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I Lack the Hoarder Gene

so that big project that went live last weekend? Totally awesome. I'm going to have those for months now, but I couldn't be much happier with how things went. I hope this means more time for blogging!!


One of the challenging things about go-lives is eating well. You're working in a command center for 10-15 hrs per day, and unless you bring food with you, it's take out or the bulk junk food everyone brings as treats.

To alleviate some of that, I bought a ton of bulk foods to share at the command center – things like apples, granola bars, animal crackers, and pretzels. Not totally “clean” food, but better than bags of chips, cases of soda, and crate of cookies (which is what's usually there).

I made a double batch of one of my favorite soups, and brought that, a green smoothie, and fruit with me to get by every day.

This weekend was almost no food, but that was due to a fun case of food poisoning on Saturday evening. A totally different story, but I can say it fully sucked!


I managed a few runs and even a yoga class this week, despite the crazy hours. I think it helped keep me even.

A friend told me about a new studio that opened here called 9 Rounds (it's a chain) that I want to check out next weekend. It's boxing/kickboxing/circuit training, but all done in 30 minutes. Sounds fun, and it's just down the road.

I was supposed to run in the Cherry Blossom in DC yesterday. It was the entire reason I went out of town. I can say I was genuinely pissed off when I got food poisoning from dinner Saturday night. I spent the entire night throwing up (feel sorry for AC – she and I shared a hotel room, and there's no hiding that kind of sound!). I ended up being awake for about 30 hrs before the pain passed enough to sleep. However – I will be up there for work in early May and plan to run the course.


Well, the primary things this past week has been work, broken snow globe, and then DC. Here's a quick summary (or as quick as I can be!)

Went to work Saturday evening around 830 pm for go-live night! It went well, and while there are always hiccups along the way, the entire week was good. Busy – but good. Talk about being proud to work with the smartest people I've even known! They make what we do look easy! We have 3 more months of these, but to have that first one done – and to prove that you did it right – means a ton.

I have never been in danger of being a hoarder. I've always known that – if I don't look at something for 6 months, I clearly don't need it and throw it away. I don't attach emotional ties to objects. I did, however, have a fleeting sad moment earlier this week, and have found (and lost) that one object that actually held sentimental value. For mine and D's first Valentine's day, he bought me a snow globe with a little boy holding roses. He said it's so the first flowers he bought me would never die, and I've loved that snow globe for a very long time. The destruct o-cats broke it this week, and I really was sad to have to pick up all the broken pieces and throw it away. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but still. Kinda sad anyway.

Saturday morning I picked up AC and headed to DC. On the way we stopped to see A and take her to brunch, which was really nice. AC and I got to DC, checked into our hotel (which was not ready), so chilled in the hotel bar for a bit to wind down. Once our room was ready, we freshened up, then headed out to the National Museum Building for the expo and packet pick up. Talk about disappointed. They ran out of t-shirts, so I got my bib and nothing else.

From there we grabbed dinner, then it was off to the DC United game and to meet up with LS. I got sick 20 minutes into the game – and a few times during it. We held out and got to see them win, which was awesome. Sadly I was sick the rest of the trip. I did try to go exploring with AC during the day, but when I fell asleep on a park bench behind the Smithsonian Castle, we both knew I was toast.

Thankfully, once LS was able to meet up with us at the American Art Museum, I took the metro back to the hotel where I dozed off and on until 7, when AC got back. We watched Superman, Game of Thrones, then went to sleep. I feel much better today, but still can't really eat.

On the way home, we picked A up again and then met up for lunch with CT and HF too! These are the girls from the Seattle and Vegas trips, and it was fun to all be in the same town (CT lives in Seattle now), then I got home, and cleaning, catching up on blogging (yay!), and planning to hit the hay early for work in the morning!



Inconsistency Is My Consistency

I know, I know, it's been nearly two weeks. Sorry about that. That big project I keep talking about goes live tonight, so I've been otherwise occupied! I can't promise my blogging will be any more consistent until it's long over, but I promise I will try (and it will be “over” in July!).


My eating has been all over the map on some days. Usually it's healthy stuff, like green juices, green smoothies, soups, and salads – but not always. My schedule has been, in a word, hell. It feels like the only time I'm home is to sleep, and that sucks.

