It Turns Out Blueberries AREN’T Awful

Hands down the best part of my day – and I overall had a REALLY good day….was this morning before work.  I was sitting on my bed with my youngest and combing her hair while she’s watching the Electric Company.  The BEST song came on, called “Silent e is a Ninja”.  It’s awesome and was in my head all day.  I rewound it twice just so D could watch it – who then went downstairs to download it for me and email it to me!  It has nothing to do with running or eating, but it was just so much fun that I had to mention it.

Breakfast was some Irish steel cut oatmeal with a couple blueberries in them.  I’ve decided that I need to like blueberries.  They’re considered one of the earth’s most amazing super foods, and I pretty much eat every fruit and vegetable I can get my hands on.  My dad seemed almost appalled that no one in my family eats blueberries (unless it’s a blueberry muffin). 

A few years ago, I started watching a TV show on BBC America called You Are What You Eat.  It’s hilarious, but very, very poignant.  It’s about a “holistic nutritionist” in England named Gillian McKieth who goes into people’s houses that have severe weight problems and shreds them; she analyzes everything they eat for a week, is very NOT nice to them, and gets them on a healthy path.  While it’s funny in some ways (mainly the things she says), what she’s saying is very true.  Even D would watch it with me, and the kids always found it fun too.  She has a few books, and I bought one of them.  She states over and over again (as she does in her show) that a person can like ANY food as long as they try it enough times and it’s prepared right.  I decided to put that to the test when I started eating mushrooms.  I’ve hated them my whole life, and just 2 years ago found that I can like them if they’re made certain ways, and now mushrooms are a regular part of mine (and therefore my families) diets. 

So..short story made long (I get THAT from my Dad too!), I decided it was time to do that with blueberries too.  I started by throwing a few in my oatmeal this morning, and it was quite honestly very tasty.  So I brought the rest of them to work and put them on my desk so if I got hungry, that was my snack.  They were actually quite good.  Wow.  Long winded story about blueberries, sorry!

I had lunch with my friend L at a sushi place near the office.  It was good – especially the asparagus one.  I had miso soup and edamame as well. 

After work I went to yoga, which I had been really wanting to do.  I’m glad I went and it was a great class.  She didn’t have the heat on since it’s been so brutal outside (even tough today it was only in the upper 80’s), so it was a nice change from my typical hot class to luke warm.

I got home and made a smoothie of pineapple, strawberries, banana, soy milk, and coconut milk.  VERY good!  Then the rest of us were off to the Y for Fitlinxx fun.  It was a good workout, and a clean day of eating.  After the Y we went to Subway.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to run 17 miles!  Longest ever, which is crazy.  I know my last really long run I didn’t fuel well the night before, so I wanted to make sure I did a better job today.  I think I have.  My plan is to get up early, eat, have some coffee and water, and hopefully hit the trails by 730 am.  I’m REALLY hoping the weather tomorrow is just like the weather today.

So that’s it.  It’s 9pm on a Friday, and all I want to do is go to bed so I can run half my day away tomorrow!

Vacations and Sink Holes

How exciting the past few days have been!  Fortunately my little break had the desired effect on running, but more on that in a bit.

I know I mentioned NYC was awesome, but I failed to mention how awesome everyone in my family thought it was.  It was hot – grossly so – but we had an absolute blast.  I already blogged about Friday, so let’s see…what happened on Saturday?  D walked to the Corner Bakery to grab us coffee as he did every morning.  Nothing fancy for me – just a large black java.  Then we headed to take the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise around Manhattan.  We did the 2 hr, which is all about the kids could handle sitting still.  We left the apt around 900 in the morning, took the subway to Times Square and walked to the harbor.  It was right across the street from the Chinese Consulate which I thought was really cool (I have a slight obession with Asian culture).  On the way we had to stop for a bite to eat because everyone was hungry.  D, M, and R had McDonald’s (I wish I had taken a picture – it looked like they had rock concerts there).  A and I went next door to a hippie deli.  She had a muffin and a snapple, and I had a tomato, cucumber, and avocado sandwhich on whole grain bread. 

My camera died JUST as the cruise was taking off, so no pictures of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Williamsburg bridges, skylines of New York and Jersey City…nada.  Stupid thing got stuck in the open position, but wouldn’t actually turn on.  D thinks it fried in the heat…I think he’s right.  After the cruise we hung out for a bit in Times Square, the Apple Store, and FAO Schwarz.  After, we decided to go chill (literally) in the apt. 

