When Allergies Attack

No, this is not some reality TV show on Animal Planet or Court TV.  This…is my life.

I have noticed (and probably commented on), and major upward trend of allergy drama the past month or so.  I used to have the most wicked allergies ever.  I spent several years getting allergy shots every other day (when I lived in WA state), and no matter where I was, I seemed to lack the ability to breath through my nose, smell, or taste anything that wasn’t super spicy (that actually explains a lot of my spicy loving-ness).  Nor could I travel anywhere without tissues.

I would spend most evenings with a cold wet washcloth draped over my face attempting to reduce the swelling so I could open my eyes.  My Aunt had a cat, and whenever my sister or I spent any time at her place, our faces would immediately blow up (my sister’s was much worse than mine though).  I used to joke that I had seasonal allergies too – just that it was every season.  I spent about a year being shuffled from one allergy prescription to another, and finally found Zyrtec to be a near wonder drug.  My allergy attacks went from daily to weekly, so all was good.

3 months after my youngest was born (7 years ago), my husband and I (and our kids) moved from WI to VA.  I patiently waited for my allergies to attack…but they never did.  I wasn’t sure if it was moving or having a baby that did it.  I’ve read that having a baby can either relieve or aggravate several things – like acne, hair (mine got less curly), warts, and allergies.  Since my little one has pretty ugly allergies – both environmental and food – I’m guessing she took all of mine (poor baby).

So the past 7 years I’ve been spoiled.  My allergies reared up in very small doses, and other than a bit in the spring, I’ve been pretty good.  Something must have snapped about 6 weeks ago, because it’s been awful.  I’m back to needing the cold wash clothes every few days, eyes swelling shut and itching to the point I should wear mittens (someday I’ll tell you all about the mittens taped to my hands as a baby with chicken pox), back to taking Zyrtec, and have again begun toting my tissues around with me.  I’ve woken up more days at 4 am with allergy attacks than I can remember.  But today?  Today is the last straw.  I have been sneezing for TWELVE hours!  My nose is dripping and it hurts.  I refuse to think I’m actually coming down with a cold, so it must be allergies, right?  I’m guessing that the near 80 degree weather yesterday awakened some relatively dormant pollen, and they all migrated to my pillow sometime in the middle of the night.  I’m guessing this has been a coordinated attack that’s been months in the planning once they figured out that I’ve been relatively allergy-free for the last several years.  They will not prevail, however.  I beat them once, I can do it again!

As a side note…all this sneezing must be some type of abdominal workout.  If so, I guess it’s maybe a little bit worth it.  It’s also derailed my gym plans for the day, which pisses me off.  I was really looking forward to a new workout circuit I’ve been planning.  Alas.  Friday will by the day for that I suppose.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I love short work weeks in one sense – for the very obvious reasons.  In others, it’s tough, because you still need to get 5 days worth of stuff done.  Thankfully it’s been light on the meetings, so that’s helped a ton.

After work yesterday, I was all packed and heading to the gym, when I was hit with an overwhelming need to knit.  So…instead of going to the Y, I went home and busted out a few more inches of yarned wonder.  Eventually, though, my guilt got the better of me, and I went to the gym (just several hours later than planned).  I did my Fitlinxx workout and then came home and knit some more (guilt free this time).  One thing I do have to say – is I rarely sit down or sit still.  I’m always puttering about – either cooking, working, cleaning, or blogging.  It’s tough to get to a point where I feel I can relax.  Knitting is sort of forcing me to do that.  It’s an activity that I’m having fun with, but I can’t do it while doing other things – so I HAVE to sit down on the couch or in bed and actually be still.  I’ve caught up on 2 weeks of the Biggest Loser (which is 4 hrs of TV) and the last 2 weeks of Survivor!  Usually D and the kids hang out and watch things or goof off while I’m off doing my cooking/working/cleaning/blogging things.  So yeah knitting!

On a different note, I’m not sure I’m going to keep going with Fitlinxx – at least not as the only method of strength training.  Don’t get me wrong – I like it well enough – but it’s been 3 days a week for 7 months now – very religiously – and I’m not seeing much in the way of physical changes in my muscles.  I feel stronger, but not sure if that’s the running or the Fitlinxx.  I think it’s time to branch out into free weights.  Problem is, I really don’t know what I’m doing, so I have to get a book or find some workout’s online that I can print out and take to the gym with me.  I think I’ll do that Friday too. 

Cooking has been pretty low key.  I made a Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf from Fat Free Vegan.  I skipped the nuts and the quinoa flakes.  It was pretty good, and I had some for breakfast this morning.  Lunch was Tofu Green Curry at a Thai place with A (it was early dismissal day the kids).  Tonight I’m going to make a spaghetti squash southwestern casserole with black beans, chilies, and spices.  I’m hoping it comes out OK.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I will be very thankful to stop sneezing and dripping.  Here’s hoping!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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