>Life is slowly getting back to normal this week.  Between the storm and working crazy hours, I was feeling like less than myself, but I’m happy to say that life is back on track (for now anyway!).

I’ve worked out every single day this week, so I’m definitely giving myself an A on the exercise front.  I’ve started weight training – and area I know where I am lacking – and my body is killing me – in a good way of course!.  I must admit, I jumped on the P90X bandwagon.  I know several people at work who have done it, so I thought, what the heck.  I need guidance on weight training because I hate it and don’t really know what I’m doing.

Sunday was start day, and I did the Chest and Back video, which didn’t seem hard until later that evening when my chest started hurting.  Monday was this crazy jumping bean workout called Plyometrics.  It was NUTS.  According to my bodybugg, I torched 330 calories in that hour alone.  Of course yesterday my legs were burning a bit – nothing like trying to walk down the stairs when your leg muscles ache!  Yesterday was Shoulders and Arms – an area where I know I’m particularly weak.  My biceps are definitely talking to me today.
Today will be a 90 minute yoga video.  I’m looking forward to doing that one after work.  For now though, I’m going to go for a run before getting ready for work.  And here is the challenge I always face – how to do both??  We’ll see how I keep up with this routine.

Eating has been mostly very good.  Maybe I could have skipped the breadsticks on Monday, but otherwise I’m pleased with this week thus far.

Yesterday was a fun evening.  The little one had dance class (she’s in 1st grade) and then a Health and Wellness Fair at her grade school.  We had a blast playing games with the people from the YMCA and doing Children’s Yoga (which she’s used to doing anyway), and we went to the clinic on food allergies since she has a severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, which was awesome to connect with other parents.  R got a pedometer which she found absolutely fascinating, so that was pretty cool.

So, I’m off for a run (or as much of a run as my sore muscles will tolerate), and then work.  I’ll let you all know how the Yoga video goes, and the rest of my eating.

Exercise – A
Eating – B

>My Upper Body is Going to Be Sore Tomorrow…I Hope!

>Second day back on days, and I slept like poo.  I don’t mind working nights, but I hate the flipping of the schedules.  I imagine it’s like intense jet lag.

We slept in until about 930 this morning.  Probably all would have slept much later if not for the doggies wanting their breakfast.

D ran out to Dunkin Donuts for him and the kids (I did not partake!).  I did a killer upper body workout of pullups and pushups for an hour right after waking.  Felt very proud of that actually.  The only thing I didn’t plan well was the whole eating thing.  Since D and I had plans to have lunch and go to a mantinee, I didn’t eat breakfast.  By the time I got done working out, it was getting too late to eat anything and NOT ruin my lunch.  Next time, I’ll splurge on a smoothie or some chocolate soy milk or something.

We went to lunch – and I had a lovely bowl of split pea and barley soup and a salad of grilled vegetables.  Very filling and yummy – and I didn’t feel remotely guilty about any of it.

What I did feel guilty about is skipping the movie.  I was just so tired, and didn’t want to wander around the mall another hour before our flick even started.  SO…our Sunday date got cut short, we went home – and I lied down for about 15 minutes while D went and bought yet another new video game.

Dinner was fun.  For D and the kids I made homemade meatballs, beer bread, grilled chicken parm, and spaghetti.  For me???  Leftover tofu and brown basmati from yesterday.  Ah well, at least the red wine is good!

Exercise – B+
Eating – B+

>Finally, a Day Without Rain!

>So the Nor’Easter finally passed, thank goodness!  Some of my friends had some flooding, but we did pretty well.  Driving in it to work was the scariest – but otherwise we were on high enough ground to not be too terribly affected.

We had to sleep with the sleeping bag on the bed last night – the doggies made the comforter very smelly after being out in the rain and mud – and then jumping on the bed when D was in the shower and I was at work!  Alas…they were cute, so I guess it’s worth it.

Today was a great day.  I went shopping – bought a Cuisinart BLO-195 convection/toaster oven.  Making cookies in it as we speak!  First day back on normal working hours, and I got to shop.

I had grapes for breakfast, and a black-bean taco salad for lunch.  Dinner was a tofu dish with indian flavors and brown basmati rice.  Probably would have been a perfect day, if not for the many mimosas this evening πŸ™‚

I went for a 3 mile run today – actually brought Sammie (the yellow lab), and she did great!  The sidewalks and streets were a mess from the storm, but otherwise it felt very, very good after all the crazy work hours this week!

According to the Body Bugg (http://www.bodybugg.com/), I’m at 2100 calorie burn for the day.  Life is good.

Diet – B+
Excerise – B+

>Another Night Shift!

>Today was a good day for sleeping!  I stayed up until 630 this morning – mainly watching TV, snuggling with Rico (the smaller dog) and the cat – and fighting to stay awake.  I didn’t really eat much – but didn’t exercise either when I had hoped to.  I could barely stay awake!

After going to bed at 630am, I didn’t get up until just after 4pm!  I spent about an hour with D watching the Biggest Loser, had some veggie soup, took a shower, and took off for Hampton.  The drive was probably one of the scariest in my life – the wind, rain, and pitch blackness turned a 30 minute drive into 90.  I stopped and grabbed some healthy snacks on the way in, and am here now until 8am (it’s 11pm right now).

So, I’m hoping for a quiet and productive night – and the strength to stay away from the junk food!  Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Eating – B
Exercise – D (don’t feel too terribly guilty given my strange schedule)

>Red Wine and Pasta for Breakfast!

>Aside from challenging the conventional notions of breakfast, when you wake up at 5pm, having wine and pasta at 7 really isn’t all that weird.

I got off work at 8 this morning.  While it was a long night, I felt great the whole time and got a TON of much needed work done.  I got home, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and was out by 10am. 

I had plans with a friend of mine for Wine Night.  Each Wednesday, a nearby Italian chain restaurant has $10 off any bottle of wine.  There are typically several of us who go, but with our crazy work hours, it was just the two of us this evening.

So since I’ve been awake – which has only been a few hours, I’ve had a couple small slices of italian bread, my vegan pasta dish, and two glasses of red wine.  I’m off work tonight, but am staying up since I’m on the following 2 nights.  If I can swing it, I may just work out when I’m done watching a movie or two!

Unfortunately, we’re experiencing a Nor’Easter for the next few days, so it’s cold and wet and windy outside.  No running – no desire to leave the house.  Heck, even the kids’ schools are closed for flooding.

Eating – B (so far)
Exercise – F (but the night is young!)

>I Fibbed

>I failed the test.  Wickedly failed it!  I’m working nights tonight and thought I could work in some type of physical activity.  And if it weren’t for the apparent daytime marathons of Law and Order, I may have succeeded.

I went to work around 830 today – even though (again) it’s my day off.  I had to give a presentation at 930, and left the office at 1030.  I went home, and was hoping after a few minutes of rest, that I’d get off my butt and at least walk the pups.  Yeah – not so much.  Instead I had a huge craving for stuffing – so I made some – and pretty much ate it all.  I had to work tonight from 8pm-8am, so figured I’d have to work a nap in there somewhere.  I slept from 230-5pm, and had to leave by 630. 

So….I can almost excuse myself from not working out (though it’s lame), but what I can’t excuse is that I ate like absolute crap today.  It started well with a healthy cereal and some soy milk.  It went down hill as soon as I got home from work.  Perisistent snacking and then gorging on stuffing didn’t help.  And now I’m at work all night with nothing but snacks lying around.  Ugh – I feel like a cow.

I am obviously disparing a bit and need to stop and move on.  The grades for today??

Physical Activity – F
Eating Habits – F