The meals where I'm eating out or doing something quick has left me feeling weighed down and icky. Not fun. But on the positive side, it's been mostly good stuff, so that's good.


This has been sadly lacking and has left me feeling bummed more than anything else. Sort of losing my motivation! Mostly just some mild yoga.

I had a dr's appt last week, and have to keep physical activity to light things – another reason for the lack of runs. I'm still not fully cleared, but hope to soon. I have a race next weekend!


Without boring you with too many details, lets just say it's been busy. R had an exorcist-like illness about a week and a half ago and I was lucky enough to get it next. Thankfully it only lasted about 30 hrs, but it wasn't a fun 30 hrs!

I did spend most of last Saturday with NS goofing out and about town. It was a really nice day so after grabbing lunch (and a monster margarita), we walked around, stopped at several places for drinks, coffee, people watching, and eventually dinner. That dinner ended with vegan doughnut holes :)

The next week will be some weird and long hours, but I'm also very excited. This project has been going on about 18 months, and my favorite part is go-live! Getting the users on the systems we've spent so long designing, building, and testing is always a thrill. Tonight at midnight is our first site, and that means 24 x 7 onsite support for a week. I'm sure it'll be chaotic often, but truth be told – that's part of the fun!

I spent today hitting up Costco for command center snacks. So many people are coming to support, that I certainly don't want them to starve! I picked up things like granola bars, bottled water, buckets of pretzels, animal crackers, and a tub of Twizzlers. The rest of the day will be cooking up quick and easy meals I can eat at work, since I know I'll have even less kitchen time than I do now. I'll try and nap, but I doubt I'll be very successful – I never am.

So anyway, if you don't hear from me again for awhile, I'm sorry. When things let up a bit, I'll be more consistent with it (and with eating my clean food and running and…..


Racing, Family Fun, and Playing Card Games for Horrible People


Last week was totally chaotic, and I didn’t take many food pics at all.  Most of the week’s foods were smoothies, salads, and juices – so pretty much the usual.

green smoothie!

green smoothie!

a cold beet and cucumber soup

a cold beet and cucumber soup

Moe's salad with black beans and tofu.  I'd been craving this for a bit!

Moe’s salad with black beans and tofu. I’d been craving this for a bit!


white wine sangria at brunch Sunday

white wine sangria at brunch Sunday

kale and beet salad!

kale and beet salad!

today's St. Patrick's Day green juice!

today’s St. Patrick’s Day green juice!


This past weekend was Shamrock race weekend, and I did the 8K on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day for a run, and I enjoyed it along with 10,000 other’s!  I felt sorry for the full and 1/2 marathoners on Sunday – their weather pretty much stunk.

Race start, the curve around to the beach, and the after party!

Race start, the curve around to the beach, and the after party!

Other than the race, I’ve had a few other runs in the past week, yoga, and some strength training.  Also, a fairly typical week.


Well, it never slows down, does it?  Work is getting crazier than normal – we’re less than two weeks away from our first go-live.  And then we have them almost every other week until July!  No rest for the wicked….

It was also University Spring Break so A was home!  That meant getting as much family time as possible.

On Tuesday, D and I went to a local pub with some friends and played this hilarious game called Cards Against Humanity.  To put it bluntly – cards are passed out and the goal is to come up with the most insulting and funny response possible.  It was a really fun evening.

D and I grabbing a beer before our friends got there

D and I grabbing a beer before our friends got there

AC and JC joining us for a night of fun

AC and JC joining us for a night of fun

After my race on Saturday, we all went to Busch Gardens for pass holders appreciation day (the park opens a day early for season pass members – which we are).  From there, D and A went off to her university and R, M, and I went home.

D and I sitting at a picnic table while the kids went on a roller coaster

D and I sitting at a picnic table while the kids went on a roller coaster

Yesterday I had brunch with AC, went grocery shopping, and spent the day prepping fruits and veggies for the week.

photo 1 (8)

for my Sherlock friends out there!

for my Sherlock friends out there!

No, Kim Kardashian’s Butt Isn’t the Topic of This Post


The past couple of days have been very simple on the food front. I like that about FitOrbit – simple and clean meals. I didn't do 100% of their meals, but when I subbed something of my own, it was with similar nutritional breakdown.

