People Look Very Different When They Aren’t Sweaty


Today was a snow day, so I got to take my time to prepare my food all day.  I even made a real pot of coffee (don’t tell my husband though.  If he figured out that I actually CAN make it, he may expect me to when he gets home).  I clean the floors.  He makes coffee.  It’s MORE than a fair trade.

While enjoying my coffee, I had a conference call, and then was able to eat.  Breakfast was the leftover chickpea, veggie, and kale dish I had for lunch yesterday.  It was really filling and very tasty.

Mid morning was a fresh juice.  Same as yesterday – 2 apples, 2 oranges, a handful of baby carrots, and about a tablespoon of fresh ginger.  I made one for A too, who really loved it.  I’ve decided (though he doesn’t know this yet), that I’m going to start making fresh juices for D every day.  Since he has Crohn’s disease, his body doesn’t absorb nutrients well.  He also has to stay away from too much fiber (I know – sounds to be the antithesis of a healthy diet, but can cause obstructions and surgery).  With all the reading I’ve been doing on raw veganism, juicing, etc, this may be a perfect way to get him some easily absorbable nutrients without the fiber worries.
Lunch was a gluten free vegan quinoa mac n cheeze dish I came across while reading a blog I like that was fully awesome.  The recipe itself was really simple.  I used my rice cooker to cook the quinoa, and the sauce was coconut milk, nutritional yeast, garlic, lemon juice, arrowroot powder (which I had on hand, but could probably sub corn starch), and salt.  Mix, eat, and be amazed. 

I did a small bit of grocery shopping after lunch.  I was out of oranges, kale, lentils, hot sauce, running low on apples and soy milk.  So M and I went to Walmart, picked up the essentials, and headed back home. 

I started a vegan crock pot of seitan pot roast for dinner.  The house smelled amazing!  I have to say that the flavors were right on, but it was too salty.  I normally have a very light hand with salt (too light for my husband’s tastes), so I added salt when I put the ingredients into the crock.  That was a mistake – I forget that crocks require far less seasoning than normal, and it would have been perfect if I hadn’t done that.  I also think that browning the seitan before putting it in would have been good.  Here’s what I did (next time I’ll do the same, just omit the salt)…

2 packages seitan cubes (they literally look like stew beef)
1 small package baby carrots
1 small package red potatoes, cut in half
1 cup water
1 package french onion soup mix (vegan)
1 package vegan gravy powder (just to make it thicker without having to do the corn starch thing at the end)
1/2 onion, cut into VERY large chunks
1 tsp salt

I ended up having some plain popcorn when I couldn’t handle the salt anymore!  I’m going to prep the kale, put it in the dehydrator overnight, and make some kale chips.  I’m thinking of doing garlic and cumin flavored ones. 

Other than the popcorn thing, my eating today was very spot on, and I feel great.  Every time I felt like whipping up some cookies or cupcakes, I thought of that bloody Tri suit!  I did have a big glass of Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk to satisfy that sweet tooth though, and it did the trick.


NONE!!  Ha, ha….Thursday’s are rest days.  Thank goodness too, because my legs are sore!

However, today was the Tri Club social.  I figure that warrants an update under the “fitness” heading!

I mentioned to coach that I was going to bring name tags tonight, since I don’t really know anyone’s names.  When M and I went to Walmart, I picked some up and a couple green sharpies (R’s favorite color), and brought them with.  After dinner (we ate really early – like at 530.  Normally we eat between 7-8), I headed up to Fat Frogs.  There was some food (which I didn’t partake of due to the abundance of popcorn in my belly) and beer and wine (which I DID partake of – one glass…first one in a week). 

Fat Frogs actually has two Tri Club teams.  One is the “morning” team, and one is the “evening” team.  We don’t train together, so tonight was really the first time to meet the morning group.  I saw the two women I met at the pool a few weeks ago, and the woman whose bike I bought.  It was nice to talk to them, and I had to thank J again for the bike (because it’s fully awesome).  It was also neat to see everyone looking human instead of like sweat balls.  Women wore make up and everyone was wearing jeans instead of workout gear. 

It’s funny, because in a very small group of people, I’m very outgoing.  At work, I’m very confident and talkative.  In large groups – I’m really not.  I have a very hard time starting conversations with people and getting to know them.  I usually wait for someone to talk to me first – and then I’m OK.  I hung around the very back of the group (which I knew I would!), and as a result, got to talk to other wallflowers too!  Both happen to be the girls I sit near during out spin classes.  They’re also both swim coaches and seasoned triathletes.  It was nice talking to them, and getting some advice.  One even offered to take me out riding, which I’m definitely going to take her up on!

Tomorrow is swim time trials.  I’m in the same boat as yesterday.  If A gets home from school on time, I’ll make it.  If she doesn’t, I’m on my own.  I think if she doesn’t, I’m going to go anyway and just stay late.  The 25 of us share 3 swim lanes anyway, so a few minutes late for this one probably won’t make a big difference.  Besides – after shaving 4 minutes off my run time yesterday, I’m hoping I’ve improved in the swim too!


Today was a snow day, and while I was annoyed last night that it was snowing when I went to bed, today I was grateful.  I needed the peace.  And the ability to work in jammies.

I went to be around 1030 last night finally, and I was nearly deliriously exhausted.  My alarm went off at 615am, I checked online to see if the kids’ school was canceled – it was – and went back to bed (after turning off my kids’ alarms).  My first meeting was at 9, so I knew I could sleep until 845 and still be okay. 

Of course, Sammie the wonder pups had other ideas.  She’s used to eating at 630am, and gets very nutty when she doesn’t.  She started prancing around downstairs, and doing her single-bark thing to get me up.  Finally at 8, she walked up the stairs to my room – stayed on the stairs but poked her head in – did a single bark, and then ran back downstairs.  I got the hint and reluctantly got up.  I bet I could have slept MUCH longer if given the chance.

I fed her, made coffee, and very shortly after R woke up.  I made her breakfast and then got to work.  The other two woke up eventually, and the three of them watched Dr. Who marathons while I worked and cooked.  All told, it was a nice and relaxing day, and I thank Mother Nature for making it snow in Virginia last night.  I think she may have done it just because I needed a break.

D is having a great time in San Fran, and did his first geocaching today!  He found some buried treasure, and is planting his registered Geo coins around the area too.  I guess when you have the coins, you register them online and set goals.  For one, he set the goal that he bury it in CA and it makes its way back to VA.  One he wants to see make it overseas, etc.  It’s actually really cool.

He woke up obscenely early out there (with us being East Coasters, his internal clock got the better of him), so while his brother slept, D went for coffee, called me 5 times (it was cute), explored, and found his first cache.  I’m happy to see him do something physical, and he’s having fun doing a grown up scavenger hunt!  I’m looking forward to warmer weather here so we can go together.

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is upon us.  I’m probably not going to do a long bike ride on Saturday because D isn’t here to be with the kids, but I’ll probably either swim or hit a spinning class.  It’s also the 22nd annual home and garden show on the peninsula, and I really want to go and check out gardening ideas, since that’s a big goal of mine this year (I’ve always had a black thumb, but it’s become more and more important to me to grow as much of my own food as possible).  My ENTIRE diet is plant based.  If I eat them, I sure as heck should be able to grow them!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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