I Went To Prison This Weekend!


It’s certainly been a whirlwind week in many ways.  I haven’t gotten to cook as much as I’d like to, and to be honest – I haven’t been doing a good job of eating.  It’s not the that food I am eating is bad; quite the contrary!  It’s just not enough.  I’ve missed dinner more times this week than I’d like to admit.  To be frank – without the microwave and the ability to reheat (easily) all my leftovers, I’m finding I run out of time once I get home from work and make dinner for everyone else.  As usual, I get left with little or nothing to eat.  At least, nothing fun that makes eating worthwhile!

Wednesday morning I had fruit and the Healthy Choice soup for breakfast before my meetings.  I spent the late afternoon and early driving home from Morehead City.  There is nothing between there and here food-wise other than fast food.  I saw a Burger King, Bojangles, or Taco Bell all the time, but most of the subway’s were closed down!  Finally D looked one up for me in Williamston, NC, so I stopped and grabbed a 6 inch veggie sub since I was really hungry. 

Since I ate lunch so late, I wasn’t hungry for dinner.  I also didn’t get home in a decent amount of time to make dinner, so we ordered some Applebee’s curbside to go for D and the kids, and I skipped it.  I know, not good.

Thursday breakfast was coffee and a sunflower seed butter, banana, and Ezekiel bread sandwich.  Lunch was reheated deconstructed cabbage rolls that I made on Monday (thank goodness work has a functional microwave!).  Dinner was kind of fun.  D makes this noodle dish since well before we were married.  His Dad used to make it for him, and he’s been making it for our family since we met (it’s one of the ONLY things he makes).  It’s very simple, but the kids always dig it.  It’s spaghetti noodles, butter/margarine, garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and Parmesan cheese.  For years, it never had a name.  One day, we named them Daddy’s Magic Noodles, and the name has stuck.  Of course, I haven’t partaken of the magic noodles in several years.  I decided to make my own version!  I took brown rice rotini pasta, and boiled it with some peas and corn.  After it was cooked, I sauteed it in some Earth Balance margarine, and topped with pepper and vegan Parmesan flavored topping.  I’m sure it’s tastes nothing like the Magic Noodles,  but it was still awesome.

Mommy’s Magic Noodles!

Friday morning was really crazy and I had to be somewhere really early in the morning.  I didn’t have time to make a breakfast, so aside from my coffee, I snarfed a banana on the way.  Lunch was a black bean and veggie wrap from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.  Dinner was skipped again, and I ended up going to S’s house for a couple beers (and some pistachios).

Saturday morning was a vegan cheese toasty sandwich on Ezekiel bread on my way to knitting class.  Lunch was another pasta type dish ala Magic Noodles.  This time, I sauteed some onion and garlic, added a fresh diced Roma tomato, and added that and a small amount of olive oil to the brown rice pasta, peas, and corn, and topped with some of the vegan Parmesan topping.  Also very, very good and filling. 

Magic Noodles, Version 2

I decided Saturday afternoon that I wanted to bust out my juicer.  I haven’t used it in many years, and really only used it a few times.  I bought it after D was discharged from the hospital the first time on a soft food diet.  I thought it would be awesome to make him some fresh juices.  Of course he hates anything resembling healthy food, so I used it for me a few times, and then packed it away.  Since getting my Vitamix several years ago now, I haven’t seen much need for it.  However, recently I’ve noticed many blogs and articles about juicing and the difference between that and what I do with my vitamix, which uses the entire food put in the blender.  I made a carrot, spinach, and apple juice that was actually quite fabulous.  That was around 6 or 7, and I ended up skipping dinner.  I know.  3 times this week (so far).  I did finally get to have my friend L’s homemade pepper vodka though!  I made bloody mary’s with spicy low sodium V8.  It was all too spicy for D, which I thought was cute.  They were actually quite amazing!

Sunday morning I made a juice/smoothie in my Vitamix.  Blueberries, apple, strawberries, and flax seed.  Yum yum!

For lunch, I made a Thai red curry soup with rice, sweet potato, and kale.  I followed the recipe exactly with the exception of using green kale instead of purple because that’s what I had.  Holy. Awesome.  Batman.  It was fantastic, and I even chopped up some cilantro for the garnish.  I was actually excited all day to get hungry again, just so I could eat some more. It was spicy and flavorful and just made me intensely happy.  I used the Red Curry powder from the spice kit from my dad.  I think it’s about half gone now.  Good thing he sent me a catalog too, I’m going to have to buy some more before too long.   I’m taking some to a friend of mine tomorrow who asked for the recipe.

I was reading a juicing book and came across one called Better Red Than Dead.  It’s beets, sweet potato, and carrot.  Okay, I’m willing to try almost anything, so in the juicer it all went.  Eww is all I have to say.  I tried really hard to like it – even added some ice cubes wondering if it would be better cold.  It wasn’t.  I very much want to like beets.  I don’t.  They taste like dirt, so if you have a good beet recipe that doesn’t taste like ground up Earth, send it on.  I’ll try it.  Won’t promise I’ll like it, but I’ll try it!

bad juice ingredients….

