4 African Elephants and 5 1/2 Sundae’s!

The May Fitlinxx report came today.  As promised, here are the results (though the title pretty much gives it away).  Since I only did Fitlinxx for the last week of the month, I’m hopeful that June’s report will be much more impressive.  In the week of weight lifting, I lifted the equivalent of 4 African elephants and burned off what would equal 5 1/2 Sundae’s. 

In case you wanted to know…

*African elephants are the Earth’s largest land mammal. 
*Their ears are so large because they cool them off in the intense African heat
*Many think that their ears are shaped similar to the continent of Africa – which along with its larger size, helps distinguish this regal creature from it’s Asian cousins
*Their trunks have approximately 100,000 muscles (humans have between 640-850 in our entire bodies depending on which expert you listen too)
*They are Vegans (yeah, elephants!)
*They don’t sleep much (I’m thinking I’m more and more like an elephant than I originally thought!  Though my ears are much smaller).
*An elephant pregancy is 22 months (I’ve had 3 kids!  That’s about 24 months….hmmm….)
*Unlike their Asian cousins, African elephants are not easily domesticated (I’M AN ELEPHANT!!!)
*I don’t eat Sundae’s unless made with soy or rice milk ice cream…which is hard to find…so I likely burned off crackers or tortilla chips

A friend of mine had surgery this morning, so I’ve been thinking of her all day.  Hoping to hear from her soon that all is well (hint hint, I know you read this)….  🙂 

Other than a few morning meetings, I spent most of my day moving my office stuff from Norfolk to Chesapeake.  I only have 1 box and my fridge left, which I’ll do this weekend since I’ll need D’s help with the fridge.

I’ve been on a cooking kick tonight, though not much from scratch.  I made burritos for M and D, fish sticks and edamame for R, grilled cheese and soup for A, and I made steamed tempeh spring rolls for me…and vegan chocolate cupcakes for everyone.  Only the spring rolls and cupcakes were actually made by me tonight.  The burritos were from a few days ago, and Mrs. Paul made the fish sticks. 

I encouraged a good friend to workout tonight, and I’m proud of her.  I’m switching up my run days because of the heat and rain – and my inability to run inside for 5 miles.  I hope she’s not mad that I didn’t workout myself today!  Perhaps she won’t read this for a few days and forgive me!

That’s pretty much it.  I’m looking forward to the weekend – which is funny because it’s a short week and I had 4 days off.  I shouldn’t be so drained, but I am.  Alas, I’m happy anyway. 

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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