After drying out, D and I went to Gobo, a Vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan a few blocks from the apt.  We shared a yummy appetizer of tofu and spinach rolls with a mango puree.  My lunch was a Vietnamese Tofu Stir Fry – which we both thought was fabulous.  D had Avocado Tartar with Wasabi Lime Sauce (he was saving himself for pizza later that evening).  It was beautiful.  I didn’t try it because it was Vegetarian and not Vegan, but D said it was rich – like guacamole – so it needed chips.  We both had a glass of organic Malbec wine, which was very good.  We walked back to the apt, stopped at a wine shop, and bought a few bottles.  I do have to say that the food at the Vegan restaurant Candle Cafe was better.  I had grilled lemon basil tofu and D had a salad (again, saving himself for pasta this time in Little Italy).  He did eat a few bites of my tofu and really dug it.  Turns out that the Candle Cafe has a cookbook which I promptly ordered upon my return to VA. 

After lunch, A and I went to the Guggenheim, which was only 2 blocks away from the apt.  D walked us there which was very sweet.

After the museum, we went back to the apt.  It was starting to get late, and D and I decided that R had had enough heat (she’s 6 and doesn’t react well to long term heat exposure).  She and I stayed back at the apt, watched movies, and did the wash, while D, A, and M took the subway back to Times Square to appreciate it in full darkness. 

Sunday, we hit the road back home.  It was a good drive other than the toll booths.  People are stupid and it took us a half hour to get off the Jersey turnpike.  Joy.  BTW…people have been asking why we didn’t fly.  Other than the obvious expense….my youngest has very severe allergies to nuts (both peanuts – which are technically beans – and tree nuts).  I’m scared to put her on a place until the airlines ban nuts.  If she got sick, there’s not exactly an ER I can rush her to.  So until they have that option, I’m avoiding putting her on an airplane.  Anyway, we got home around 7 on Sunday eve.

Monday it was back to the grind.  Work was good, and I can’t really complain.  D took A and M to their TKD class – where they advanced to Yellow Belts!  While they were gone, I started feeling like total poo.  I wanted to run my 40 minutes, but D (and quite frankly, I) didn’t think it was such a hot idea.  It sucked because I really wanted to run too.  I made dinner…and that didn’t turn out so well either!  At least 2 of the 5 dishes didn’t.  I made taco filling in my rice cooker; threw in some short grain brown rice, a can of black beans, a can of tomatoes, some cumin, red pepper, and siracha and turned it on.  It was really good – thank goodness too because it became dinner.  I made banana muffins too, which everyone liked.  They weren’t vegan, so I didn’t have them, but the kids have been chowing them down.  The plain basmati rice was hard to screw up in the rice cooker, so that turned out as well.  What DIDN’T turn out was a BBQ tofu recipe from one of my favorite websites.  It was gross.  I was inspired to make tofu for D since he actually had some he liked over the weekend.  Ick.  I’m going to wait for the Candle Cafe cookbook before asking him to try anymore, lest I turn him off of tofu forever.  D also mentioned after our appetizer at Gobo how much he liked spinach.  So I decided to make creamed spinach.  It was nasty too.  I was mortified to cook such an icky meal.  D made me feel a bit better when he told me I almost NEVER made bad food, and we’re all allowed an off day…but still.  I was actually really upset by it.

I was hoping for a good night’s sleep to feel better.  It didn’t work, and I barely slept.

Today I didn’t feel any better.  In fact, I felt worse, so I decided to work from home.  I had 5 hrs of scheduled meetings, so I did them all by conference, got a lot of work done, and got to stay in my jammies all day.  Around 330 I thought I was feeling well enough to do my run from yesterday.  It wasn’t awful hot like it was the past few, so I was feeling very excited.  It was sporadically good.  I’d run for 10, feel awesome, then suddenly feel like poo and walk for a couple minutes.  I got through it, but that was about it.  It was 89 degrees, muggy, but overcast so the sun wasn’t beating down on me or anything.  D took the kids to the gym for Fitlinxx (so proud).  I stayed home and took a bath.