Take for example my mornings. They are hectic and I certainly don't have time on a week day to make a tempeh scramble! My go to's are smoothies, and now (when I make a big batch in advance on Sunday), the quinoa/berry/coconut milk yogurt breakfast. I'll save the time-consuming dishes for the weekends (maybe).

So naturally I've had smoothies or quinoa the past two days! I did pick up a new raw vegan protein powder by Garden of Life called Raw Fit. It's high in protein and low in sugar, so exactly what I was looking for. I love my Vega too, but wanted to try something new. So far (and I've only made two smoothies with it!), I'm a fan.

My smoothie is 1 cup vanilla coconut milk, 1 banana, 1 cup pineapple, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 2-3 cups greens (spinach or kale or both!), and 1 scoop of powder. It's tasty and very filling.

Snacks have been veggies mostly (like cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper strips), popcorn, wasabi chickpeas, and…admittedly…a piece of much needed dark chocolate (it had cinnamon and pepper oil – CRAZY hot and strangely tasty).

I had a slow cooker veggie chili for two days in a row. I'm not complaining at all because it was good and I love leftovers!


Yesterday I hit up a hot yoga class after work. It was an awesome class. I love this instructor – she gives such great verbal cues that not only has me verifying my alignment in each pose, but she articulates it in a way that not only explains exactly what my body is doing, but what benefits it's getting too. Pretty much all of the instructors at this studio are like that, and I love it.

Today was cycling, an exercise band workout, and a quick (but killer) ab workout. Abs before work, cycling and strength after. I keep thinking it would be great to be a morning exerciser…but I hate mornings almost as much as I hate being cold (and those that know me, know that I hate that a LOT). Mornings are a necessary evil, but purposely getting up an hour or two before I absolutely have to seems insane.


It's been a good two days. I don't have any late nights again for over a week, and I'm definitely taking advantage of that! I took R to her swim team practice on Wednesday (something I don't get to do often). I love watching her swim. It's hard for me to fathom that she's a competitive swimmer at 10 (and has been for nearly 2 years!). With my hectic schedule I don't get to take her often, but definitely love it when I do.

Last night I went to yoga before going home. Since dinner was in a crockpot, it worked out perfectly. Chili and Almost Human, and we were all quite happy!

On the happy news front (because news isn't usually a happy topic), a US Congresswoman from my very own state of Virginia has proposed legislation to ban animal testing for cosmetics! I know in a climate where everyone is worried about the economy, jobs, healthcare, unrest in the Ukraine and Venezuela, and Kim Kardashian's butt size, I think it's great that this is coming forward. I honestly think that if people understood the extreme torture that cosmetic animal testing causes – for NO REASON (non-animal testing has proven to be more reliable, less expensive, and obviously cruelty-free), that this bill should be a no-brainer. Then again, I've thought that about many other proposed laws before….please don't let us down (again) Congress!

I almost forgot, I got a special delivery at work yesterday! I get back to my office and found this on my desk! Inside were two bags full of specific fruit, veggie, and herb goodies with two recipe cards. I had no clue who it was from, but was quite excited anyway :)

With that said….THE WEEKEND IS HERE! On my agenda is a group hike with R at the botanical gardens tomorrow, my eldest coming home from university, a family movie, grocery shopping, running, yoga, and (heaven help me) lots of sleep.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



Winter, Mammos, and Tofu. My Week So Far.


I’ve been very happy to be home when it comes to food!  I’m still doing the FitOrbit meals for the most part (which have been quick and easy!).  Yellow dal with cucumber sauce, green smoothies (my fav!), kidney bean curry, veggie chili, and of course plenty of fruits and veggies.

The only sub meal I did was my spicy tofu soup.  It’s a high nutrient, low fat meal, and always makes me happy on cold days.  We were snowed in again for a couple days, so I wanted to use what I had on hand.  Tofu is always on hand!

spicy tofu soup baby!  my own personal comfort food.

spicy tofu soup baby! my own personal comfort food.


I am again grateful I have a treadmill.  This is the first year in a LONG time that I’ve said that out loud!

We were hit with snow again on Monday, and school was yet again canceled for two days!  I don’t think our warm state will handle it well when it comes to the school districts.  One has already instituted monthly Saturday classes for kids, and I’m guessing ours will follow suit or extend the school year.


Well, I’m going to start off giving a hive update!  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ll learn I’ve been mysteriously plagued by chronic hives for about 15 months now.  They’d wax and wane, but from Sept – Dec they got so regular and horrible, that I became desperate to try anything!

