Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

…which also happens to be an incredibly cool song by Cage the Elephant…but that’s really nothing to do with my blog…
I have to start this post on a serious note. I neglected to mention the most important person in my last post. My husband was by far my biggest supporter and cheerleader throughout the past 6 months of me even training for this crazy adventure. He’s the one that took the kids to all their activities so I could either run or go to the gym.  He’s the one who made sure homework was done and showers were had.  He’s the one who left me little encouraging notes on the kitchen counter when I got up at ridiculous hours on Saturday mornings to go for insanely long runs.  He had to listen to me whine, and rub my shoulders when I ached.  He tried to have flowers delivered to my hotel room, but ran into issues with the hotel staff (the thought really is what mattered here…though if you’re reading…still feel free to send me flowers whenever a random urge strikes.  Or even if it doesn’t.  I love flowers.).  And on race day…he sent me as many texts of encouragement as everyone else, told everyone he knew (in life and on Facebook) what I was doing, and even recorded a 23 mile video to try and spur me for the last 3 miles.  He told me over and over again how proud he was of me, and whenever I started to criticize myself about how slow I am, he’d shoot me right down.  I love him so very much, and am a very lucky woman indeed.  Okay honey, no getting a big ego now 🙂

The past few days have been pretty good, if not exhausting. I know, I know…you’d think that just running the marathon would be tiring. Turns out, it’s the crash afterwards that has me dragging.

I’m glad I decided last week to take this Tuesday off. While I was home in plenty of time to go to work on Tuesday…I certainly wasn’t feeling up to it.

I slept great Monday night. I hadn’t on Sunday night, probably because my body was so sore, every time I moved in my sleep, I just woke right up. So after a day of travel and then being in my own bed, I slept pretty well. I woke up with D and the kids, made breakfasts and lunches, and then started doing wash.  8 loads actually.  Of just mine, R’s, and D’s clothes.  A and M do their own.  That’s a LOT of wash!  I did manage to catch up on 3 shows though while doing it.

Around 1130, I decided I should venture out, grab something to eat, and then go to the grocery.  I really didn’t feel like it, but I was hungry and didn’t have any on-hand easy vegan meals.  So my first stop was Moe’s!!!  Of course I had to have the Personal Trainer veggie salad.  With tofu (crazy cravings for tofu lately – probably since I really need protein).  I ordered it sans shell – see picture below.  Now that I’m not running 40 miles per week, I have to clean up my diet again.  I’ll admit…the last 6 weeks before the race I ate EVERYTHING I wanted because I knew I’d just burn it right off.  The time is again at hand to watch what I put in my mouth, and keep it to the fruits, veggies, vegan protein, and complex carbs that I usually do.  At this point I also have to mention that I haven’t had any alcohol since Friday.  Probably because I’m still hungover….6 days later.  It’s feasible.