I tried to make up for my bad meal yesterday by making a Moroccan inspired meal today.  I made a crockpot soup of lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, carrots, and spices.  I served it over Israeli couscous and A and I both thought it was fabulous.  R even was surprised by how much she liked it.  D and M weren’t the biggest of fans, though they tried.  I even made a homemade harisssa hot sauce (which was incredible – and incredibly hot!), which you add to taste to the soup.  A used a lot.  D used enough to melt his mouth.  M stuck his finger in it, screamed, and was done (he’s not a fan of spicy things).  I’m taking a batch to S tomorrow to try out.  I also made some Moroccan spiced pork chops which went over well, though I obviously didn’t try them.

So I have to mention the storms that hit my hometown of Milwaukee.  Over the weekend, they were hit with one of the worst storms on record.  It was no laughing matter, and there were floods, tornadoes, and overall deadly weather.  My sister was stuck after the interstate flooded, and that scared me until we texted and she said she was ok.  My parents had some flooding, but are okay, so that’s what matters.  My Dad called me last night to make sure we got back to VA safely…and to tell me that an intersection (which housed one of my favorite bars as a young adult – Judges, where you could get 32 oz drafts of ANYTHING on tap for $1.50!), got swallowed up by a sink hole!  WITH a truck (put the passenger is okay – saved by a passing pedestrian).  I’m glad the driver was okay.  I’m hoping the bar is too.

So that’s it.  It was a long one, I know.  I had a vacation…really had a great time….and am focused and back to my running routine.  I may not feel overly hot right now, but I got my run done and even though I had waves of ickiness, it felt really good to move.  I even had urges to run in NY, but between the heat and all the walking (and when I could run, I had drunken some wine!), I didn’t.  I wore my bodybugg on Saturday and all the walking burned as many calories as my workouts do, so I don’t feel too bad.  A little, but not a lot. 

Below are pictures of food.  I don’t add pictures very often, but am making an exception today!  D was very adorable while we were gone.  He’s a carnivore to the core, but has always been supportive and sensitive to how I eat.  He was happy for me that there were Vegan restaurant options where we were, and each little trip the two of us made were his idea.  And he ate the food with a smile on his face.  Thanks honey.

my stir fry
D’s avocado tartar
my Candle Cafe lemon basil grilled tofu

I Know Where I Wanna Retire!!!

I’m doing this from my phone, so I can’t control the font, color, etc…

I LOVE New York. I can’t believe I’ve never been here before. It’s amazing! It only took 7 hrs (including pit stops) which was a nice drive up through the VA Eastern Shore, MD, DE, Jersy, and finally Manhattan. We’re staying in a REALLY nice apt that is tha Aunt of my brother-in-law, and having the time of our lives.

Today we walked through Central Park, then on o the American Natural History Museum (if you’ve seen Night at the Museum…this is the place). Then it was Rockafeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Apple Store, and FAO Schwartz. We went back to the Upper East Side apt (on Park Ave and 90th Ave). D took me to the Candle Cafe for a Vegan Feast (he loved my grilled lemon basil tofu w Israeli cousous, tom sauce, green beans, and baby carrots). We went back, chilled, and now are feasting in Little Italy and waiting for storms to pass.

After this is Chinatown, then back to the apt. Tomorrow is a cruise then whatever we wnt to do. I’m in heaven, and I don’t want to go back to earth (VA).

Can Blogging Be an Addiction??

So I have a conundrum.  To post…or not to post.  I mean…the name of the blog is Run Crissie Run for crying out loud.  BUT, I’m not going to run probably until Monday.  I can’t find the motivation other than “I need to” and “holy crap, if I don’t stick exactly to my schedule and not skip anything, I’ll never finish 26.2 miles”.  The past week has been tough to lace up.  I’ve been tired and just plain blah.  The workouts I did, I pushed hard to get through – harder than it should have been.  I’m not sure why; work is fine (busy, but nothing to complain about), family is fine (busy, but nothing to complain about), so why this lack of desire?  I have a few theories, which I had to research of course.

1-not eating balanced enough.  I’ve been watching, and I think a few more processed foods that I usually care for have slipped into my diet and I don’t react well to it.  I’m not fueling frequently or well enough.  I’m pretty sure this is affecting me.

