I Can’t Remember What MY Shower Looks Like

When I decide I like something, I swear, I have to eat it for a couple days.  Thursday’s breakfast was the same as Wednesday.  A cup-ish of coffee, and the sunflower butter with banana on spelt cakes.  It’s really filling and tasty – as long as you don’t want something hot. 
For lunch I wasn’t quite so good.  I had a baked potato with some Tofutti “Better Than Sour Cream” and some of the blueberry crumble thing I made the other day (which is awesome, by the way).  I took the recipe for the blueberry cake from The Joy of Vegan Baking, but used a can of blueberry pie filling instead of fresh or frozen blueberries.  I know that decreased it’s health quotient, but it was still fabulous.
I really didn’t eat dinner.  I started to make it, but didn’t actually finish in time to eat at a reasonable hour.  I blame my constantly cooking more than one meal to satisfy my family.  Ugh.  I actually made a roasted butternut squash soup, but didn’t actually eat it.
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
1 medium butternut squash – cut in half and seeded
5 ish cloves of garlic
1 onion – peeled and cut into quarters
3 carrots – peeled and cut into big chunks
4 cups veggie broth – I used 4 cups of water and 4 tsp of veggie bullion
1/2 cup plain soy milk
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
salt and pepper to taste
I put the butternut squash face down in a casserole dish.  I added the garlic, onion, and carrot, and 2 cups of veggie broth.  Roast for 2 hrs at 350.
After it comes out and cools a bit, I put the veggies and the rest of the ingredients into my Vitamix (though any blender will probably do), and blended until creamy.  Put into a sauce pan and simmer for 15 minutes to marry the spices.
The veggies after roasting

Friday morning breakfast was a twist on the past two days.  I toasted two slices of the Ezekiel bread (I only like it toasted – it’s a VERY dense bread).  I put 1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter (yes…I measured) on one slice, sliced up half a banana (ate the other half), and made a breakfast sandwich!

The finished meal

Lunch was a smoothie with mango, banana, strawberries, and orange, and a half a sandwich on whole grain bread with hummus, roasted bell peppers, vegan pesto, onion, sliced tomato,and spinach.  I didn’t take a picture…sorry.  By the time I thought of it, it was gone.

For dinner, I finally ate the soup I made on Thursday!  I boiled up 2 ounces of Quinoa pasta to add some fiber and to make it more substantial.  It was good, though it needed a bit more salt in the end.


It came!!  My official USA Triathlon membership card came in the mail last night!  So what did I do first thing this morning???  I signed up for my first Triathlon.  The Smithfield Triathlon on April 2nd will be my first foray into the multi-sport world.  I originally wasn’t going to do this one.  It seems to be so soon!  I was planning on doing the Breezy Point Triathlon in June as my first.  However, when I was running on Wednesday with J, he said that Smithfield is the perfect first timers Tri because the swim isn’t open water…it’s in a pool.  Since I’m not sure when we’ll swim in the bay, I liked the idea (since open water swimming still freaks me out some).  So there it is.  10 weeks.  Holy.  Poo.

D asked me if I was nervous now that I am committed (even more than I was committed before…because now I have a date to circle on my calendar).  I will admit that I am.  I’m not as worried about the actual sports.  This is a Sprint Tri.  The lengths of the events aren’t bad.  300 m swim.  Already doing that and more.  Not fast yet…but I can do it no problem.  The bike is a 10 miles.  I can knock that out.  I need to cycle some outside of the spin classes when the weather warms up, but 10 miles won’t kill me.  Then it’s a 5K.  I KNOW I can do that!  So what’s making me nervous???  I have NO clue how to transition from one event to the next.  The swim is first…so does that mean I have to bike and run in a bathing suit?  Where do I find my bike?  Is there a changing area and a locker room?  Do they have suits that are appropriate for all 3 events so I don’t have to change clothes?  Sorry – I need a pretty industrial-strength running bra, and the thought of running in wet clothes is just nasty.  So there.  That’s what has me the most nervous.  Secondary to that?  I have this vision that everyone else will be an elite athlete, and here I am….a slightly chubby late 30’s mom who will look like an idiot out there.  I’m slowly getting over that, but it’s still in the back of my mind.  I’m hoping that training over the next 10 weeks will help with some of these fears.
Aside from my total excitement/fear of committing to my first race, I have to day…everything hurts. My shoulders, my hips, and my hamstrings are killing me. Who the heck knew that swimming – a non-weight bearing and no impact exercise – could kick your tush the way it does?!?! It wasn’t from the run on Wednesday because running 3 miles doesn’t hurt me anymore. It wasn’t from the cycling on Monday, because other than my butt, nothing else hurt. It HAS to be from the swimming (I’ve done 3 swims between Sun-Wed), but holy cow….who knew??? I mean really…I’m swimming for what…12 minutes. Maybe?
Oh well.  That’s what I did today!  Today was the Tri club’s swim, so I was on time (just before 630), and swam like crazy over the next 45 minutes (30 of which were pretty much actively spend swimming…I’m gonna hurt tomorrow!).  W put us through quite the workout, and in addition to the workout pictured below, he threw in 100 yds of kick board swimming just for fun.  Sadist.  A couple of the members of our group are also swim instructors.  One was giving us pointers today on our form.  I don’t look straight down when I swim, which means I’m swimming at an angle in the water (instead of like a plank) and am inefficient.  My kicks don’t flutter enough, so I’m inefficient in the way that my legs drag in the water.  And I have to learn to breath bilaterally – which means stroke 3, breath on the left, stroke 3, breath on the right.  I have only ever breathed on my left before, so practicing on my right meant several gulps of water.  I will say though, that the more I focused on form, the less I noticed the exhaustion.  I suppose that’s a plus. 