  My shell-less salad.  They call it a “streaker”.  I call it sad…I miss the shell.
After Moe’s (where the guy behind the counter greeted me like a long lost friend, knew my order…though looked at me funny when I said no shell), I went to the grocery to pick up some things for the house.  They have a slightly expanded hippie section that my hubby told me about, so I checked that out and picked up a few things to play with.
By the time I got home, I felt awful.  I plopped in front of the TV, watched last week’s CSI:NY, and folded laundry.  I started getting hungry, and made a pot of Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable soup.  I put some oyster crackers in it, and instantly felt better.  I realized that after eating “clean” all day (smoothie for bfast and shell-less sadness salad for lunch), my body really just wanted bread, or crackers, or some other simple carb.  Of course after that, I had to make popcorn!  For most of the rest of the day, I felt pretty darned good.
Tuesday evening I made another recipe from my Candle Cafe cookbook; a Tofu Alfredo.  It uses just silken tofu, soy sauce, and an entire head of garlic.  It cooks for an hour, and voila…awesome animal-free Alfredo awesomeness.  At 40 calories per serving (which is 2/3 of a cup), I was totally excited.  I was also too tired to actually eat, so I went to bed and slept the best I’ve slept in longer than I can remember.
Wednesday was back to work day.  I had the Tofu Alfredo sauce over pasta with corn with lots of black pepper for breakfast.  After coffee.  It was fabulous, though I could taste garlic all day long.  Maybe an entire head was a little too much.  Lunch was a banana, an apple, and an orange.  More than enough considering how filling my breakfast was, but I was feeling that mid-day slump that only too little food gives.  Work was great though, and it was nice to catch up with everyone after a few days off. 
I took R to her swim lessons, and M came with.  We swam after..though I was mostly interested in the hot tub.  There were 9 kids in R’s class, and the head swim lesson lady said that was too many.  She started evaluating each kid, and some of them got busted down to lower level classes.  R was in the “top 3” of the strong swimmers, so she stayed in the class.  My little fishy.
While D did homework with her, I cleaned up the kitchen (dinner was grilled cheese and soup), made lunches for the next day, and whipped up a batch of Asian tofu from my Candle Cafe cookbook.  And some chocolate chip cookies.  I definitely got my groove back!
I slept awesome again last night, which was totally cool.  I was wiped by the time we finally went to bed, and barely remember finishing the Covert Affairs episode we were watching.  Despite being tired, I had a very good morning.  After making lunches and getting everyone off, I packed a gym bag, and then it was time to head to my office at the hospital.  M wasn’t feeling well, and he stayed home from school today.  My morning meeting was canceled, so I had some office time.  Unfortunately, it was spent with D trying to get my laptop working the way it should.  Anyway….it was a good day and I got to meet with my other team and get lots done.
Breakfast was a sandwich on Ezekiel sprouted bread with a slice of the Asian tofu, lettuce, and Dijon mustard.  After coffee.  I had an apple and a banana throughout the day as a snack.  Then I stopped at Azar’s for a falafel wrap and some vegetable orzo soup.  YUM.
I decided about a week ago that I want new glasses.  I’ve had the same pair for almost 5 years, and while they work, they aren’t “wear to work” glasses most of the time.  The lenses are a bit scratched, and I pretty much wear them as I’m falling asleep, so they’re perhaps a bit mangled too.  I had a eye Dr appt last April, so I knew I didn’t need to make an actual appt, and the deal was sealed when the mail came and I found out I had almost $400 in my flex spending account that I would lose at the end of the year if I didn’t spend it!  Since I use my yearly insurance benefit for my daily disposable glasses, I figured it was karma that I could get a new pair of glasses now.
So I called my eye Dr and asked if I needed to make an appt to pick out glasses.  As I thought, I didn’t since I have an active prescription.  After work, I stopped at the eye Dr’s office and the “specialist” started pulling frames.  After trying out 25 pairs, we found THE pair of glasses.  They were very nice looking….like a piece of jewelry for the face.  And when she told me the frames were FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS, I about choked.  Holy.  Crap.  She then tells me that they’re made out of some bone from an African animal.  I tell her that I’m a vegan and don’t eat or wear anything that comes from an animal, and that we’ll have to keep looking.  Thank God, because that was a better “out loud” excuse than “no way in hell are any glasses worth $1500” would have been.   
I left with a new pair of (MUCH cheaper) glasses on order and headed to the gym.  First workout since the big day.  I was nervous, but excited.  I also ordered a new pair of running shoes today, so it’s time to get back in the game!  I did my Fitlinxx workout, and while some of the leg exercises were harder than normal, it felt good to workout.  I think I’m ready to run again, and plan to do a short run (3-4 miles) on Saturday before heading to Busch Gardens for more forced family fun.  Tomorrow is work and then a wine party, which I am very much looking forward to.  I’m starting to seriously think about my next race, and am getting quite excited.  Not sure what it’ll be, but I’m thinking next fall.  I want to do the Dismal Swamp half in April, and maybe the Shamrock too in March.  I’d hate to miss a year, and I’m sure I’ll be ready for a half or 8K.  There’s a race being held at Busch Gardens this Christmas for the first time that sounds fun too.  As I had hoped a few weeks ago, I am hooked.  And I’m very happy indeed.

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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