Pre-Vacation Run

It’s been a nutty couple days!  My sister in law arrived with her little boy (5 1/2 mo old) yesterday and I got to watch the amazing first meet between her and my hubby (long story, but cool.  He met his baby sister yesterday…and her son who is partially named after him).  Poor things were up for the better part of 30 hrs.  We got them to the house and settled in.  

I admit – I did NOT run yesterday….but I did today!  I slept like poo last night, though I usually do just before traveling.  Was up early, had some coffee, a magical banana, and took off for my 45 minutes.  It was another hot day (90), so going in the AM was the only real option.

Good news – I remembered to change my Garmin from Distance to Time for the goal – and set it for 45 minutes.  Bad news – it did not beep at me when I was half way, and did not stop when it hit 45 minutes.  Not sure why it does for distance but not time….alas, at least I’m getting better at using it.

The run didn’t feel as sloggy as the one on Sunday.  Honestly, I’m not sure if ‘sloggy’ is a word, but it accurately describes how the waddle on Sunday felt.  My average was 10 seconds per mile faster today than it was the other day, and I did feel stronger.  I still didn’t feel a bottomless pit of energy tho, and I think that was due to the poor sleep last night, but at the same time, it was good to get out and hoof it for a bit.  I took a slightly different route which was nice.  D thinks I should get out of the neighborhood to run (I get bored easily), and if I wasn’t under a deadline today, I would have.  Think I’ll have to plan that better.

Then it was time to shower, finish packing, and head to the airport with A for a couple days in FL.  We head back to VA on Friday and I know I’m not gonna run until I’m back.  It just didn’t sit right with me if I’d have skipped today.  SO….we’re in sunny FL and I’m babbling because I’m ridiculously tired.  So good night, and I’ll hopefully write more after a run on Friday!

One of those Good News/Bad News Kinda Days…

First off….Happy Easter!!!  And what a lovely Easter day it’s been here in Southeastern VA…very sunny and 80 degrees. 

My day started off quite early – I had to get up dye the easter eggs, hide them in the back yard, put the baskets together, and then hide those too.  I completely forgot to dye the eggs yesterday, and remembered just as I was falling asleep last night.  It’s kind of a good thing that no one in my family wakes up too incredibly early…I managed to complete the above, have a cup of coffee, and get almost all the way through a CSI episode before anyone else stirred.

I have been hell bent on going for a run for several days now.  I admit – it’s been since the Shamrock since I’ve hit the road, but I have been wanting to.  I have to figure out some creative training times now that the kids have activities every day except Sunday (Tae Kwon Do, Swimming, Dance, Gymnastics, and Music Lessons between the 3 of them).

I went to a Garmin clinic last Wednesday to learn how to use my new 405.  I was very proud of myself that I brought mine…only to find the battery toast when I got there.  Alas, I learned a lot and stumped the Garmin rep a couple of times in the process. 

I also got new shoes on Thursday.  I went back to Final Kick and got fitted for some new ones.  The ones I had been using did correct my running and should have been fine (and not causing the mega blisters that have their own orbit).  She had me try on a few pairs and I ended up with a pair that made me feel like I was wearing slippers.  I didn’t know any shoe on earth could feel so good.  So while I did have good shoes before – I think I have better ones now!

I did read in a book that I’m currently purusing (based on the recommendations of a co-worker) that I should have 3 pairs of shoes.  Shoes 1 and 2 get rotated during my training every other run.  Then about 2-3 weeks before my marathon, switch out pair 1 for pair 3 – and pair 3 become my Marathon Race shoes.  Brilliant considering it’s generally accepted that I wear my shoes for too long and that’s what’s caused the mini planets on my feet.

Anyway, back to today.  After the kids were up and baskets and eggs were located, I announced that I was going for a run.  It was about 10am and still beautiful outside.  D loaded up the next few parts of my book (did I mention that around mile 10 during the Shamrock that MY BOOK RAN OUT????), I set up my Garmin, and took off.

My goal for the next 3 weeks is to run about 45 minutes at a comfortable pace.  From there, I’m actually going to do a training program including interval training and all that stuff I’m reading about to get me to a 4hr marathon goal.  Before then, I want to work on building a solid base where a 45 minute run feels nice and easy.

Today was NOT that day.  I went out with a goal of doing 45 minutes.  My Garmin had other plans.  I guess I didn’t set it right for the goal of today’s run, so it thought I wanted to run 3 miles instead of a specific time.  I finished the 3 miles before my 45 minutes were up and my watch stopped.  I think in the end I did 45 minutes, but I’m really not too sure.
Those three miles did not go easy either.  I took multiple walk breaks, had zero energy, and just felt rough the whole time.  So that’s the bad news.  The good news is that at least my feet felt like I was running (or really mainly walking) on clouds, so I’m totally happy with my shoes.

The next week is going to be a difficult one to get my mileage in.  My sister in law arrives tomorrow to stay for a month – which is totally awesome because neither D or I have ever met her.  On Tuesday, A and I fly out to FL for a couple days, and not sure I’ll get any running in since it would mean leaving my almost 15 yr old daughter in the hotel alone.  Unfortunately, that may mean next Saturday is the next chance I’ll have to run.  See what I mean about life totally getting in the way?!?!

Anyway, I should quit my complaining.  At least I’m out there when I can, and if it’s important to me (which it is), then I’ll make the time to do it right!

Happy Easter!