I Don’t Deal Well With Lack of Options

The past couple of days would definitely qualify as snow days.  On Christmas eve, I stayed home by choice, so working out in the living room (and going for a run) were perfect.  On Christmas day, of course nothing was open, so working out in the living room was again, a no brainer.  And then it started snowing in the late afternoon of Christmas….

By the time we woke up yesterday morning (the 26th), there was a ton of snow on the ground.  It’s the “Great Snow Of 2010”, and EVERYTHING was closed.  You should have seen our local news, it was the biggest story of the year!  There was no way of going anywhere, and forget the option of running outside….so of course, I didn’t work out.  It finally stopped snowing around 7pm, and we had about a foot of snow outside.  This morning it was still a mess (we have no plows or salt trucks to speak of around here), so it was another day stuck inside.  Of course, I skipped working out again. 

I finally figured it out this evening.  I don’t like NOT having options.  When it’s my choice to go to the gym or pop in a DVD…cool.  When I CAN’T go to the gym or for a run outside…forget it.  Working out at home becomes a chore that I can’t handle.  It’s dumb, but I really think that’s why I’ve stayed in jammies the past 2 days.  All I want to do is run outside or hit a class at the gym, so of course if that’s not a possibility…nothing will do.  It’s a newly discovered character flaw that I’ll have to work on….

On a totally unrelated note…

My dog Sammie was born on a farm in WI (she’s a yellow lab).  She spent the first year and a half of her life living there.  Her first winter was a hoot, and she relished being in the snow.  And then…we moved to southeastern Virginia 7 years ago, and she lost her love of all things wet and cold (as did I….though to be truthful, I never loved the cold).

She will avoid going outside at all costs if it’s raining, and forget the cold….she loves to bask in the backyard in the sun and will spend hours out there on a warm day.

Then it snowed Xmas day and yesterday.  A LOT.  For where we live, a foot of snow shuts us down for days at a time.  The kids were digging it (to a degree, then they even got sick of the snow), but Sam would only go out for a little bit at a time.  Something must have flipped in her sometime in the late morning today.  She spent HOURS outside today.  Every time I went to check on her, she had snow all over her head and she looked at me like I was crazy for staying in the house and keeping warm.  She’d come in every once in awhile to thaw out, and then run back outside to play.  It was cute, and if it wasn’t so snowy and cold (and if I actually had boots), I would have taken pictures of her.  Alas, I didn’t.  I did get a few of the snow though.  I can’t express enough how strange that is around here.  It snows once in a great while, and almost never sticks – hopefully that’ll help put the pictures below into perspective.

While D decided to go out and clear as much snow as he could (it was still snowing, but he was getting cabin fever), I decided to get creative.  I took the leftover strawberry/banana soft serve ice cream and decided to whip it up in the vitamix into a makeshift daiquiri.  I have to say, they were ALL very good 🙂

corner of the back yard

views from the back door.  The door was as far as I’d go

view from the front door

D heading out to rake (yes you read that right…RAKE) the driveway since we don’t actually have a shovel!
soft serve daiquiri!!

snowy honey

The rest of the day was spent watching movies and knitting.  We watched The Town, Salt,  and Toy Story 3.  During all of the movies, I worked on knitting a scarf and got quite a bit of it done!  D was still sick, but at least he seems to be on the upswing.
Today I had to get out of the house.  Aside from the wicked cabin fever, it really was a necessity.  D actually went to work today (only 3 of them made it into the office – likely all Midwesterners like us).  My cupboards and fridge were bare after the holidays and the snow, so I went out.  We don’t have an ice scraper, so my husband left a SPATULA in my van so I could scrape the windows!  After 20 minutes of running the defroster and scraping with my spatula, I was finally able to go.  I nearly got stuck in the end of the driveway, but managed to get out and hit the (very icy and unplowed) road.  I went very slowly and eventually made it to the store.  They were pretty heavily picked over, but I managed to get a few bags of groceries.  I’ll admit, I did get quite a bit of junk food in addition to the fruits, veggies, and tofu.  We have a policy around here…bad weather = junk food (though it’s usually Nor’easters or hurricanes that keep us shut in).  On the way home, a bunch of snow from the roof fell onto the hood, and I couldn’t see.  I ended up stopping and brushing the snow off so I could finish the half a mile drive home.  Gotta love it.
I made a wonderful Anatolian red lentil stew today with wheat berries and chickpeas for dinner.  I also made a fruited couscous in the crock pot that came out wonderfully – even the little one liked it. 
I did some surfing, and found a great deal on a plane ticket from VA to San Francisco (where D’s brother lives) as an early bday present for him.  It was only $250, so now D gets to see his brother for the first time in a couple of years, and do it over his bday weekend in Feb!
While dinner was cooking, D worked on fixing the downstairs computer, and R and I played (and I lost) a game of Sorry.  So while it was a pretty good day, I’m hoping to be able to get the heck out of the house tomorrow and go to the gym!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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