All told, I spent about 30 minutes swimming (I didn’t always remember to start my watch, so it’s just an estimate).  I sat in the hot tub for 10 minutes trying to relax my crazy-sore muscles.  Tomorrow, I plan to repeat this workout.  R has swim lessons at 1030, which is a half hour.  If I do this workout while she’s in lessons, we’ll both finish at the same time!  Then we can goof off and chill in the hot tub a bit.

I’m in C.  W/u is warm up. RI is Rest Interval. Pull means no kicking – just arms.  Fast means sprint.  Ha.  C/D is cool down.  Plus he added 100 yds of kick board. 850 yds.  Crazy!
I just need to mention one more thing.  I haven’t used the shower at my house in over a week!  I have spent more time at the gym, that ALL of my showers in the past week have been there.  I’m not sure if I should be proud of that…or worried.

Thursday was another 7am meeting day.  I hate those.  Just putting that out there.  It was a good meeting though, and no major issues or blow ups incurred.  Most of the day was spent in meetings, but none were bad.  Can’t complain, and much got done.
R still wasn’t quite 100%, so she skipped gymnastics.  I thought about going for a run, but since Thursday is supposed to be my rest day, I decided that I liked the idea of rest more than I liked the idea of running in the cold.  I’m a wuss, I know.  I grew up in WI, but the thought of cold just makes me cringe.  Several years ago D, the kids, and I went home for Christmas.  We drove, spent several days in WI, then went to IA to visit D’s family.  I was in the garage helping load up the van after visiting with my family and just as we were getting ready for the 3 hr drive to D’s family.  Apparently I was making quite an ugly face while standing outside.  My Dad looks at me, points, and says “you made that face you’re entire childhood.  You were never meant for cold weather.”  Ain’t that the honest truth.  I HATE cold….
Today I was planning on running before work, but I started working instead (in my home office) and ran out of time to run, shower, and get to where I needed to be on time.  Bad me.
My morning meeting was pretty good.  We’re deciding on whether to go forward with a feasibility study on migrating nuclear cardiac images to permanent storage.  More than you wanted to know, but there it is.
The rest of the day was pretty calm, and ended with a meeting on hardware for one of our newest hospitals.  I have some work to do there.
Life has been pretty good.  Can’t complain.  I guess I could if I tried real hard, but no sense in that.  I have a couple trips coming up in the next month, and D has one too.  At the end of the month, I’m taking a trip to Richmond with my friend A.  Her husband is from there, and she lived there for a few years too.  I’ve only been there to shop at Whole Foods, and REI, and once last summer to go to the Richmond Vegetarian Festival.  She’s going to show me “real Richmond”, and I anticipate some fun stories and pictures to share.  Next week I’m going to Morehead City, NC for a work trip.  Just an overnighter, but it’ll be 5 hr drive each way.  I need to get to the library and rent some audio books!  In early Feb, D is going to San Francisco to visit his brother for several days (for his bday), and a couple days after he gets back, I’m going to Nag’s Head, NC for a girls weekend to celebrate S’s bday.  So lots of fun coming!
For now, I promised D I’d watch a movie with him before going to bed, so off we go.  I have an early day tomorrow, and need to rest before doing that bloody swim.  Again.

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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