I did a cleanse in January, and to be honest – no changes in the hives.  February was a focus on gluten, and my hives lessened significantly.  The entire week last week in Florida, I only had one small outbreak, and have otherwise been good.

I honestly don’t think my diet has had much difference, though I will say I have found correlation with gluten.  I’m not gluten-free, but I’m definitely gluten-lite.

I’m starting to think my friends are right.  It’s been stress mostly causing them.  I don’t like to think I feel stressed, but this past year has been pretty intense from from just about every angle.  My oldest went away to college, lots going on at work, late nights, early mornings, and not enough time to workout – which is my major stress reliever.

The past 6 weeks or so have been better on consistent runs and yoga, work – while nuts – is going well, and A seems to be handling the whole college thing just fine…and so maybe it really is stress.  I guess we’ll see!

Life otherwise, has been inside the last few days.  Snow, ice storms, and general mayhem.  Seems to be the theme this winter!

my "helper" Ginny on Monday.

my “helper” Ginny on Monday.

R and her Tonks, visiting me between meetings on Tuesday!

R and her Tonks, visiting me between meetings on Tuesday!

I did have my very first mammogram this morning!  I was nervous, but it honestly wasn’t that bad at all.  Mild discomfort, but I was in and out pretty quickly.


My Florida Adventure


Well, I just spent the last week in Florida! I had oatmeal and bananas for breakfast every morning in my room, a banana and granola for lunch (the conference was a healthy-food desert), and vendor sponsored dinners every night – of which I had some variation of salad most of the time.

When I was out on my own, food got a little more interesting! Veggie flat bread, falafel, stuffed greek peppers, black bean soup and a great lentil/hummus/tabbouleh/pita dish (that was in Morocco at Epcot!).

Since I’ve been home, it’s been pretty much all FitOrbit meals and fresh juice.

one of the toys I got at the conference.  A water bottle with a center you can fill with fruit!  Today I used cucumber slices


My workouts consisted of the hotel gym treadmill, a few body weight workouts (burpees, sit ups, pushups, etc), and YogaGlo.com classes on my laptop in my hotel.

Oh, and according to my FitBit, I walked TWENTY SEVEN MILES in three days. Yep, gotta love a gigantic conference room floor!

So speaking of the FitBit….I have to send mine back. Yes, I am one of the lucky FitBit Force owners who have gotten the contact dermatitis/burns on my wrist from wearing it. It breaks my heart – because I love it – but it’s tearing up my arm and needs to be returned. They’ve recalled them and aren’t selling them anymore either because this is apparently a little more common than originally thought. Ugh.


Oh gee, where to start? The conference itself was awesome. I went to to some great sessions (the favorite of mine being a congressional panel discussing upcoming possible legislation around what I do), met with dozens and dozens of vendors, did a scavenger hunt for a Vespa (didn’t win, but it was fun), and went to a ton of evening events.

as a Vet, I loved that this is even a thing!  I went and ended up meeting with some newly discharged vets to give advice as an “experienced health IT professional”.  This felt great to do.
a very small sampling of the conf room floor.  Each of these are vendor booths that develop tools and technologies to try and make care better

I also tweeted the heck out of everything, which was fun.

my tweet was scrolling on the big screen just before Hillary Clinton came on stage!  I was so proud :)
Oh, and the main keynote speaker on Wednesday was Hillary Clinton. I was in the front row (off to the side) and very much enjoyed the hour. I didn’t like some of the questions that strayed from the topic (healthcare technologies), but she redirected everything back to the topic at hand, which I appreciated.

To highlight a few fun ones…..

One vendor did a fun night and had an ice sculpture that was a luge for martinis. They’d mix them, pour them in the luge into your glass, and you’d have a chilled martini! I did not partake, but thought it was cool.

Another sent limos and a car service to collect you and bring you to a lakeside firepit bourbon tasting, wine tasting, and cigar rolling evening. I had the wine. It was good. Car service to and from my hotel was much appreciated as well.

Then there was the river boat, balloon ride, and Irish pub evening. Probably the most fun of the vendor nights, though they were all nice.

Thursday after my morning sessions (the conference ended), I met up with my Aunt/Godmother and Uncle for lunch! It was a very nice time – my Uncle B constantly ribs my food pics on FB. All in good fun, of course. It was nice to catch up.