2-heat.  UGH.  Don’t know why that guy was wearing a sauna suit the other day.  Just need to stand outside and breath – and that’s a sweat-fest in itself.  I’m too afraid to run in 95-105 degree weather.  And it’s been that darned near every day for weeks now.  That leaves me stuck on a treadmill, and that’s no fun at all.

3-overwhelmed.  Not just by running (though I’m more freaked out by the mental challenges of long distance running than by the actual movement), but with everything else going on.  Work has been very demanding lately – again, not in a bad way, but I have a lot to do and even more to figure out.

So what did my research say?  Break.  Take a break before I quit or get hurt.  5 days of NOT pushing myself as hard as I can will NOT derail all my efforts, and I will likely come back more motivated and psyched than ever before.  Continuing to push it when not focused can lead to injuries, which can side line me for a long time.  Maybe too long.  So Break!  Sounds good to me.

So now, back to my conundrum.  Do I still post?  It’ll likely be about food or something about my day, so is it keeping in the spirit of my blog to chronicle my training to drone on and on about a topic unrelated to exercise?  I don’t know.  I mean, I didn’t workout today and I’m still blogging…which leads me to think that maybe I just can’t help myself and I have to blog whether or not I workout.  The real question is…will I have anything to say?  I guess that’s a dumb question, because anyone who knows me knows I can TALK, so why wouldn’t I be able to babble in print (which I apparently am doing now)?

Oy, okay.  Here was my day.  I woke up stupid early again (530) because of a 7am meeting.  Thank goodness it was a conf call, so I didn’t actually leave the house until 810.  I had another conf call at 830 (thank goodness for the jawbone and being able to talk while driving), then a meeting at corporate.  All went well.  I stopped at S’s office to bring her some awesome ratatouille and my house key (she’s puppy-sitting while we are away).  I dropped off the new van to get an oil change, and then headed to a lunch time meeting with a friend. Breakfast was cheerios with vanilla soy milk.  Lunch was a salad from the Ruby Tuesday salad bar.  After work and before picking up the van, D and I stopped the corner bar for a happy hour drink (gin and tonic for me!  Well drinks were on special!).  After that, we stopped at the grocery for some road trip snacks, and then to get the van.  D went home (too many nachos!), and as I headed to Target, decided that in my abstinence from running, I could eat Thai food!!  So…I had some tofu green curry and a spring roll, read some more Mad Cowboy on my Kindle and was so happy.    No risk of barfing on the neighbors lawn if I’m not going to run!

I do have to admit that I’m packing running clothes though.  If the urge hits and I’m just overly inspired by Central Park, I’m open to going for a run for fun. No training or times or anything that makes me feel all pressured to push it.  Just a nice jog in the park.  I love the idea of going to a yoga class up there too – I’m sure there are a LOT of studios!  No promises though, I’m just as likely to eat my way through all 42 Vegan restaurants in NY as I am to try and work any of those calories off!!!

So I may check in, I may not.  I guess we’ll see if I have a blogging addiction!

Ratatouille Isn’t Just a Movie!!!

….but it’s a very fun movie!!!  However…the first time I actually ATE ratatouille is when D made me a vegan birthday meal in 2008.  It was very cute…he made a homemade chipotle hummus (that was amazing) and ratatouille.  Just proves earlier points I’ve made…he CAN cook (just doesn’t)!

I made it once since my birthday feast, but it wasn’t very good.  There is a version in one of my newer cookbooks – the one about vegetarian slow cooking – and there was a recipe for slow cooker ratatouille.  As it happened, I had all the ingredients (including the basil plant outside… THANK YOU S to make some homemade pesto!), so I decided to pop it into the casserole shaped slow cooker and make some.  It.  Was.  AWESOME.  Eggplant, zucchini, red onion, tomatoes, and yellow bell peppers.  After simmering all day, I made a homemade pesto (of fresh basil leaves, lots of garlic, olive oil, and nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor) to stir into the dish just before serving.  It was so flavorful, I can’t imagine that I haven’t made this before.  I ate it on top of some brown basmati rice that I soaked for 2 hours and then made in my groovy rice cooker.  It may be a simple “peasant” dish, but it was anything but boring. 

