Running in Baggy Pants is a Bad Idea

Today has been a good day.  I had a nice and mostly uneventful weekend (a bit of grocery shopping, cleaning, working out, talked to my sister who is moving into a new house, and bloody mary drinking.  See, good weekend).  I went to bed early (10 ish), and am starting to catch up on the hundreds of hours of recorded TV (only 8 episodes of Flashforward, 14 of Fringe, 5 of Stargate, 4 of Castle, 2 of NCIS, 9 of Numb3ers, 5 of In Plain Sight, and 8 of the Forgotten left.  Trust me, that’s us getting caught up).  I woke up without playing snooze tag, and went to work as usual.  I got to have lunch with D (mexican..yummy!), and get a lot of work done this afternoon.

I decided that my training run would be in my neighborhood since it was only 3 miles, and I can’t really justify driving somewhere just to run for 3 miles.  I went through a subdivision I had never been in before, and it was nice.  I had plenty of energy from my bean burrito and spanish rice (diet coke probably helped there too), and the weather is nice – only 81 degrees, though very humid.  D even finished loading the rest of The Lost Symbol on my iPod (can’t wait for it to be over…it kinda sucks) so I won’t run out of audiobook while running.  So the only thing wrong with today’s run???  My capri pants were a bit too big, so I had to keep hiking them up as I went along.  I’m sure my attempt to look somewhat like I run on a regular basis failed severly due to my persistent wardrobe malfunction.  Alas…it was a good run anyway.  Tomorrow I’m going to attempt going to the Y before work (don’t laugh…it could happen) since I am going to a City Council meeting tomorrow night (it’s work related, but honestly, the right thing to do)….and know after that I’ll likely want a drink more than I want to lift weights…

Is a Bloody Mary with Olives a Vegetable Serving??

If so, I got in my 4 servings today!!!!

I started off my day very motivated.  I woke up around 9, which is sleeping in nice enough without wasting the entire day.  After coffee, I started baking some tofu I marinated overnight and looked up the Y schedule.
I know I keep whining about the need to strength train, and how much I hate it (I find it infinitely boring).  I went through all the trouble of getting set up for the Fitlinxx thing, I may as well use it.
So after baking the tofu and making some spring rolls (tofu, cabbage, onion, and siracha), I headed off to the gym for a workout!
It had been so long since I had used my Fitlinxx login, I had to ask one of the trainers to reactivate my access.  I did one set of each machine, which is about all my attention span can handle.  It’s strange – I don’t mind going for a run that takes 3 hours, but the thought of doing any type of weight lifting is absolutely dreadful.  I’m trying to get myself to commit to 3 days a week of this.  I really know I need to…I even WANT to…but it’s just SO BORING.  Maybe I need to find a workout partner…maybe it wouldn’t suck so much.  It’s unlikely, but a girl can dream.
Anyway, after the gym, I went to Target and wandered around for a bit.  It started pouring, so I had an excuse to buy a new umbrella!  It’s actually all I bought…which for anyone who knows me and my obsession with Target, is pretty amazing. 
I headed to Wild Wing to meet up with my friend S for some bloody mary’s!  I got there about 20 minutes early and started reading our new book club book (Robert LundlumBourne Identity).  We hung out for a couple hours, drank our bloody mary’s ate our olives (I even had some pretzel bites!), and headed out.  I’m feeling pretty good…I worked out, had a LOT of vegetables (I’m assuming it counts), and now I’m going to spend the rest of the day doing as little as possible.  It’s a Sunday.  I’ve earned it!

I Lost Another Toenail!

Back in 2007 after I ran the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon (my first ever), one of my toenails turned black, and then fell off after a few weeks.  At the time, I sort of looked at is as a badge of honor.  ‘Look at me!  I’m a real runner now…I lost a toenail!’
A friend of mine joked that I could just paint the skin (which I did) and no one would ever notice (they all did of course, because I told them).  It grew back, and while never the same, it also never fell off again, even though I continued running.
After the Shamrock 2 months ago, my nail turned a fun purple color, but stayed put.  Same nail – the toe NEXT to my big toe on my right foot.  However, I noticed the last couple of days that it didn’t feel very attached, and I was right.  Off it came today, and now I’m missing a toenail JUST as summer is starting and demanding I wear sandals.  Ugh.  R was really funny about it though.  She was very interested in my missing nail (as she tends to be interested in all things I wish she weren’t).  She proceeded to tell me that I had to wash it, put some of that creamy medicine on it (Neosporin) and a band aid.  Then she wanted me to wear only flip flops on my right foot so I wouldn’t hurt it.  Very cute.  Instead….I went for a run.  I did take her advice and put a band aid over my toe first.

I told D this morning that I was going stir crazy running around home, and was likely going to go somewhere else today to get my mileage in.  He was cute and looked up a new place for me to check out.  It’s the Chesapeake Arboretum not too far from home.  A and M are off with their friends at the Chesapeake Jubilee (like a carnival that’s an annual celebration of Chesapeake, VA’s birthday), and D had just left with R to see the new Shrek movie, so I thought it would be great timing to run.  Off I went to the new location to run on the trails.