Thursday eve I saw a friend of mine that moved to FL last year. KD and I went to Taverna Opa, and it was a blast. Belly dancers, sparklers, shots, and table dancing….and that was pretty much everyone in the place! Flying napkins and shouts of “Opa” ensued.

Friday I spent my solo day at Epcot. I walked through the world showcase twice, sampled some beverages, shopped, took in the arts, movies, and performances of each country, and had a very nice time.

Believe it or not, I was in bed before midnight every night.

I came home Saturday and other than my normal grocery and food day yesterday, have been home with the family. Today was work from home – school was canceled for snow/sleet/ice storms. All told, I’m really happy to be home.

Monday Madness Not So Maddening


Apparently I had a bigger appetite than normal this morning! I'm guessing it has to do with not eating much for 4 days, so instead of my normal morning smoothie, I opted for leftover from dinner last night. It was a tempeh dish with quinoa pasta, vegan cheese sauce, corn, and peas. The recipe was from Appetite for Reduction. I don't cook from this one very often, but there's a few gems I've found in it for sure.

Lunch was a BAS! An entire head of romaine lettuce, a cup or so of shredded iceberg, onion, bell pepper, tomato, and beets. Very filling, but was nice to get some greens in.

Dinner was a family favorite! Happy Herbivore's sweet and sour tofu. All in all, an amazing vegan food day!


D and I both woke up a little sore today from yoga yesterday! It's that pleasant kind of sore though. D talked about it several times since class yesterday – even tweeting about them! I'm hoping this is a budding love of yoga for him.

So, if you're in the Hampton Roads area – check out The Yoga Nook! They just opened this past weekend, and I'm so excited they're in the yoga-desert (as in not really any options) of Chesapeake. I think we have a target rich environment here!

We met the two owners, who seem very nice, and I sincerely hope they do well (and get to a bigger schedule…like 6 am hint hint). That's entirely self serving on my part though – I desperately want a consistent practice, but my schedule is so crazy, that it's pretty impossible right now.

On to today's workout though. Yes, I ran! Without stomach cramps sending me running for the bathroom (TMI, sorry!). It was a steady 3 miler, and I felt great all day afterwards. Woo hoo!


Well for a Monday, it wasn't too terrible. I had meetings until 5:30pm, but none started at the dumb early hours. I'm trying to keep my schedule as light as possible this week since I'll be out in Florida all of next week. With go-lives coming up soon, I don't want to lose any of the forward momentum we have!

The kid's were off today for President's Day, so it's been a low-key day in general. I managed to get more done than I typically do on a weekday, and am excited that I'm not only able to take the time to blog, but I think I'll be going to bed at a reasonable hour too!

So woo hoo – hope you guys had a good Monday also.


Not Enough Hours In My Day


Most of my meals this week have been quick and easy. Soup, salads, smoothies, juice, and Pho (twice!!).

Mango Matcha Shake
Soup and Salad
replacing my emergency chocolate in my office desk
Ginny, the photobomber

I picked up a nasty stomach bug for a few days, so my diet has been mostly liquid since Thursday evening – when I could keep anything down.


This has mostly been a disappointing fitness week. The schedule from hell (5am – midnight every day) and the stomach bug kept me from doing much. I did try running Friday – which I regretted almost immediately.

On the sunnier side, D went to yoga with me today! A new studio opened right down the road yesterday, and since D has been promising me for TEN years that he’ll do it with me, I pretty much gave him no choice in accompanying me.

We went to the 11am class, and it was awesome. The music was great (modern and relaxing), the instructor/owner was wonderful, and the small group of 5 of us was a nice change from my usual packed hot yoga classes (not that I’m giving up hot yoga, but non-hot is nice too!). We were moving into standing split pose when I said (out loud) that “I hate this one”. I really didn’t mean to say that out loud…but alas. Everyone laughed – which is nice too. One negative thing for me about the hot yoga studio I frequent is they’re very serious. Once you step in the room, no talking, no smiling, certainly no laughing. Trust me – AC and I got yelled at one day for talking before class. It was nice to break some tension with the class giggles.

D loved it. He commented afterwards that he needed a nap and that areas of his body he’s used to aching constantly didn’t actually ache. He’s up for going again, and that alone makes me thrilled.


