>It’s Been a Month…But I’m Back!

>I’ve felt guilty every day that I haven’t posted, but the truth is – I didn’t have much to say.  The workouts have been there, but not as consistent as I had hoped.  So it’s a new day, and like they say, “no time like the present” to get back into gear.

I’m training to run the Virginia Beach Shamrock 1/2 Marathon in March.  There’s a cool program through the hosts of the run that blends signing up for the run with coaching.  We get newsletters and tips and weekly group runs. 

Two weeks ago was supposed to be our first group run.  I faithfully started the training calendar on 11/30, trucking my butt out into the neighborhood for my initial 2 or 3 mile jaunts.  Our first group run got called on account of weather.

Last weekend I had a wicked head cold, and decided it wasn’t one of those things that I can just push through.  I’d probably stop and puke or passout in the middle, so decided to stay home instead.  Unfortunately, the past week I haven’t felt much better so training was sidelined.

Today is a nasty day outside.  It’s cold (about 47 degrees), and wet – consistently raining and icky.  BUT….I didn’t want to miss another chance at a group run.  I’m really glad I went.  Two of my co-workers were there, and despite the weather, I had a great time.  After coming home and having a shower, met the girls for a bloody mary and a light lunch.

So one of our coaches was extolling the importance of journaling – and while I like the idea of it, I know I stink.  So here’s what I’m supposed to say….

I woke up at 530.  Had some hot tea and for breakfast, 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with a light spread of strawberry jelly.  I really wanted soynut butter, but couldn’t find it.

It was 46 degrees and raining when we set out for our run at 730.  The run took 55 minutes total.  H and I took 2 brief walk breaks, but otherwise trekked pretty well I think. 

There were a few moments where I felt nauseated – and not sure if it was a bad breakfast or head cold leftover fun.  I’ll keep an eye on that – I know that documenting what I ate and how I felt is important to grow as a runner.  I can tell that I needed maybe a touch more protein, so the soynut butter would be a much better option than jelly.  Note to self – go buy some more.  Only when I have another jar will I find the one that went missing somewhere in my pantry.

I felt OK overall on the run.  I was certainly well rested and hydrated (through osmosis if nothing else), but I know I could have felt stronger.

So…there’s my official summary of how it went.  I think what made the run so wonderful was the first time experiencing it as a social activity.  It’s a world apart from my solo efforts, and I liked it.  It could be the key to getting me addicted once and for all!