Good news – it was very shaded, and even though it’s only in the low 80’s, I appreciated the tree coverage.  It was also very pretty – a sandy bottom stream, lots of greenery, and a cushy wood chipped trail.  I saw more wildlife than I generally like and squealed a few times when big lizards ran over the trail, and grossed out a bit the few times I saw these monstrous beetles.  I imagine if anyone else was on the trail when I did that, it must have amused them greatly.

Bad news – there was such a big canopy of large trees…that my Garmin wouldn’t pick up the satellites, so I have no clue how far I went.  My guess is 4ish miles based on the amount of time I was running.  I also got lost – none of the trails were marked, and I’m not smart enough to look for natural markers to let me know if I was on the same trail for the return trip back to where I parked.  I dumped out by a subdivision for a bit, ran through it to admire the really nice houses, and then turned around to head back through the trail in what I hoped was the right direction.  I wasn’t panicking, but did get a bit weirded out when I realized I wasn’t recognizing anything and had no idea where I was.  The trails kept splitting off, and I didn’t know where I had turned around.  Eventually, I kept to a trail that let out onto a road not too far from where I entered the trails to begin with.  So all in all, it was a nice run, but I probably won’t go there again unless it’s just to walk with the kids and admire nature.

Breakfast this morning was some black coffee and a dish I made up of Quinoa noodles, peas, green beans, and chickpeas.  It was tasty and I certainly had the right energy for a run.

So now, I am going to do some yard work.  The bushes in front look hideous and it’s about time I do something about it.  The weed whacker is dead and gone, but I’m hoping to convince D to go buy one….

Catching Up

I realize it’s been a few and I really need to post a summary of the past few days.  The weather here in VA is, to quote my eldest daughter (who’s turning 15 today!), “bipolar”.  She is not wrong – we swing from having 90+ degree days to mid-60’s.  As a result, my runs last week varied from treadmill to outside depending on the weather and time of day.  It was a pretty even mix between them.  As usual, I prefer the great outdoors to the treadmill, but better running on that then not at all.
So Monday was the Y and using their treadmill, Wednesday was the treadmill at home, Friday was running outside, and yesterday was outside.  I switched up my run vs. rest days as well, but not worried about that since I got all of them in.

The week has been quite busy between planning major changes at work, the kids’ demanding schedule, and my desire to catch up on all the hundreds of hours of recorded TV.  I also hadn’t cooked very much at all, which is very unlike me.  I think I’m in a rut, lacking all motivation.  I’m sure I’ll snap out of it soon.

Saturday was my run day, but I didn’t go. It was a crazy morning of sewing R’s costume, getting her cleaned up, make-up on, hair done, and getting to the dance studio for her pictures. Then we grabbed lunch and went grocery shopping. I wasn’t too much in the mood for working out, but it was fun watching D and the kids wash the vans while I made dinner.

Yesterday I had no intentions of moving, as it was my rest day.  I was feeling very unmotivated, even though I needed to make up the missed Saturday run, go to yoga, go shopping, bake a bday cake, etc.  I just couldn’t envision myself NOT lying in bed watching NCIS.  Thank goodness for S.  She wanted to get out and exercise, and I would have felt too guilty bailing on her, so off we went to Oak Grove park with Jack (her wunderpups).  We mostly walked, but I took off with Jack for a few sprints.  It felt great, and I was very glad I listened to her!  Of course afterwards, we went to Wild Wing for a few happy hour drinks (extra spicy bloody mary’s for me!). 

Today is A’s birthday.  D is picking her up from school to take her to lunch, and I’m picking her up after school at GSA so she doesn’t have to take the bus home.  She has TKD tonight – where the entire class will paddle her for her bday.  That should be fun to watch!  Then a dinner of lasagna and cake late tonight (plus presents, of course) should wrap up the day!  I am supposed to run 3 miles tonight, but will likely to that tomorrow instead.  I’d feel a bit guilty going out for a jog while everyone else is eating (which is what I typically do). 

So that’s it for me today.  Off to work, then celebrate my baby’s birthday!

Swim Fins are Cool

I imagine the title of my post is a bit misleading.  I don’t actually have swim fins, but I did buy some for R that arrived today from, as did my new goggles (M managed to lose mine at the Y a couple weeks ago).  I decided that today’s training run would take place at the Y so I could take R swimming with her new fins while D took A and M to Tae Kwon Do.

So after work I took M shoe shopping (he has a band concert tomorrow and his nicer black shoes are now too small for him), picked R up from daycare, and came home.  Right as we were finishing homework, D got home, we said a quick hello, then he was off to pick A up from school then take A and M to class, while R and I headed to the Y for some fun.

R went into the Playzone while I hopped on a treadmill.  Now, you all know how I feel about treadmills (hamster), but I have a feeling that one a week may need to take place on them.  If I hadn’t gone to the Y or used my treadmill at home, it would have been nearly 830pm before I could have gone out for a run (me+mornings do NOT = running).  This way, I could get my run done while R was having fun and being safely watched.  Not my ideal for sure – most of my runs need to be outside or I’ll never actually finish the marathon – but a few won’t hurt.  I just know it can’t be any more than 3-4 miles or I’ll go batty running in place.

