Remember Goonies??? Yeah. My Kids Mimicked Chunk

Remember that pumpkin pie I made last Thursday?  Well, I stopped at the grocery on Friday to pick up some whipped cream for it, and the pictures below are what happened.  Don’t get me wrong…they put it ON the pie too….just in addition to that, they decided to reenact a scene from Goonies where Chunk empties the can of whipped cream into his mouth.  I guess it was their extra dessert.
    M’s 2nd dessert (kinda like a hobbit I guess)
  A’s second dessert
I tried going to bed pretty early on Friday, and was mildly successful.  I had to get up at 445am on Saturday for the drive down to Nags Head.  I woke M up around 545, and we hit the road at 6.  Of course because I’m ALWAYS early, we made it down by 715 ish – a full hour and fifteen minutes before we needed to be there – so we stopped at a local bagel shop for breakfast.  We made it to the rec center where the Expo was, and got our jobs assigned!  We were assigned to passing out race bib’s, and a few times, M was moved to handing out the Booty Bag (it’s a pirate themed area).  We had a total blast.
  About 20 minutes before the doors opened and the runners started piling in.  M looks a bit sleepy!
I think he was organizing paper clips

Smiling while chatting up some runner

Sharing in our job of handing out race numbers was a retired couple.  We had plenty of time to chat, and they told me how they vacationed in the Outer Banks every year for 27 years, and after they retired in 2003, they moved there and made it their home.  They were a really nice pair, and helped look out for M (even though he was never more than 5 feet from me!). 
After our shift was over at 1230, we walked around and checked out the Expo, picked up a few t-shirts, and then left for lunch.  Our retired friends recommended what they thought was the best Mexican restaurant in town, and that’s exactly where we went!  We were both very hungry and ordered way more food than we could eat.  We got chips and guacamole, he ordered pulled pork nachos and a taco.  I got a layered tostada thing with black beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole, and an extra side of rice and beans.  We had about a quarter of the food (IF that), and packed the rest of it up.  Our hotel did have a kitchen, after all!

My awesome tower of Mexican delight. 

After lunch, we drove down to Hatteras Island where our hotel was.  I didn’t realize just how far from Nags Head and Kitty Hawk it was, but it was a nice drive.  M watched the Matrix on the way down, and I listed to an audio book (The Pawn of Prophecy).  We drove through a bunch of little towns, and at one point, the island was so narrow, that I could see ocean on either side of me.  It got a bit spooky when there were sandbags piled up in Rodanthe, and sand and standing water in the road.  The waves crashing were intensely beautiful.  I was too chicken to stop for a picture, but it was very pretty.

We eventually made it down, and checked into our very old fashioned hotel (we had KEYS….not little plastic cards…but real KEYS).  It caters a lot to fisherman – both sporting and commercial – and while our room was nothing fancy at all, we had a kitchen and a deck with a gorgeous view.  See below.  Not bad for $70.  You can watch the commercial boats come and go with their catches, and even book a trip on a charter. 
Taken from our deck on the 3rd floor. 
View around sunset from the dock
Another deck view
Yet another deck view!
The name of the dock 🙂

View from our room near sunset

Our dinner spot

We drove around looking for something to do and couldn’t really find anything.  The Outer Banks as a whole pretty much shuts down after Labor Day, and with the hours we were volunteering, we had a hard time finding anything open.  M and I wanted to play mini-golf, but nothing was open.  We eventually decided we were hungry, and used my iPhone to find a place.  We found Rocco’s Italian Restaurant, and I called to make sure they were open.  The woman who answered the phone let me know that it was the last night they were going to be open for the season (which means closed until Memorial Day), and when I asked how late they’d be open – her answer was…depends on the business…7…8 maybe.  M and I jumped in the van at 630 so we’d be sure to at least get dinner!  It was okay…service really stunk and took forever, but it was 50% off due to it being the last day open, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

At this point, my current camera (which really is just an old one), fully died, and I couldn’t get it to take any more pictures, so there aren’t any!

We went back to the hotel and fell asleep while watching the Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC family!

We had a great weekend, and I’m very glad that we volunteered.  I wish there was more open and to do down there this time of year, but that can always wait until spring or summer next year. 

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