I’m Sore…and Not In a Good Way

It snowed.  Again.  First time in 40 years that Hampton Roads had snow on consecutive weekends.  Lucky me.

Our distance series race (the 15K) that was moved from last weekend to this weekend was canceled – for good.  So our 3 race series has turned into a 2 race series.  No mention if I get any portion of a refund..though I’m doubting it.

Yesterday was supposed to be our 15K, but originally on the schedule, it was a 10 miler.  I switched my Saturday and Sunday – hedging my bets that Sunday would be a nicer day than Saturday.  At least for that I was right.  I spent most of Saturday at home.  I took R to her swim lessons at 11 (where a Chesapeake cop asked me about my Kindle, which launched us into a 20 minute conversation – which was actually very pleasant).  When I left the Y at 12 (with intentions of shopping and taking her to lunch), the drizzle had turned to a fast sleet with mixed snow.  I decided to come home instead and stay there. 

So today at 11 I took off for my 10 miler.  I decided (as usual), that I can’t run that distance at home because it would involve seeing the same house more than once and that would drive me crazy.  I went again to the Great Dismal Swap (whose name origin I still don’t know – and it bugs me).  When I left, it was 25 degrees.  I was wearing a long sleeve winter running shirt, a t-shirt, and a light jacket.  I decided I was over dressed (probably because I had the heat cranked to 70 in the house and was feeling warm).  Thinking I was VERY smart, I took off the long sleeve shirt, and left in the t-shirt with light jacket, assuming I’d warm up quickly and be appropriately dressed.  I was really wrong. 

The first 4-5 miles were nice.  I felt appropriately attired and wasn’t too hot or cold.  It was very quite (even with my ipod – which I have a new book, The Lost Symbol, and quite excited to listen to it).  I didn’t see anyone for the first 3 miles.  I will admit that my imagination got away from me and I had thoughts of crazy trail killers and contimplated turning around at one point!  At the 3 mile mark, I saw a beaver that actually ran with me for about 10 feet.  I was noticing the running water in the canal as the snow melted, and the crystalline ice on the tree branches.  Basically, it was amazing.  I felt good, enjoyed the solitude (maybe only a little), and actually noticed my surroundings.  I hit the 4 mile mark and passed a Chespeake parks guy in a truck and felt a little safer.  Another quarter mile in and I actually saw other human life. 
I turned around at the 5 mile mark, and immediately noticed that I couldn’t feel my fingers or my thighs.  My right hip and right ankle were also starting to twinge a bit, as well as what would eventually become yet another blister on my left arch.  Not to whine too much, but the second half of the run was not fun.  I kept thinking about an article in a fitness magazine I read just yesterday about injuries – how most people who have one injury have a second happen pretty much immediately.  It just so happens that the article mentioned that hip pain leads to ankle pain pretty much every time – that it has to do with how the foot rolls and you compensate.  So in a strange way, my ankle pain makes sense because my right hip always hurts when I run more than 4 miles.  I just don’t know what to do to stop it – I think I’ll ask the coaches this week.  The article mentioned something about weak hips and needing to do abductor and adductor exercises. 
After the run was over (at least I was enjoying the book – Robert Langdon in trouble again!), I went to the grocery to pick up a few things for the week.  I noticed the entire time that I still wasn’t warmed up and couldn’t feel the tips of my fingers.  The DQ in me kept worrying about frost bite, but realize that’s a wee bit nuts.  I just forgot my gloves (but remembered my hat!) and my fingers took a long time to thaw.
As for fuel – breakfast was a yummy smoothie and a rice cake with soynut butter.  Sunflower butter is WAY better, and I think that will be my go-to from now on.  On the way to the trail, I ate a banana, and I felt appropriately energized.  I had my water-bottle belt, but wasn’t thirsty much (too cold).  Lunch was a bag of Skittles.  Bad I know.  Sorry.  I got home and D and I had some tortillas and hot salsa.
For dinner I made the family sweet and sour pork – I had this incredible tofu, broccoli, tomato, pasta thingy.  Really, really yummy.  Some wine too, so that was nice 🙂
I’m pretending to watch the Super Bowl.  I’m admittedly not a fan.  I’m only voting for the Saints because New Orleans was significantly more fun than Indianapolis.  And I like black 🙂

So I’m going to feel sorry for myself that I’m sore.  Hope it doesn’t interfere with running, and I’m happy that tomorrow is only 3 miles!

Snow, Snow Go Away, I Want To Run Outside Today!!!

The Great Snow of 2010.  It will go down in history – it’s amazing how 18 hrs of snowfall can shut a region down for days.

We got 9 inches here in Chesapeake.  I cannot stress how uncommon that is.  And while I grew up in the white stuff (but note, I always hated cold weather), it’s not the actual snow falling that is such a nuisance.  We have no resources to clear the roads – so they melt, refreeze, melt, refreeze until there’s nothing left.  And again – I am not afraid of driving in snow.  I am afraid of Southerner’s driving in snow.

So it is Monday, and the kids haven’t been in school since Thursday morning.  And while it hasn’t snowed in a couple of days, schools are still closed, and we just got the notice that they are closed tomorrow.  We are all suffering major cabin fever, and I think my teenager is going to climb the walls from boredom.

Today I worked from home since the kids were home and daycare was closed.  D went to work – the only one from his team who did so (he’s from the midwest too).  I did go out to the Y this afternoon, and that 3 mile drive was icky.  I did my Fitlinxx circuit training…and a 5K on the treadmill.  I thought about running outside both yesterday and today (it was gloriously sunny), but the wet and ice made me rethink that idea.  Not much worse than having cold wet feet and socks in shoes.  I would guess that if I used my imagination that there are actually things that are MUCH worse than that, but that’s beside the point.

I didn’t cook today either – I was working, and while I got much done, it was strange to be home all day, stuck in the house, and not cook something.  I even forgot to plan anything for dinner, so we had soup and sandwiches – which in this weather is the best anyway.  Aside from the fact that my oven is on strike and I’m pouting over that, I just haven’t felt up to it (I know, I know, try to contain the comments that I’ve killed my oven by overuse).

So the rest of the night will be lazy.  My workout is done, the workday is over, and tomorrow will be another work from home day because of the dumb roads.  I’m thinking a book or some actual TV is in order.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  It is February 1st…the registration opened today….and I have signed myself up for the Chicago Marathon!  Oh…..My…..Gosh…..WHAT DID I DO?!?!?!?  Should be interesting to say the least.