As most people know, I have a love affair with rice.  I haven’t met one I didn’t like, and I have finally found a compromise rice with D!  He’s a white rice kinda guy, with long grain and basmati being his favorite.  Of course I’m a whole grains girl, and don’t really eat much white rice.  I found some brown basmati at Sam’s Club some time ago, and have only made it for me (and to put into Sammie’s homemade dog food!)…Based on my meltdown last week, I decided they’d all just have to cope with the brown basmati for their dinner too, and fortunately, it went over well.  I made them a simple chicken stir fry over the rice with some asparagus, so I think we all ended up happy.

I had a really early meeting, and ran out of time to make a breakfast.  Fortunately, D had bought me a bunch of Clif Bars at Trader Joe’s a couple weeks ago, so he grabbed one to toss to me as I ran out the door (doctors need to meet either really early or really late – so today it was early).  Lunch was more leftovers of Hungarian goulash (the last of it, which makes me both happy and sad!).  My afternoon snack was a cup of popcorn (no Twizzlers), and of course dinner was the ratatouille and brown basmati rice.

On to the exercise (or lack thereof).  Today was a gym day, planned for the whole family to do our Fitlinxx weight lifting.  So what happened?  We all were looking forward to it – R was even trying to negotiate with D to let us all swim after…and then storms hit.  I was glad I was home by then.  The storm didn’t last long, but it was very intense.  My power flickered, but didn’t go out.  Internet went out for a few hours (which tends to totally throw a family like mine).  My next door neighbor had lightening hit their tree – which fortunately fell forward instead of backwards (onto their roof) or sideways (onto my cars!).  D got home, and we all changed into our gym gear.  He tried calling the Y to make sure they were still open, and there was no answer.  That should have been telling.  We decided to go anyway and hope they were open.  They weren’t.  Their power was out, as was every single traffic light and shop between our house and the gym.  We must live on a divine street, because we seem to be the only one that didn’t lose power.  

So we did what anyone would do.  We came home and made dinner (oh, and had a beer or two).  No workout tonight, but not for lack of trying.  Can’t get upset when there were good intentions waylaid by nature!  So…bottoms up!!! 

I Saw a Guy in a Space Suit!!!

I apologize for my nearly week long absence.  It’s been a tough week!  Aside from it being way too hot and having to do all my workouts indoors, I felt very run down a few days last week, and didn’t have much energy left.  By Friday evening, I wondered how I could be that exhausted and still functional.

So to recap as much as I can.  I don’t remember Thursday – sorry.  I didn’t write on my calendar what I did either, so chalk it up to short term memory loss.  I probably cooked, but can’t recall what.  I know we didn’t do take out or go out, so apparently it wasn’t too memorable either.  Or it was and it’s my short term memory problem 🙂

Friday sucked a lot.  I felt pretty awful all day, and it ended up being a really long day.  My first meeting of the morning included my boss….she took one look at me and asked me why I didn’t go home (apparently I looked like a truck ran me over or something).  I explained that I had too much WORK to do, and would try and rest on Sunday.  I have a lot of new things going on at work, and while I’m really loving it – and getting to work with someone that I’ve known for almost 7 years but never actually had the pleasure of working along side – it’s pretty exhausting.  I’m in full-blown discovery mode right now, and just trying to absorb a lot so I can do a good job.  Anyway, I digress.  I was really exhausted on Friday, and had a hard time staying upright.  I made it through all my meetings, and got home around 630 pm.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t cook, though again I didn’t to take out.  Must have found left overs.  Lucky kids.  I feel bad because a friend of mine invited me to go out, and I really wanted to go, but I was just wiped.  I think I fell asleep around 930, which was much later than I thought I’d be awake.  I fell asleep during my 3rd attempt to watch the NCIS season finale from May.  Oh Gibbs, what happened?  Did you get busted for killing that guy 20 years ago?  I still don’t know…

Oh, and I had a mini-meltdown on Friday with D.  He was great though, and knows I’m just exhausted and spent.  I’m having a hard time cooking several meals each night, working, and doing my crazy workouts.  Thank goodness he takes the kids to EVERYTHING, but the multiple meals are killing me.  I spend most of my energy making them something – and I end up with crackers and hummus, partial and unbalanced meals, or nothing for dinner because I’m too tired and it’s too late.  I declared that either he had to start cooking, or they all needed to start eating more like me.  His answer…a little bit of both!  It was the right answer when I needed to hear it, but thus far it hasn’t materialized into actually helping cook or eating my hippie food (though in his defense, my most recent hippie dish has sauerkraut and I am the ONLY person who will eat that).

