I Think Pickles Cause Gas

What a long day….though it’s amazing the inspiration one can get just from making a simple comment.  More on that later….

D and I stayed up a wee later than normal last night, so I was not a fan when the alarm started buzzing.  I’m fairly sure the sake had nothing to do with my alarm distaste today.  I was too lazy to cook anything for myself for breakfast (though I made breakfast for R and D….gonna have to think about that), so I heated up some soy fake chickn nuggets and had those.  And some cantaloupe.  Okay, even I think that’s a strange mix. 

My morning meeting was very productive – and I learned more about something in 40 minutes than I was able to glean in the last 3 weeks of meetings.  That’s always a good thing!

I had a quick lunch with D and Jimmy John’s, and then was off to one of our hospitals for another meeting.  I parked in the finance director’s office and got quite a bit of work done.  I picked R up on the way home so D wasn’t so rushed. 

I made a split pea Dal soup in my rice cooker, which is just really awesome when you think about it.  While it was cooking, I realized I was very hungry and wanted a snack.  I didn’t have much just lying around other than fruit (which I wasn’t in the mood for), when I came across these little single serving packs of pickles.  Think pudding snack cup…but with pickles.  First of all, I’m not sure what possessed me to purchase these in the first place – other than the fact that they were on sale, I had a coupon, and it only cost me about 4 cents (I take after my dad like that…if it’s on sale…buy it).  I’ve probably had them in the house since sometime last fall, and in my totally hungry state, it sounded like a brilliant idea.  It’s a veggie right?  And no-fat..bonus!  Oh, and they were the little sweet pickles (sweetened with Splenda)…not the dill kind.  About 20 minutes later, my belly started feeling all kinds of rumbly.  I didn’t know pickles could do that…but they just made my “banned food list” right there with Thai food until the marathon is over.

Tonight was a cross train night, so we planned to go to the Y to do our Fitlinxx routine.  A friend of A’s asked to spend the night because her AC was broken, so in an amazing twist of fate, all FIVE us us went to the gym.  I can’t tell you (other than to go swim) the last time that happened.  R played in the Play Zone.  D, M, and I did our Fitlinxx workouts, and A hung out in the Interactive Zone.  When M finished his workout, he went into the Interactive Zone with A.  When D was done, he grabbed R and took HER into the Interactive Zone too…and all my kids did the rock climbing wall.  My workout took the longest, so when I was done, we left, picked up A’s friend, and went to dinner.

So.  Dinner.  I can’t tell you how at once disappointing and inspiring my evening turned out to be.  R asked for pizza all day today.  She wanted homemade, but there was no way I was going to do anything that involved turning the oven on.  We decided to go OUT for pizza…as we often do, and D picked Chesapeake Pizza for us to go to.  We’ve gotten take out pizza for the kids before, but I had never actually been there.  I can tell you – I’m not likely to go back.  When we go out for pizza (and I LOVE pizza), I always order it cheese-less and with lots of veggies.  D tries to order my pizza for me, and our waitress promptly tells us that they can’t do that – that all of their pizza’s are “pre-cheesed” (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s exactly what they do).  I’m annoyed at this point since I really had my heart set on pizza.  Anyway, I start consulting the menu to get some pasta or something…and they don’t offer a single meal that doesn’t have meat or cheese.  No simple pasta with marinara here.  What the bleep kind of Italian place is this???  I end up with an itty bitty side salad and leave hungry.  Thank goodness I had made that soup.  At least I’m not going to bed starving.

Of course, I’m whining about dinner when a few friends of mine weigh in with some very interesting comments and ideas.  I’m going to have to simmer for a couple of days about it, but here it basically is.  P suggested that I write a book about being Vegan in Hampton Roads.  From there, it just blossomed into tons of ideas, such as an Eat Crissie Eat blog (which was C’s idea, and I love it).  P also then mentioned how it would be cool to chronicle the needs of a hybrid family like mine when dining out (I’m the only veg…D and the kids eat meat).  I never really thought about it, but it can be challenging sometimes – and sometimes strangely rewarding (like when the chef at the steak house gets excited to make something special for me that’s totally off menu).  I’ll have to think about the legality and logistics (like do I use people’s names?  Can I be sued for slander by Chesapeake Pizza now??).

I must say, that to be fair to Chesapeake Pizza…D did apparently mention something to the owner as he was paying the bill about being disappointed in the total lack of any food offerings for me.  He explained their pizza making process, and then said that if I ever wanted a cheese-less pizza from them, to just call the DAY before to make sure they don’t pre-cheese one the next day.  I appreciate the sentiment..but to be honest..I don’t typically plan that far in advance..and every place else I’ve been will make a cheese-less pizza on the spot.  I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d call the day before to order my glorified bread with veggies.

So now I have to think about this new inspiration.  And who knows…why stop in my lovely Hampton Roads?  What about a US road trip…or a Discover Chanel TV show on being an average every day vegan, and the adventures in eating out that go along with it?  The possibilities are truly endless.  I love being a Vegan, and maybe helping other veg and veg-curious in my community navigate the restaurants in my fair region isn’t a half bad idea at all!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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