!  (came from necessity when I need to cuss at other drivers, but my kids are in the car)
*Oh Hell

Today I woke up early (in no small part thanks to Sammie), and got out of bed around 630am.  I fed the pups, made some coffee, and got to sit around on the couch for a while before the youngest woke up flipping through my raw foods book.

After swimming at the Y, R and I played around, hung out in the hot tub, and then showered up.  We stopped at the market to pick up a bunch of veggies for my dishes tomorrow, rented two movies from Redbox, and came home.  After a light lunch, it was time to get cleaning.

I told R we could watch the movies after cleaning.  The kids each had to REALLY clean their rooms.  M took care of one of the bathrooms, his room, and some wash.  It took about 2 hrs max.  A cleaned out her closets and her room is the cleanest I’ve EVER seen it, and she did one of the other bathrooms.  She took about 2 1/2 hours.  I dusted all of downstairs, scrubbed the kitchen, swept all the floors, and steam cleaned them all too.  All told, about 2 hours.  Then I cleaned my bedroom and bathroom.  About another 45 minutes.  R had to clean her room.  It’s a small room.  It took her SIX AND A HALF HOURS!!!  Not to mention, several interventions from me (but I wouldn’t do anything for her – she really needs to clean her own space by now).  It was kind of funny. 

I don’t think we’ll end up watching the movies tonight now.  R has been in A’s room drawing for the last hour or so, and I’m relaxing, watching TV (can you say Vampire Diaries??), reading, and planning meals for tomorrow.  Woo hoo for real relaxation!


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