Saturday I felt a bit better.  I cleaned all morning to get ready for a book club movie screening in our backyard.  D did some yard work and fixed one of the toilets, and then we went to a friend’s house to swim for a bit.  We got home around 4, ordered pizza (see, the fog is lifting!).  I cleaned WAY too much to dirty up my kitchen!  I started feeling wiped again around 6 and made an espresso yummy thing.  I’m starting to worry a bit that I feel like falling asleep by 2pm every day lately.  S doesn’t think I’m fueling enough to support my workout habit.  She may be right, and I’m documenting more closely everything I’m eating.  I’ll have to keep track of that.  I also have to have some blood work repeated this week from my physical, and that may have something to do with my tired problems.

Our book club read The Bourne Identity, and we did a movie screening at my house for our backyard movie night.  I won’t go into too many details (though it was a lovely evening to be outside), the movie was nothing like the book.  The 2 main characters had the same name.  That’s pretty much it.  My Dad said there’s a version from the 80’s that has Richard Chamberlain that seemed to more closely follow the book.  I think I’ll order it from Netflix and see.  D, S, and our friend D couldn’t get past the differences to appreciate the book.  About a third of the way through reading it myself, I had to totally separate them as very different things – just with the same name.  I think it was the only way I could appreciate the book.  I spent most of the movie texting with my sister, which was pretty cool.

Sunday was a lovely day.  A went to a friends house to go swimming and then with some TKD friends to see a movie.  D and M went to lunch and then to see Inception (which they both declared as amazing).  R and I went to the gym, the grocery, and then came home and snuggled on the couch with Bumble (the cat).  I made a crock pot vegan tempeh Hungarian goulash which was simply awesome!  It was tempeh, sauerkraut, onions, tomatoes, caraway seeds, and some seasoning.  In the end, mixed in some Tofutti Sour Cream (vegan tofu-based sour cream), and it was really tasty.  I made a totally ghetto dinner for D and the kids, but it went over well and was easy for me.  Since I did the cooking, they just had to deal.

Today was a pretty good day.  I had meetings (as always.  I once read a joke that said the human race will never reach it’s evolutionary potential due to one thing.  Meetings.  I believe it.).  D left work early not feeling well, and I was worried about him.  He’s feeling much better, which is good.  It means not a flare up, which I am very grateful for.

Breakfast was oatmeal and a peach.  For lunch I had reheated goulash with rice, and then some cherries.  Afternoon snack was popcorn (and yes…a couple of Twizzlers).  Dinner was goulash again.  After my 40 minute run, I had wine!  Good day 🙂

So on my way home I saw a guy in a space suit walking down a major road in Chesapeake.  I guess it’s technically a sauna suit, but it was hilarious.  It’s 105 degrees, full humidity, and here’s this man – about 50 years old, chubby, with a full mop of curly hair and a big mustache – walking down Battlefield Blvd with a bright blue sauna shirt and silver pants.  I started laughing out loud, and then worried that 1) he’d have a heat stroke and 2) he thought what he was doing was healthy. 

This week is going to be a short one.  I’m going to NYC!  For the first time!  I’m very excited about it.  We’re leaving around 3 on Thursday afternoon and will be back Sunday evening.  My brother-in-law’s Aunt is very generously letting us use her (very nice) Manhattan apartment while we’re there.  A went back in May on a school trip, and D has been there visiting his brother (who now lives in CA).  O’s fiance will be there, so the kids and I get to meet her finally (D’s met her before).  It’ll be nice getting to meet her BEFORE she marries into our family!  I’m not sure all we’re going to do, but N has picked out a macrobiotic vegan restaurant to have lunch in on Saturday.  And I plan to do a nice long run in Central Park (during the day of course.  I watch Law and Order).

So for now, I’m going to get the monkey’s (and myself) into bed.  I’m looking forward to this week…mainly because it’ll be a short one.  Tomorrow is a gym day, so that’ll be cool with all of us going. 

Good night.  I will try and post more this week – even if briefly while in NYC.  I tend to do my one liner updates on Twitter instead of my blog (since I apparently feel the need to write a novella when I do these).