Okay, so it’s been CRAZY. I have what is probably the biggest project of my career going live at the end of next month (and rolling through mid-July). So, it’s been…to be frank…balls to the wall for months, and just getting more demanding. It’s the nature of the type of work I do, and by and large I thrive off the chaos, but trying to keep everything organized and be ready to go is starting to wear on everyone involved. Meetings start at 7am, and often don’t end until after 6 – sometimes later. And since we’re in meetings all day, we need to work sometime…so no one has free evenings either. It’s certainly not just me – it’s my whole team and many people who are involved in some capacity.

I’m not complaining – I absolutely love what I do. It’s rewarding, and fast paced, and fun…I guess I’m trying to explain my sporadic posting. I’m finding it hard to do anything other than work. Everything takes a back seat – and that’s the one thing I hate. It’s not all the time, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel (that I hope to the heavens isn’t an oncoming train), but it’s been rough. D is doing everything at home because I’m never around. I miss the kids, I don’t work out like I want, and unless I make all my meals for the week on Sunday’s (which I haven’t been), it’s been a lot of salad bars and quick fixes – which isn’t how I like to eat. So yeah….I need more hours in the day to do and be everything that I want.

Okay, so that’s enough of that! It’s a new week, and while it promises to be just as busy as weeks past, I know it’ll still be a good one!

Hope yours is too :)

On a fun note, this week was my husband’s birthday and valentine’s day.  It was low-key – went to see the Lego Movie at the Cinema Cafe on Thursday, and Friday I had major stomach flu, so nothing fun and romantic at all – though we don’t need a day or two a year to remind us of that.  We’re quite honestly like that all the time!

M had a play this weekend – Little Women – and he has a ring dance next weekend!  It will be his first formal dance ever, so I can’t wait to see him in his snazzy tux.

Pic of Ginny….we think she’s saying “so tired of this paparazzi constantly taking my picture”.

my little one LOVES the snow.  Silly girl…

No Sense Crying Over Moldy Chocolate


When one doesn't blog for 10 days, it seems silly (and relatively impossible) to document everything eaten in that time frame! I will do my best in a montage of pictures, but rest assured, it's pretty Crissie-typical fare. Smoothies, soups, salads, a vegan pizza, taco-related things, tofu pot-pie, etc.

Not all my meals were wonderful, as noted Friday night. JC, AC, D and I went out for the evening – art gallery, dinner, and drinks. Art gallery – fun. Drinks – always good. Dinner – sucked. Turns out the restaurant we went to (and had been to many times) is closing mid-March. They had nothing for me to eat – they were actually OUT of rice and pasta. So crazy. So…I was given a plate of green beans, asparagus, and sliced tomato. It wasn't awful, but certainly not a filling meal either.

I'm attaching here a recipe for one of my fav tofu snacks, on request. These are awesome just to snack on, but are equally good on sammiches or in wraps.

Crissie's Baked Tofu Snack


*1 block tofu pressed and sliced

*1/4 cup OJ

*1 tbsp mirin

*1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce

*2 garlic cloves, minced

*1/2 tbsp minced ginger

*a couple shakes of cayenne pepper


*combine all the ingredients except the tofu into a marinade.

*place tofu slices in a shallow dish so they don't overlap, and pour the marinade over it.

*Let marinade as long as possible, flipping the tofu slices half way. I usually like to do this overnight if making on a week night, or all day if a weekend.

*Bake at 375 in the same dish for 40 minutes.


Well, it's been a very active 10 days, so that's good!

I will admit that all of my runs have been on the treadmill – even after the snow thawed. I just really hate winter.

I will also admit that I almost fell off my treadmill…twice…when the urge to dance struck at the wrong time. That's what I get for downloading the new Crystal Method album I guess :)

I've also been doing some workout DVD's, yoga (of course), and even hit up a new (to me) class at the gym. Kettlebells. I've heard plenty about them, but figured I'd check it out for myself. The class is so popular, I had to get there early enough to get a ticket.

So here's my summary – I wasn't impressed. I took the 15 minute technique class before, and was hoping for a tough strength training workout. Instead, this was…I think…meant to be a cardio workout. But here everyone is throwing these bells around while doing lunges, squats, etc – and all I kept thinking was how everyone was going to get injured. The moves didn't seem safe, and I don't think I'll be hitting that class up again. Apparently being ticket #13 was NOT my lucky number!


