How Is It a Toenail Can Grow Back and I DON’T Notice???

It’s not like I don’t LOOK at my feet every day.  I take at least one shower/bath per day – more on the days I workout (which is almost every day).  I see them when I put on socks or sandals.  I’ve very self consciously NOT put on toenail polish because I thought it would look weird at work and just draw attention to the fact that I only have 9…so imagine my surprise today when I was inspecting my blisters and calluses (I have several blisters- but I think they were actually caused by the shoes I wore to work yesterday, and not running…calluses are from running), and noticed that the nail was back!  And not just “growing back”…but a full sized and normal looking toenail.  It makes me want to buy cute shoes that shows off that fact the I have normal looking feet again.  That, and I like shoes.

Today was one of those days where I got excited about things at work.  My morning meeting was about a new technology we purchased, and I’m excited about it’s potential in my service line.  My late morning meeting was with my CIO, which is never dull, and I always learn something cool and insightful.  Then I had lunch with D and and afternoon conference call.  The conf call was scattered and disorganized, but that’s how they sometimes go. 

Breakfast was lentil chowder leftovers.  Lunch was a bean burrito at El Loro with D.  I haven’t had dinner yet – I was really intending to finish the Indian Tofu wraps, but I’m thinking leftover lasagna will be my dinner being that it’s already 815pm.  S made an herb dip to mix with olive oil – similar to Carrabba’s – so that with some French bread rocks.

After everyone was home from work and other activities (school for A, hanging with friends for M, and daycare for R), it was time to saddle up for the Y.  D is on call and wasn’t comfortable going to the gym in case he got paged (weak excuse to me, but I can sorta see his point since we don’t get Sprint cards anymore for on-call).  M was interested in furthering his workout experience by getting better at pull-ups.  There’s a pull up machine that the trainer there showed him how to use, so he did that in addition to his Fitlinxx.  Very proud of him…I want my kids to be used to exercise now and find it a regular part of their lives.  It sucks being in my 30’s and learning to love healthy eating and exercise now….and it’s been a painful journey.  We didn’t know then what we know now….and in the 80’s, what we new of exercise amounted to Jane Fonda and Jazzercise…not exactly inspiring to a kid.  The country went through high carb diets, low carb diets, cabbage soup diets, Mayo clinic diets…and what I’ve learned through the years is that it’s ALL crap (I should know, I tried most of them and stayed at a very unhealthy 185 lbs).  Healthy eating isn’t hard…eat as close to the earth as possible (meaning food in it’s natural state and not processed to hell and back), spice it up without adding fat…and your taste buds come back – you can actually taste food again without a pound of salt and a gallon of oil.  Sorry if I’m getting preachy…I certainly don’t mean to.  I just think as a society we’re all screwed (and our health care system right along with it – which is close to my heart) until we figure out that we’re killing ourselves with food.  I’ve read two incredible books in the past year – one about the science of the American food industry, and one called the The China Study, which was a fascinating long term study of diet and the impact on health – and really went into the diseases of affluence vs. the diseases of poverty.  We suffer mainly from diseases of affluence; diabetes, heart disease, cancer….and we’re eating ourselves to death.

Wow.  Can’t believe I actually went there!  I try to keep my blog entries light hearted, but I guess this got the better of me.  Apologize for those who read for amusement!

When I finished logging my workout into Fitlinxx at the Y, the screen started exploding into fireworks and saying “congratulations, you’ve reached 15,000 fit points!!”.  What my kids had to explain to me was that it was some type of milestone, and I got a pair of free socks!  I guess with Fitlinxx, you get prizes for each number of points you earn, and you earn points by exercising.  I’m gunning for the umbrella personally.  I have a strange love of umbrellas.  I think R has inherited this love.  We run outside whenever it drizzles just to use our umbrellas.  Anyway, back to my socks.  The first “pair” that Y guy gave me were two different sizes.  The second pair were huge and way too big for my feet.  I’m “gifting” them to D since he’s a size 14 and finding him socks involves either a special trip to Williamsburg and the Nike store where they carry size 22 shoes and therefore socks, the Big and Tall store (which is funny because they don’t cater to Big and Skinny – which is D), or online – where Google directs me to websites for transvestites.  So….socks for D are kinda a big deal in my family.

I got home, finished up part of dinner for D and the kids (taco night), D finished the rest, and I took to the bath with a glass of wine.  It’s now 845pm and I have yet to eat (and knowing me, won’t).  No one elses fault but mine tonight – the lasagna is cooked (though I’ve been having it for most meals), but it’s getting late and if I eat now, I won’t sleep.  There’s always my vat of coleslaw….

Oh…I almost forgot….my book!  I only have 30 ish minutes left, and I think I may just listen to is tomorrow or tonight before bed to get it finished – mainly because I have 4 miles of sprints to run tomorrow, and don’t want to worry about running out of book.  It’s good!  Fight scene is over, and really only one of the good werewolves died.  Suki’s brother has been recovered, and there’s definitely “sequel” material going on.  I don’t wanna give away too much in case anyone chooses to read these books.  I’m loving them though, and am afraid I’ll run out before the marathon and have to fall in love equally with another book series.  Or I’ll have to save the last book for the run, and then D will be ahead of me and that will bug me (but he doesn’t wait for exercising….he listens to the books whenever he gets a free moment, so it’s hard to compete with that!).

Okay…it’s 853 pm now and I think I’ll have a small coleslaw sandwich.  I just hope I can sleep later….

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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