Finally Had Some Great Weather

Yesterday almost didn’t happen for me.  It’s been a ridiculous week between the hilarious car misadventures, and some not-so-fun drama at the office.  I was really looking forward to the Saturday long run, but have not been sleeping well (waking up between 3-4am every day and not falling back asleep).  Alas, I can thank my doggies for getting me up and moving on Saturday.  Rico was fixed on Friday, so he’s wearing a cone around his head.  It’s awful to say, but it’s extremely funny watching him try to get into spaces (or walk up stairs) with this thing around his head.  Anyway, he woke me up at 430 am Saturday to be let outside.  I went back to bed – finally fell asleep – and turned off my alarm.  At 615, Sammie woke me up because she was expecting breakfast, so I figured it was fate telling me to get my butt up, dressed, and just go get the run done.  I have to do it anyway, may as well get it done with the group!

We’re all congregating in front of the J&A Racing office getting our pre-run pep talks from our coaches Greg, Joel, and Jerry.  Right now, we have to be careful not to let the training get into our heads and mental negativity start wearing us down.  Jerry said we should try and run with someone for at least the first half, talk, and do anything to keep our heads from interfering.  I think that’s great advice, because yeah – it’s daunting to look at the training calendar and see some of the distances that are coming up, and wondering why I ever thought doing this would be a good idea!

H and F couldn’t be there yesterday, but I did run with M for the first 2.5 miles.  She’s a bit faster than me though, so she went on ahead.  At the 4 mi turn around mark, our coach Greg was there checking in on everyone.  The 4 miles back were a bit tougher, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  Back at the starting area, everyone hung out and talked for a while.  Joel told me I was “on his list”, but regardles…he DID say last week’s course sucked.  Truth hurts, but that’s the breaks!

The weather was beautiful, and I was overdressed.  Both Greg at the halfway mark and Jerry at the end made comments to me about having too many and the wrong type of layers on.  I wore a long sleeve thermal-type technical shirt, a long sleeve cotton shirt, and a running jacket.  The thoughts are that I could have done without one or two of the layers, and I should avoid cotton at all costs.  I knew it shouldn’t be my base layer, but I didn’t realize until yesterday that it can cause me to feel over heated even as a top or middle layer too.  I’ll have to pay better attention.  It was about 35 degrees at 7am, but it quickly warmed up into the mid-50’s before our run was over.  I have to remember it’s okay to be cold at first – I’ll always warm up as I’m moving.  I had gloves on too, but took them off at the halfway mark and put them in the jacket pocket.
My pace averaged to be 11:58/mi.  Not uber fast, but I think it’s the fastest I’ve done over that distance.  In our newsletter, we’re being advised to start doing tempo runs this week to increase our speed.  I’m nervous, but I know I can do it.  I’d love to see my pace get better.

I had 2 rice cakes with sunflower butter on the way to the run.  I had great energy.  Dinner the night before was a Hmong udon noodle with tofu and bell peppers dish from my VegNews magazine.  It was yummy, but way too salty. 

Last night D and I went with some friends to a wine tasting party.  We had a great time – stayed out until 2am (A made a TON of money babysitting not only for our kids, but for my friends son as well).  I did drink quite a bit, but I wasn’t driving, so that’s okay!  I woke up at 8 to let the dogs out and feed them, but went back to bed and didn’t get up until noon!  It was LOVELY.  I feel good, though lazy (not good enough to work out today!)….so I’ll be indulging in the Rest part of the Rest/Crosstrain option on the schedule for today!

And on some fun news, I’ve decided to make the Chicago Marathon my first full blown one.  It’s Oct 10th this year, and since my family is close by, they’ll get to come and cheer me on.  I’m scared, but I think it’ll be great!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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