They Never Have Summer Olympic Athletes Hocking Cold Remedies

I know this has nothing to do with food or exercise, but it’s something I noticed and just need to comment on.  D and I are watching the election results on MSNBC, and of course the commercials are VERY different than we typically see on network TV.  It starts off with some spider commercial about energy mutual fund investments, grad schools, more investment funds, and then finally a commercial for some cold medicine with Lindsay Vonn as the spokesperson.  It then made me remember the NyQuil commercials with Apollo Ono, and Peekaboo Street and Chapstick.  Then I realize that they always pick winter athletes to advertise cold medicines, and never summer athletes.  We saw Mary Lou Retton on Wheaties, and Michael Phelps for Subway.  Winter athletes get shafted…they don’t get to do “healthy” commercials.  They do “sick” ones.  Bummer.

Anyway…on to our regularly scheduled program.  I really wish life were a perpetual weekend.  I had such a good weekend, that I really wish it didn’t have to end.  Alas, it did and off to work I went Monday.  I had several meetings, but all in all, it was a good day.  I left the office just after 5 and saw the coolest thing on the way home.  I’m sitting at a red light waiting to get onto the freeway, and I saw two rainbows.  The funny thing is, it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t forcasted to.  They also weren’t in a position I had never seen before.  The first one was upside down, and the second was vertical.  Anyway, I wish I had taken a picture.

For breakfast yesterday, I had that awesome acorn squash alfredo over quinoa pasta with some peas and green beans.  Very much my favorite thing to eat right now.

I pretty much blew the whole “balanced eating” thing during lunch.  I melted some vegan cream cheese, added a scoop of the cranberry-apple chutney, mixed it up, and went to town on it with some pretzels.  It was totally awesome, and I’m thinking of canning a bunch of this stuff.  I gave a couple of jars away at the office too, so hopefully the chutney love will spread.  Oh, and since it was World Vegan Day yesterday, I did my part to spread the vegan love.

Due to my gorging on cream cheeze/cranberry fun (and some skittles), I skipped dinner.  And felt a little like poo.  I wish I would have worked out, but I just didn’t make the time.  I find it’s easy to NOT make time.  But the things in life worth working for aren’t supposed to be easy.

I have a very large collection of cookbooks; mostly vegan ones.  When I start getting on my cooking kicks, I’ll take one or two down from the bookshelf, and go through them to pick out things I want to make and create a grocery list.  In order to remember what I want to make, I use these little sticky notes.  Apparently this organizational habit has rubbed off on my 7 year old.  One of the books she checked out of the library on Sunday was a cookbook.  She sat at the dining room table last night with my “special cookbook stickies”, and proceeded to go through the cookbook and ear mark the recipes she wanted to make.  She did take it a step further though, which I thought was cool.  She wrote on the stickies the day of the week that each recipe needed to be made, and if it was a desert, she added the word “fun”.  It was awesome.  We made the homemade pizza for dinner tonight 🙂

   One of my cookbooks with my stickies
  R’s cookbook with her stickies. 
I think it’s very neat that she’s even paid attention to my cookbook addiction.  Hopefully she’ll inherit my cooking addiction too!
I finally had a good night’s sleep last night.  It comes in waves, and I’ll have one or two nights a week where I sleep well, and thankfully, last night was one of them.  After making breakfast for everyone, and lunches for M and R (A had a half day – her art high school was off for election day – and D took a half day to spend with her), I got ready for work and left for the office.  As I was getting off the highway for my first meeting of the day (which is NOT where my office is), I get paged that the meeting is canceled.  Ugh…so I have to trek back to the other end of town.
After work, I picked up a few things at the store (and am still hunting for a Tofurkey.  Heritage is temporarily closed as they move locations, and Organic Food Depot didn’t have any either.  I think it’s a conspiracy.  Anyway, after that, I hit the gym for my Fitlinxx workout, picked up R, and headed home to make homemade pizza.  R and I donned our aprons, and we proceeded to make pizza dough.  I measured everything, she put it in the bread machine, picked the dough setting, and turned it on.  Then it was time to do her homework.
When her homework was finished, and with the dough rising, M and I took off for our C25K (Couch To 5 K) workout.  There’s an app for my phone (that I learned about through many of my co-workers), and it not only tracks and drives the workouts, it talks to you (actually interrupts the song I’m listening to), to tell me if it’s time to walk, run, warm up, etc.  It was really cool.  The run was nice – a bit chilly at first – but warmed up quickly.  M was being goofy as usual…sometimes running with a very exaggerated gait, looking more like a cartoon character than my son.  It was funny, and our run was nice.
We got home, I turned on the oven, jumped in the shower, and then came down to roll out the dough for 5 pizzas (everyone gets their own).  R declared it the BEST pizza ever (because she made it), and everyone loved theirs.  For me, I actually picked up some vegan mozzarella cheese.  I used very little, and I’m glad.  I’m not sure I loved it.  I put tons of chopped tomatoes, onion, banana peppers, and mushrooms on it though, and that was wonderful.
I realize that throughout my narrative, it sounds like I do everything around the house.  Sometimes I feel like I do, though to be fair, D does stuff too.  While I was making pizzas (and frankly, pretty much everything involving cooking is my domain), he was fixing my phone.  When M and I were running, he ran to the grocery to pick up the tomato sauce I forgot.  He also helped R with some of her homework too. 
Well, now it’s time to go pack up the leftover pizza, clean up the kitchen, and go to bed. 

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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