Track and Field Sports are Really Just Throwbacks to Medieval Times

The last few days have been more about food than exercise.  I haven’t been feeling so hot, so the workouts have been short in duration. 

Sunday was all about the bloody mary’s and leinenkugel’s up at Wild Wing with Shawna.  Oh, and maybe a jaeger bomb or two.  And no…I didn’t drive.  This is one of my favorite places because they have a ton of different hot sauces and veggie burgers.  So….I was quite upset when the waitress and manager came to my table to inform me that they no longer have veggie burgers (and S pointed out…I’m probably the only person who goes to a wing place to eat veggie burgers).  I was crushed!  BUT….they whipped me up a yummy wrap of black beans, corn, onion, bell peppers, tomatoes, and my favorite hot sauce – Chernobyl.  It was very tasty, and it’s now a permanent menu option (they added it to their computer…it’s called the Spicy Vegan if anyone goes and wants to try it!).

I didn’t eat much on Monday.  There was a small kitchen fire at R’s daycare, so I had her home with me most of the day.  I had the tofu millet, the rest of the baked tomato and onions, and then the leftover eggplant gratin.  According to my log, I ate about 722 calories.  About half of what I should have, but just wasn’t hungry.  It was the beginning of me feeling poopy that day.

I wasn’t overly hungry Tuesday either, but since I was home, I spent most of the day cooking.  I made some fresh soy milk in order to make some homemade soy yogurt.  It’s a LONG process, but the end result was good.  I made two loaves of rustic Italian bread, a big batch of split pea soup from the Candle Cafe book, a cream of potato and veggie soup in my Vitamix, and some marinated and baked tofu (in a Dijon type marinade) – for use in sandwiches and wraps for me.  For D and the kids, I made pub sandwiches.  I had a bit of the soup, but wasn’t hungry enough to eat anything else.

Yesterday, I had some of my new soy yogurt for breakfast, mixed with a bit of splenda and cinnamon, and a piece of toast with sunflower butter.  For lunch, I made a fresh veggie juice in my awesome Vitamix.  I’m still feeling kinda icky, but I hope if I keep eating very healthy, I’ll bounce back soon – I have a race this weekend (unless hurricane Earl kills those plans).  I went for a short run, but didn’t have it in me to go the full 7 miles.  I guess I should relax and ease into it as I feel better.  I know that’s the smart thing to do.  Of course, what I’m afraid of is how this will impact my racing!  Oh well….

I made another fresh juice in the late afternoon.  D’s on call, and his pager has been going bananas.  He got paged and had to go to one of his sites around 630pm, so I took the kids to Tae Kwon Do.  While A and M were there, R and I went to Target to pick up some hurricane supplies.  I’m guessing everyone else had the same idea since they were out of flashlights and bottled water.  I’m going to try again this evening.  Since we had such a late night, we all met at a Mexican restaurant right down the road from our house around 8pm.  Again, I just wasn’t hungry.  I nibbled on some veggies, but not much more than that.

It was hilarious though listening to D monologue about track and field sports at dinner last night.  He took each one and explained what medieval activity it related to.  Let’s take javelin.  That’s really all about spearing your food, so everyone had one and when someone said “look, a gazelle”, they’d have dinner!  The hammer throw had something to do with pirates, and the pole vault was all about storming the castle.  As was the high jump (since tall wall technology wasn’t developed back then, so it was fully feasible to hop a wall).  Hurdles were from jumping over bodies strewn across the battlefield.  I can’t remember everything he said because I was laughing so hard, but basically, there are pretty much no modern applications for track and field events…except something about being able to throw a manhole cover across town if needed being the only practical application of the discus throw.  He then started ranting about non-medal events in the Olympics.  I really should film him when he gets like this.

Today is back to life as normal.  Breakfast was…JUICE.  It’s some garden fresh tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onion, lime, hot sauce, vegan Worcestershire sauce, celery, and red bell pepper.  I put all the whole food into the vitamix, add a little ice, and liquefy into tasty and spicy and healthy yumminess.  D thinks that juice will made a great bloody mary mix, which I’ll try in the next few days.  I’m feeling much better, so that’s pretty good.  Most of today is working on disaster planning for both our IT systems and then at my main hospital in case Earl poses a serious threat.  My CTO and CIO doesn’t think it will, and that we’ll only see 20-30 mph winds and a couple inches of rain, and not the Category 4 damage a direct hit would cause.  I hope he’s right, but I’d rather be prepared.

So that’s it.  Hoping tonight will be a Fitlinxx night.  D is feeling all better, which is wonderful, and he’s itching to get back to the gym (which just makes me giddy…I’ve waited a LONG time for him to get into exercising).

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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