Annoying Things Happen in 3’s

The day started out very nicely.  I woke up early to help D get the kids ready for school.  It was field day at R’s school, and she was so excited, that she insisting on setting her clothes aside and packing the sunscreen before going to bed. 

After everyone left and Dad was still asleep, I went first to Target and then to the gym.  I switched my workouts between yesterday and today, so I did my 40 minute run on a treadmill.  Forecast for today was storms, so I didn’t want to risk it pouring at 8pm when I would normally have run.  Of course the weather people suck…more so in the summer than anytime else, and it didn’t rain at all.  Of course, I live in VA…it has the potential of raining pretty much every day – if only for 30 seconds.  Even though it didn’t rain, it felt good to get my run in during the morning.  Before the gym, I ate a rice cake topped with sunflower butter and half a banana.  Yummy – and had great energy.  That meal is most definitely a keeper.

After getting home, I had to make some phone calls to the car insurance company to add the new car, take a shower, and then take Dad out for some lunch.  After a veggie wrap, hummus, and onion rings (my favorite food group), I went to pick A up from school.  I went to talk to her guidance counselor – who is an epic moron.  We planned her entire high school schedule last spring just after 8th grade.  She goes to art school in the afternoon, and we knew a year ago that she had to take a math class in summer school in order for her to graduate with her advanced diploma (the one that’s 4 year college prep).  This idiot at her school first tells me that summer school may be canceled due to too few students being enrolled (though I still needed to pay the $300…but if canceled it would be a pain to get a refund), and then tells me that there aren’t really any options (like hell), and that she just won’t graduate with an advanced diploma…  Like it’s her bloody choice!  That A doesn’t need to have the option to attend a good university – after all, she’s only an “art” student…never mind the fact that she’s also brilliant and can get great academics AND great art!.  If A hadn’t been in the office with me, I likely would have laid the woman open.  Instead, I left and plan to go back tomorrow during the day and “fix” this.  Heck, a self study guide and some parental intervention, and A probably could finish a semester of Geometry in 2 weeks!  Oy .  People bug me.  Annoying thing 1.

After bringing A home, Dad and I went to the DMV to get the Bug business done.  We pull into the parking lot, and SCORE – only 4 cars!  I’m thinking we’ll be out of there in 15 minutes….just to find out the computers have been down all day and they have no idea when it’ll be up.  Annoying thing 2. 

We go to a different DMV, wait a few hours – deal with glitches in their technology – but eventually leave with titles transferred, etc.  Yeah!  Almost done!  We swing by to drop the bug off at the service station for a state inspection – last step – and then head home.  I took A to the fabric store so she buy fabric to make a few new dresses.  On the way home, the service station calls to tell me that the awesome new bug FAILED the state inspection!  There are a few bulbs that need replacing, and there’s a hole in the exhaust pipe.  Annoying thing 3.

So what was there to do?  Go home, make dinner, have a beer (or 3), and watch Stardust.  So that was my day.  Annoying things happen to me all the time.  Annoying, but at least never tragic.   My boss jokes that I have a gray cloud all the time.  Not black, but not white either.  Cooking is my therapy, so after making chicken parmesan, noodles, garlic bread, and Italian veggies for everyone else (and apple butternut squash soup for me), I felt almost normal. 

So that was my day.  Annoying…but not tragic (though ask me tomorrow when I hopefully get a quote on what it’ll cost me to get the bug fixed!).  Tomorrow also starts my speed work, of which I’m very, very afraid.  I have to do 6 quarter-mile repeats at a 2:05-2:15 pace.  That is WAY faster than I ever go for any length of time.  I’m hoping, but not holding my breath that I’ll be able to hit that.  I guess I better eat a rice cake right before. 

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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