After that failure, I had to make a juice that was good.  So I made another apple and carrot juice, but with kale instead of spinach this time.  I know, shaking it up a bit!  This ended up being my dinner.  I know, 4th dinner this week I missed.  I swear, I just run out of time.  I spend so much time doing things I need to do, that I sometimes neglect myself.  What’s sad, is I even soaked my chickpeas, intending to cook them up in the slow cooker, and either make a salad, some falafel, or anything yummy for me.  I didn’t.  It’s 915pm, and they just finished cooking.  Oh well, I’ll use them tomorrow.

good juice ingredients!

yummy juice.  Slightly reddish from the beet leftovers in the juicer


Today I had a great run.  It took me forever to get out there, but it was wonderful.  I wanted to go around 11, but due to iPod issues, I went just before 430. 

I finished my audio book on my iPod when I was in NC earlier this week.  And you all know….I like to run to a book!  I knew which ones I wanted (The Mallorean series – which follows the Belgariad, which I just finished).  D started getting them for me, but it takes awhile to get them converted to the right format and put into iTunes.  There were many issues and corruptions and weird file names, so it took him most of the day to get it done.  It was cute though, because he spent ALL afternoon working on it.

It was a blessing in disguise though, because the battery on my Garmin was drained, and it gave me a chance to charge it up.

It was cold as snot out (to me), and I wore two pairs of pants, two shirts, a jacket, gloves, and a head band.  I warmed up enough after the first 5 minutes or so, and probably could have done without the jacket, but it wasn’t too bad.

I went 4 miles in a loop around my neighborhood, and really enjoyed being outside for a while.


Well it’s been a busy one, that’s for sure!  Thursday and Friday were both really long days at work and home.  I had a lot of catching up to do after spending 2 days either in NC or traveling to and from there.  Friday was a tense sort of day, and I was sad to miss my Tri club’s group swim.  I just couldn’t get there in time, and I know I could have used the workout.  Instead, I went to my friend’s house for a couple of beers after dropping M off at the ice skating rink with a bunch of his friends.  He had a ride home with one of them, so I could chill for a few hours with S.

Saturday was also really busy.  I had the last day of my knitting 101 class, which was a lot of fun.  I started a new project from the class pamphlet.  It’s a hat!  It’s a simple pattern, and D wants me to make it for him.  Yeah!

I went grocery shopping and then to Target.  I wasn’t home long before it was time to take off again on more adventures.

A has a photography project (she’s in a special art high school), and the subject is Open Spaces and Desolate Places.  Of course, I was telling her that I drove through a ton of that earlier in the week, and I could take her for some pictures if she wanted.  We decided that a correctional facility in Elizabeth City would be the destination!  So after dropping M off at a friend’s house for an over night birthday party, we stopped at a 7-11 for road trip food (chips and water), and headed down.  The goal was to get there as the light was fading.  It was absolutely hilarious.  We turned into the prison compound and starting freaking out a little bit.  A hadn’t realized that I didn’t actually CALL the prison to ask permission to come, so we kept thinking we’d get in trouble.  We stopped at one point so she could get some shots, and then decided to brave going closer.  We got pretty close to the fence with the layers of crazy barbed wire, and she got out of the van to take more shots.  Apparently she got a bit TOO close, because a prison guard started screaming that we had to leave.  At first I thought maybe she was waving, and almost waved back like a doofus, but we scampered out of there pretty quickly!

Not to far down the road, we saw what looked like an abandoned section of farm.  There was a lot of rusted old but big farm equipment, dilapidated trailers, and it looked like something out of a horror movie.  She took a ton of shots there, and we decided we’d had enough!  After getting home, we loaded up her pictures, and they were simply amazing.  She has quite a gift, and D announced (quite appropriately so), that he thought they are the best pictures she’s ever done.  She’s planning on entering her favorite 3 to a local gallery that’s currently calling for amateur photographs to put on display.  Here’s hoping! 

Of course I’m not going to post any of her pictures, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get one or two myself!  So here’s a prison shot.  I’m no where near as good as my daughter is, but I couldn’t very well NOT take one!

We got home around 8ish, and D made pizza for them for dinner.  We intended to rent a movie (The Social Network), but you can’t rent it online from Blockbuster or Netflix for live streaming yet.  We settled for starting to catch up on old episodes of 24 on Netflix.  We only ever watched the first season, and even though we loved it, we never stuck with it.

Today I did a lot of work, some cooking, and went to the library.

So now I need to tell you about my most recent microwave drama.  We FINALLY had plans to have our old microwave ripped out and a new one put in.  He was supposed to be at our house at 4pm on Friday.  He never showed.  He called at 9am Saturday to tell us he’d be out no later than noon (hence why I did ALL of the errand running yesterday…so D could direct the appliance guy).  He never showed and wouldn’t answer any of my husband’s calls or messages.  He finally calls back to say he was at another job longer than he’d thought, and he’d be by around 4ish.  4 comes and goes, and nothing!  Sometime that evening, he calls to say sorry, can’t do Saturday, how about Sunday?  We’re fine with that, and he promises to call at 9am.  Guess what?  No stinking appliance guy.  D tried calling multiple times with no luck and no returned calls.  Jerk.  I was SO excited to have a working microwave.  Guess who’s going to get a new appliance guy next week????

Hopefully this week will be a bit more evened out.  I have off Friday, and a friend of mine and I are heading out of town on Thursday evening for a couple days of shopping and exploring in Richmond.  So now it’s a count down to a 3 day weekend!!

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