In a word, busy. I've had some overwhelming moments in the past two weeks – where I think I felt like I was on the verge of cracking. Nearly crying at my keyboard at work when I discovered my chocolate coconut milk yogurt was moldy was my first clue. I don't want sweet food often, but Tuesday was a rough day, and finding my healthy chocolate yogurt inedible left me nearly hysteric. Thankfully I had backup chocolate in my desk drawer.

My days nearly all week started at 530 am and didn't end until midnight. In a word, I've been just simply exhausted.

Thankfully this weekend was planned with some fun things, and it's been just what I needed. It started Friday night with AC and JC. We went to a small glass exhibit opening, then went to dinner and out for a few drinks.

D took this pic of me while I was looking at some of the art!

Saturday was a basketball game! I've only been to one game before – last March at a conference. It was amazing, but I realize a totally unrealistic experience. It was New Orleans v. the LA Lakers…in a box with unlimited food and alcohol…and Robert DeNiro was at the game! Last night's game was a college ball game here, but it was still fun. I didn't understand some of what was going on, and at times it moved too fast for me to figure stuff out. The ref's seemed to have been bribed by the other team, we watched several rambunctious fans get ejected during the second half, and all the ref's were escorted immediately off the court surrounded by security as soon as the game ended. I'm not sure if any of that is normal, but it certainly made for an interesting evening. Oh, and we lost, so that was a bummer. We were lucky to have VIP tickets from a co-worker who couldn't be at the game, so that was really cool.

Today was work and cooking to get prepped for the week! Two soups, stuff for salads, trail mix, and, of course, cookies.

So here's to a new week which is sure to be as crazy as the last…but I will do my best to not have moldy chocolate, so it should turn out okay!


Squirrels, Snowmegeddon 2, and Wine Workouts


I haven't left home since picking up the kitties on Tuesday. Yep – snowmageddon part 2!!!! On his way home from work Tuesday, D asked me if we needed any essentials. Seriously – wine was all I could think of. All the other meals were just what I had already on hand!

Last night I made (more) vegan tacos with cilantro rice. Totally awesome, and for some reason, everything tastes better as a taco.

Recipe is below, and while you can totally get by in life without a rice cooker, I feel like my fuzzy logic machine is one of the stars of my kitchen. It makes rice, other grains, steamed meals, soups, cooks beans, even makes cake! I use it several days a week, and it way worth the extra few bucks ($60 or so). Here's a more recent model of the one I have – but I've had mine for 4 years, and it's more than made up for itself financially.

Cilantro Rice


*1 cup long grain white rice (if you use brown, adjust the liquid accordingly)

*1/2 onion, diced

*1 tbsp earth balance (or olive oil)

*1.5 cups water

*2 whole garlic cloves

*1/2 cup cilantro


*saute onion in Earth Balance in the rice cooker (or stove top on medium) until soft. About 5 minutes.

*add rice, water, garlic, and cilantro.

*in rice cooker – put on white rice setting. On stove top, bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes, until rice is cooked and water is absorbed.

*remove garlic cloves before serving.

Basic Pinto Bean Tacos


*1 can pinto beans

*1 can diced green chilies

*1 onion, diced

*4-5 garlic cloves, minced

*1 olive oil (if NOT using a non-stick pan…omit if using non-stick)

*1 tsp cumin

*1 tsp chili powder

*1 tsp oregano

*1/2 can diced tomatoes


*Saute onion and garlic over medium heat until soft.

*Add spices, and cook for 1-2 minutes

*Add beans and tomatoes. Cook until warm, and simmer until rice is done!

I served on tortillas with shredded cabbage, hot sauce, and avocado. Who said a vegan meal couldn't be quick, tasty, and cheap? Not this girl!

Dinner tonight was from Happy Herbivore Light and Lean. It's the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. Her books are still among my favorites for healthy and easy fare.


Well, I mentioned that I haven't left home for a few days, right? So strange. I don't do cabin fever well!

Anyway, I have been making the most of my captivity with indoor workouts. Tuesday evening, as the snow was falling, I realized I hadn't actually met my FitBit step goal for the day – despite my hour long treadmill workout! So, I decided…after some wine…that I could walk on my treadmill…barefoot…and hit that goal. Of course AC (who was stuck at work overnight to manage the whole snowmageddon thing) completely egged me on. So I did…and 7 minutes later, my FitBit went nuts telling me how awesome I was. And I was able to feel smug that I met my goal. I love my FitBit.