After my run was finished (I did the 5K pre-program), I grabbed R and we went swimming.  Here’s the fun part…swim fins make a person INSANELY fast.  She was like a bloody torpedo!  I had to swim a normal front crawl just to keep up with her, and she kept zipping back and forth the length of the pool to the point I realized I was getting a second workout in.  She barely came up for air and anytime she stopped it was because I made her so we could catch a breath.  One dad there commented on how she was just zipping all over the place.  It was hysterical.  And exhausting.  After a half hour or so, I told her we had to hit the hot tub and then shower up.  Really, I just didn’t think I could keep up with her anymore.  D picked up Subway after TKD and we all got home at exactly the same time.  All in all, it was a good evening.  Which is good because I was in a funky mood before that.  Gotta love the power of exercise!

A quick recap of the past couple of days…

Yesterday was Mother’s day.  We had a very low key day – I mainly sat upstairs watching the Real Housewives show…which I had never seen before, but can fully grasp how someone can just get sucked in.  It’s amazing how a bunch a women who don’t actually do anything can have SO much drama.  D commented a few times about how the Jersey husbands must be in “waste management”.  I can fully see that.
D made me dinner which came out right as the dinner I made for everyone else was done!  He made me a vegan taco dish that was quite tasty and I had the leftovers for lunch today, so technically I guess he made me two meals!  He was also a very good bartender to me yesterday 🙂  

Saturday was an icky day.  I felt awful all day and got dizzy every time I stood up.  Not fun, so I chilled most of the day.  I did take R to her swim lessons and then to the outdoor pool for a bit though before I started feeling too much like passing out.

Before Saturday, I can’t really remember, so it must not have been too monumental, though I did run (again on a treadmill because it was stupid-hot). 

Thank goodness tomorrow is a Rest day.  I have to go to a parent’s meeting with A from 630-8pm about her NYC trip later this month.  Unfortunately, that means I am going to miss this band concert for M, which I’m really not happy about.  Hopefully D will record it for me.  Guess I should ask him to.  I keep forgetting he’s not a mind reader.  Though he should be by now.

Oh yeah, my actual run today….I had 1/2 a Clif Bar about an hour before the run.  I love Clif Bars.  They never do me wrong!  I was appropriately dressed because I ran inside and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a t-shirt and shorts are all you really need to worry about.  I am still listening to the Lost Symbol.  Not loving it, I must say.  It’s okay…but sucks in comparison to DaVinci Code, Deception Point, or Angels & Demons.  I did a 5 minute warm up, the 5K loop, and a 5 min cool down.  Total workout time was 42 minutes, which means the 5K part was 32 minutes.  Not too bad.

So that’s it.  Time for bed and then a busy day tomorrow.  But really…what else is new?

Running + Thai Food = Very Bad Things

Apparently things have to happen twice before they become fact.  This is not uncommon, and I will use my children as examples.  R is very allergic to peanuts (and tree nuts).  She had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with her cousin 3 years ago and was fine.  4 months later, had a cookie with some peanut butter and ended up in the ER having difficulty breathing and now has to stay away from all nuts (and anything made near nuts).  My son M was given amoxicillin as a baby, and broke out in pox all over his body.  A year later, the doc prescribed it again (not sure the reaction was related to the med).  He broke out again, so now it’s off limits.  I’m guessing this is standard practice – if it happens once it’s a coincidence.  Twice, not so much.  So is now the case with me and Thai food.  I have an absolute love of Tofu Green Curry.  The ONLY curry I’ve ever found I like, and it’s fabulous.  If you read way back to my posts in January, I mentioned eating Thai food the night before a race at Fort Story.   The race where I stopped at mile 1 and threw up.  I had a sneaky suspicion it was the Thai food rearing it’s angry head, but didn’t want to condemn one of my favorite meals.  Alas, two times is the charm.  I had Thai for lunch on Wednesday, then went for a run 4 hrs later.  Just as last time, I made it nearly a mile before losing my lunch in the neighbors lawn.  After staggering home and lying on the kitchen floor for 20 minutes, I came to the definite conclusion that I cannot eat Thai food if I’m going to run within 24 hrs.  So here is my dilemma.  I’m going to be running pretty much every day until the marathon….which means NO THAI FOOD FOR 6 MONTHS.  I’m am very saddened by this realization.  I think I’ll have to tell D that for my 37th birthday dinner (which is 9 days after the marathon), that I want Thai food.  A lot of it.

Yesterday’s run was on the treadmill.  It was 99 degrees, and while I really want to train in the heat so I have no surprises in Chicago – especially given last year’s events – I didn’t think that level of heat was smart to run in.  Of course the run felt easy since the ground is actually moving for me, but I only felt like I cheated a little bit.  I’m hoping to do today’s run outside this evening, but based on the kids’ schedule, it’s likely to be 8pm or later before I get out there.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up early and go down to First Landing for a group run.  It sounds like a good idea now…but involves waking very early on a weekend – so I can run, get home, and get cleaned up before R’s 1030 swim lesson and A and M’s 1215pm TKD evaluation.  Not likely 🙂