Yesterday I set up my bike trainer upstairs in the gym/spare room. I couldn't bear two dreadmill days in a row, but still needed something. I dusted it off (it had been in the garage, and after a spider crawled off of it and I appropriately screamed and scared the crap out of my son), and got ready to roll! I plugged headphones into my laptop, and watched an episode of Bones on Hulu. The 45 minutes consisted of a warm up, leg work (pedaling with just one leg for 60 seconds, then switch legs), some hill work, and a cool down. It was a killer workout.

Today was treadmill and yoga and balance ball ab work. I have some new music on my iPod finally, so I was feeling pretty energized! Yoga was a restorative class on YogaGlo to open my hips back up from the runs and cycling, and before the yoga, was an ab series on both a large and small balance ball.


Well, have I mentioned it snowed?? And that I haven't left my house since 3pm on Tuesday? And that I don't do well looking at the same rooms for days at a time??

Despite that, it's actually been a good week. I've gotten a ton done both at work and at home. Most of it in either workout clothes or pajamas. Actually – all of it in either workout clothes or jammies!

D went out and about and took some fun pics in the snow on Tuesday.

IMG_7599 (Small) IMG_7600 (Small) IMG_7601 (Small) IMG_7602 (Small) IMG_7603 (Small)

Kitties are doing great, if not a little slow moving. The pain meds make them goofy and even more lovey, if possible. Ginny still loves her puzzle box…just needed to move it where she could get to it without hurting herself!

But here's funny story….when it gets really cold or wet outside (and it's both right now), we'll occasionally get critters in the house. One poor flying squirrel realized today just how crazy our household could be today….

Around 10 am, one found its way behind my fridge. Ginny (who's still a little slow moving and slightly high) found her first. Tonks was out cold and Bumble apparently lost all of her hunting instincts in her old age. Anyway, M is upstairs (still sleeping), I just get off a conference call, and R starts yelling that there's a squirrel in the kitchen (not in a hysterical way – like her mama would do, mind you). Sammie – the nearly 12 year old Lab – helps Ginny corner the poor thing. Anyway, after 5 mintues of screaming, running, brooms, Tupperware, and towels, the poor thing was finally back outside, flying into the horizon. Sammie seemed proud, and Ginny seemed disappointed. I was hysterical (not the fun way – the crazy way), and R was laughing her head off. And M slept through the entire thing. My life….

Considering just shy of 2 inches kept us grounded for 3 days last week, imagine what 10 inches did this week! Kids have been off, and will be tomorrow too. I'm hoping to go into the office tomorrow, but that all depends on the cold and refreezing of the roads. My neighborhood hasn't been plowed, so I'm not so confident I'll be out of my confines tomorrow or not!

Without getting into too much of my liberal feminist detail, I did write my Congressman this week – twice – about HR7. Believe it or not, I was not combative, but really did try to get him to see the other side. I was quite proud actually. I know I won't change his mind – and I applaud people who stand up for what they believe it – and enjoy having a meaningful conversation with people to understand (and hopefully portray) my convictions – but I need to try since he is supposed to represent me in Washington.

Okay, on a totally fun note, D started watching Scandal (as I did recently) and now we're caught up with each other! We still have all of season 3 to catch up on together before it starts up again on Feb 27. I had to constantly text my sister (who watches the show) every episode I watched and was freaking out about one thing or another. I honestly think this is the most well written show I have come across in ages. The monologues/rants are completely epic. If you don't watch it, the first 2 seasons are on Netflix. Do it. You'll love me for it.

Speaking of TV….we've been cable-less for almost 5 months now. Totally don't miss it. Netflix is all we pay for, and Hulu on a computer is free. I don't miss out on any of my shows, and I've discovered new ones I never would have checked out before (hello, Line of Duty, Almost Human, House of Cards, and Goodwife)….I watch more TV now than I ever did before!

Now I realize I'm babbling, and I'm going to stop. A bit more work, some Scandal, then bed time!


Oh….Chelsea v West Ham game ended in 0-0 yesterday. Man City coming up this weekend! GO BLUES.